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This week’s Marketplace blog is going to be much prettier and full of pictures, I promise! Now that I’ve blogged about what Marketplace means to you, the Vendasta partner, your salespeople and (arguably, most importantly) your customer—it’s time for me to show you (yes, with pictures!) how easy it really is to start selling with Marketplace.

Step 1

You’re logged into Partner Center and within the Products tab.

Step 2

A product catches your eye! “Learn More” to, well, learn more about it.

Step 3

You read through all of the rich resources (key selling points, images, files, FAQ’s and more) and like what you’re seeing.

Step 4

In fact, you like it so much that you want to start selling it!

Step 5

Control your visibility setting for salespeople and customers by setting both statuses to “yes”. Then, set your retail selling price.

Note: You have the option to control product visibility by user and hide products from your customers by selecting “yes” as the status for salespeople and “no” as the status for businesses. This means that your sales team is responsible for introducing the product and selling it with no proactive engagement from the customer. Essentially, selecting “no” as the status for businesses for a product means that it will not show up in their Product Catalog.

Step 6

As needed, manage your markets. This is where you can set different prices for different subsets (markets) of your customers.

Step 7

The product appears in your customer’s Business App within their Product Catalog!

Step 8

Your salespeople begin to receive instant hot leads notifications the moment a customer shows interest by clicking through on a product within the catalog.

And now for the best part—follow up with engaged customers who, by engaging with products, have raised their hand to tell you they’re interested. Oh, and follow up right away!

If you think your agency can easily handle these 8 steps to start making the sale like lots of Vendasta partners already are, dive into Marketplace right now. Happy selling!

About the Author

A former Director on the Marketplace team, Amy is obsessed with product launches, shoes with red bottoms and all (vegetarian) foods. She loves to write and really needs to do it more often.

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