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Hot Sales Leads and Closing the Deal | Marketplace Mondays


What’s Marketplace again?

It’s been a week since my last post about managing digital vendors, so why not start with a quick refresher? Here’s my Vendasta Marketplace elevator pitch to you.Marketplace on mobile

Imagine a brandable platform that helps you find new products and services to sell, helps you sell your existing suite of solutions, generates and tracks hot leads/sales opportunities, trains your salespeople and takes care of all your billing? That image in your mind's eye is Marketplace.

By choosing Marketplace products and services that your agency or media company wants to sell and combining them with your existing offerings, you’ve now created a digital store for each of your clients and prospects.





Train my salespeople on another new thing?!

M2As a content creator who's responsible for all things sales—think presentations, scripts, email templates, videos, webinars, case studies and much more—I am the first one to relate to the pain of trying to train salespeople on something new. First, I have to learn all about the new solution. Then, I create each individual piece of content for that solution. Finally, I have to provide and train each person on it. Not exactly a quick or efficient process.

This is where Marketplace really stands out. Each product or service undergoes a thorough vetting process, and a key component of that is top quality sales content. A description, key selling points, image gallery and FAQs live within each app. Then, there’s a section for downloadable files. Here’s a quick rundown of what we provide within each app:

  1. Description - This may sound obvious, but a clear and concise product description provides your team the framework they need, right from the start.
  2. Key selling points - If your pie from Dominoes isn’t delivered in 30 minutes, it’s free. That’s an important key selling point. Easily learn these for all products.
  3. Image gallery - Depending on the product, these can range from dashboard images to representations of what the end product (or its results) will look like.
  4. FAQs - Important questions like recommended retail price, billing cycles, support and reporting are answered here. No FAQ is left unanswered!
  5. Sell sheet - This is the most important downloadable file we make available for all products. It’s a concise one-pager on everything you need to know about the app—like a rollup of points one to five and much more!  
  6. Sales Presentation - Five to 10 downloadable slides to use when trying to make the sale.
  7. Sales Script - This script matches the sales presentation, slide for slide.
  8. Case studies - How the product has been used by others and their success with it are great tools for any salesperson to use when making a sale.
  9. Statistics - Facts and figures add credibility to any sales pitch and sales people love ‘em!
  10. Video - If it’s relevant, a video testimonial or product run through is included.

And here’s what really has me singing Marketplace’s praises. Does your company use Google Drive, Dropbox or another file hosting service? Or are you like the many organizations who rely on your hard drive to save important email attachments? Every company’s process is different, and what I appreciate most about Marketplace and its products is the single source of truth for everything content related. From personal experience, gone are the emails and chat requests for presentations or scripts that I’ve shared multiple times. Now, my answer is, “Have you checked within the product in Marketplace?” A single platform that houses every piece of information needed for training and explaining is music to my ears!

From sizzling hot to callously cold, how do you like your leads?

Every good salesperson knows that cold calling is just part of the deal. The cold call is deemed dead, but sales teams often resort to it because it’s a quick way to enter the conversation. But how much more would it be worth to you if each one of those conversations you’re painstakingly trying to cultivate had instead an engaged and interested prospect on the other end?

With Marketplace, you are notified the moment a customer or prospect interacts with any product. Through email notifications, your sales force is empowered to contact ready-to-engage customers. The immediacy and power of connecting with customers at the moment they are investigating your offerings is incredibly powerful! Leads are 7x more likely to be qualified when contacted within the hour (Harvard Business Review).

Marketplace allows salespeople to have meaningful conversations with prospects directly from the palm of their hands.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.37.40 PM

Get your salespeople jazzed

M5Simply put, Marketplace will have your salespeople thanking you. For the opportunity to engage with hot leads, for the all the resources they need to help them sell, and of course, for the ability to find all of that in one place.

If you’re a Vendasta partner, click here to be taken right into Marketplace. If you’re a soon-to-be-partner, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in touch!

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