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14 Challenges Agencies Face Selling Digital Solutions


Over the past two months, we’ve been offering a free and exclusive eBook about the challenges agencies and media companies face when it comes to selling digital solutions in the local business space. And I have to say, we’re thrilled about the response we’ve gotten so farhundreds of downloads, thousands of views, and a ton of great feedback from our readers (keep it coming, we love to hear from you).

But am I surprised at this? No. Creating this thing was a cross-organizational effortwe had everyone from writers and designers to directors and executives involved in its development. Some have over 20 years experience in the B2B digital marketing industry, making us pretty confident we're sharing some high-value content with you.

Before the year closes, we thought it would be appropriate to give it a 2015 victory lap. If you didn’t catch it the first time around, now is your chance to get some quality reading in over the holidays. By downloading the 14 Challenges Agencies & Media Companies Face ebook, you’ll get access to loads of insights and solutions backed by industry-leading data.

Listed below are the 14 challenges, and if any of them sound familiar to you, click-through and find out how to solve them.

1. Digital is hard to sell. Salespeople find it increasingly difficult to get local businesses to buy in to their offering.

2. Cost of sales is too high. Traditional selling methods don’t scale for digital dimes; time and resources are wasted on cold leads that aren’t ready to buy.

3. Digital gross margin is too low. Digital solutions come with high fixed and variable costs that create slim margins and low ROI.

4. Sales reps are hard to track and manage. Measuring your sales team’s true productivity and performance is difficult, if not impossible.

5. Marketing ROI is hard to measure. You crave comprehensive marketing analytics that measure your campaigns’ true ROI.

6. Losing customer segments to low cost digital providers. It’s difficult to compete against new players who offer solutions that undercut you on pricing.

7. High client churn. Retaining customers is a challenge due to a variety of reasons, from pricing to support to competition.

8. Multiple tools and vendors are hard to manage. Working with multiple solutions creates vendor clutter, disparity between tools and ongoing IT issues.

9. Clients have varying needs. One digital package does not fit all; your current service model doesn’t accommodate for clients with various needs.

10. Scaling issues. Resources and services don’t scale to accommodate a growing client base.

11. Onboarding takes too much time. Large efforts are involved in implementing a new tool, not to mention training for all clients.

12. Lack of reporting. Clients demand complete transparency of their digital solutions with comprehensive performance reports.

13. Digital solutions are priced too high. Quality digital solutions are out of your clients’ monthly marketing spend.

14. Integrating digital solutions is difficult. Too much time and effort is involved in integrating new solutions with existing ones.

Download the 14 Challenges Agencies & Media Companies Face eBook for free and overcome the obstacles your business is up against.

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