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The recipe for modern sales success: Conquer Local Connect, a virtual event


Accessibility is the number-one reason to host virtual events. Education, discussions, and connections are all byproducts of attending a free event like Conquer Local Connect. On top of this, virtual events reduce costs for attendees while still giving them the chance to listen in on real experiences had by others in their industry. Don’t forget about self-investment. According to Dreamcast, virtual events overcome a number of traditional obstacles for attendees while still delivering immersive experiences.

The latest Connect virtual event hosted by Vendasta is coming to you on June 23, and you’re invited!

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What is Conquer Local Connect?

Discover resources and strategies necessary to scale sales operations.

Check out the tools needed to accelerate digital adoption in local businesses.

Learn how to create repeatable, scalable sales processes for winning new business at Conquer Local Connect.

This virtual event is a space for sharing insights, strategies, and resources to help Vendasta partners succeed in business.

Why you should attend Conquer Local Connect

Conquer Local Connect is a free event that will include keynote speakers Mark Roberge, the Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, and Jacqueline Cook, COO, Vendasta.

During the event, you can expect:

  • a product demo
  • a short award ceremony for our first annual Local Impact Awards
  • a lively panel discussion
  • a breakout session to discuss takeaways from the event

Our speakers will address how you can leverage technology, data, intelligence, and automation to build a repeatable and predictable business model that can be scaled. Not to mention, you’ll learn how to meet customer demand for a “seller-free” personalized sales experience. All of these ingredients will provide you with the recipes for modern sales success.

The way agencies market and sell is broken, but Vendasta has been at work to build software and features to help you make more money in less time. Learn how to maximize your revenue by selling the perfect solutions to your highest-value prospects, at the right time. You’ll also discover how to accelerate your sales cycle with the power of automation all while providing a better buyer experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to automatically deliver customized content tailored to your prospects’ biggest pain points with actionable insights.
  • How to focus on high-value opportunities that are ready to buy all while continuing to drive revenue with automation.
  • How to prompt sales conversations at the right time and with the right product with AI-driven notifications set off by your prospects’ actions.

Vendasta Partners will be privy to three new feature releases, including:

  1. Custom fields: Remove roadblocks for your sales team by automating administrative tasks and help them refocus on working their pipeline.
  2. Email builder: A new drag-and-drop block editor has been added to streamline your email building process. Quickly build emails with dynamic components that address individual client needs with a professional flare.
  3. Lifecycle stages: Quickly understand where prospects are in their buying journey with one-click filtering. Simplify delivery of tailored content to prospects based on their lifecycle stage segmentation.

Event details

June 23, 2022

12:00 pm ET

Join us from anywhere—it’s virtual!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to attend this event?

The event is free.

Can I add the event to my calendar?

You will receive a calendar invite through email once you register for the event.

How can I stay informed about Conquer Local Connect?

Follow our social posts on the Vendasta LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can also check for updates in the Conquer Local Community forum. Don’t forget to check the weekly Channel Partner newsletter for updates as well.

Will recordings be available for participants to view after the event?

Yes, you will find post-event recordings on the Conquer Local Connect page.

Will there be networking opportunities, being that it is a virtual event?

There will be a live chat during the event for engagement purposes and then breakout sessions after the presentations for discussion.

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