Reengagement email templates and tips to reengage old leads (Updated 2022)

It is estimated that only 2 percent of prospects will buy from a salesperson during their first meeting. Reengagement emails close the gap created by prospects and old leads dropping off after the initial email to leads. The other 98 percent, studies show, only make a purchasing decision once they have built a level of trust with a salesperson and the company.

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Furthermore, 63 percent of people requesting information about a company and its products today will not purchase anything for at least three months, while 20 percent will take more than a year to make a purchase (MarketingDonut).

This means old leads that may have initially looked hot can soon go cold. However, just because old leads may have cooled off doesn’t mean they’re dead leads. It’s tempting to forget about the literally hundreds of old leads that didn’t go anywhere at first, but that’s a common mistake in sales. With a new, more nurturing approach, those previously dead leads can be revived using reengagement emails. Reengagement email templates can help you get started.

It’s important to not lose sight of old leads and keep nurturing them with a reengagement campaign. Part of an effective nurturing strategy is to continuously reengage leads at regular intervals to build trust and ultimately convert them into paying customers. It actually takes an average of eight follow-up contact points to win over a prospect (RainGroup). A reengagement campaign is the perfect way to create these follow-up points.

Why leads go cold

There are a number of reasons why leads might go cold after the initial contact. Every sales person falls victim to at least one of the following shortcomings at some point in their career.

  • The sales pitch came on too strong from the get-go
  • Failure to follow-up with an email to leads early enough in the sales cycle
  • Little to no research on the prospect was done by the salesperson
  • The lead was mishandled and forgotten, which might be a deeper problem in the whole sales process, leading to too many dead leads
  • Lack of appropriate targeting turning hot leads into old leads
  • The prospect was left confused by the offering or the next steps weren’t well defined
  • The content sent to the prospect was irrelevant to them

The good news is it’s entirely possible to revive disengaged old leads and dead leads with something as simple as a reengagement email (or an email automation series) as part of a reengagement campaign.

Reengagement emails in a reengagement campaign for old leads

Reengagement emails are a highly effective marketing tactic when done correctly as part of a reengagement campaign. Since you’ve already established initial contact by sending emails to leads in the past, sending additional reengagement emails in a reengagement campaign to these leads isn’t likely to position you as a spammy salesperson.

In fact, providing further digestible information in the form of blogs, infographics, guides, or product tutorials might be what your cold old leads need to warm up.

There are a few things to help revive dead leans to make the pitch again:

Research/prep work

Just as a good salesperson would do their research before contacting a prospect, this is still important in a reengagement campaign. Check out their website and social accounts before sending another email to leads and use new information as a talking point. Go through past correspondence with old leads to see what pain points may have been missed or could be re-addressed in reengagement emails.

It’s also a good idea to take note of the last time you sent emails to leads and look into what’s new with your product or service since that time. Perhaps now your company has something more relevant to offer.

Reengagement campaign and nurture program

Before going straight for the pitch, make sure to send some nurture emails to leads. Give them a reason to be engaged. Relevant information, a free webinar, or a tutorial will spark their interest and make them want to be reengaged more so than a hard sales pitch. This type of reengagement campaign pulls old leads down the sales funnel with content that is increasingly focused on your company and its products.

Lead data should be organized in a sales CRM so that you can streamline and easily automate the reengagement campaign process in the form of a nurture program. A good CRM will save hours of manual work put in by your sales team.

Send a poll

People love to give their opinions for free, so why not reach out with a relevant survey? Ask questions that will position your products and services as something the dead leads are missing and promise to send out the results in two weeks’ time. Of course, include a call-to-action to make contact in the survey email to leads as well as in the results contact.

To that end, here are some best reengagement email templates to help you reengage and nurture old leads and dead leads.

Reengagement email template 1: The reminder email

Sending a reminder email to leads is a fundamental tactic a salesperson can use in a reengagement campaign.

The idea is for salespeople to send “gentle reminder” emails to leads, who initially showed interest in the company and have a basic knowledge about their products and services.

Reminder emails can include a quick refresher of what the company does, a few bullet points about top value propositions, and, most importantly, a call-to-action that asks that prospects connect with a salesperson for more information or help.

Here’s a simple reminder reengagement email template.

Subject line: Remember me? “recipient company name” & “sender company name

Hi “Recipient first name”,

It’s been a while since anyone at “sender company name” has reached out, so I wanted to check in and remind you how a relationship with “sender company name” can benefit your business.

Here’s the skim version:

  • Benefit, NOT Feature #1
  • Benefit #2
  • Benefit #3

Let me know when you have time to chat more about what has changed since you last had a chance to check out “sender company name”.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

Reengagement email template 2: The “here’s what’s new” email

Your company may have recently launched new services and products or features since the last time you sent those old leads emails.

As a salesperson, it’s an opportunity to reengage by sending an email to leads showcasing those new offerings and position a value that may resonate with them today.

You could also share new and interesting content that your team has recently created. For example, share a relevant case study or a recently created guide that could help their business.

This tactic is purely value-based and doesn’t come across as too sales focused. Instead, it positions your company as helpful.

Four key elements to include in these reengagement emails:

  1. A proper greeting or an introduction paragraph that creates interest.
  2. A list of new features or products that have been launched by your company.
  3. A link to fresh and relevant content that you have created (if any).
  4. A clear call-to-action that is helpful rather than salesy.

Reengagement email template 3: The “straightforward” email

For those that operate in a business-to-business (B2B) domain, reengagement emails that are straightforward in approach could be a successful tactic.

The reason: Recipients such as high-level C-suite executives and similar B2B leads in the who don’t have time to waste are typically more receptive to a direct message that cuts to the chase.

For example, a sample straightforward reengagement email to leads may look something like this:

Subject line: I have a question for you

Recipient First Name”:

Are you interested in learning more about “sender company name” and how we can help your business?

Simply reply with the corresponding response, below, that best represents where you’re at.  I’ll follow up accordingly.

I’m still interested, let’s chat

I’m busy at the moment, check back in a few months

I will be in touch when I have more time to look into “sender company name

Stop emailing me, I’m not interested

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

If your leads email you back with Option 4, then remove them from your reengagement campaign nurture pipeline and instead focus on other prospects who are more likely to convert.

Reengagement email template 4: The greeting email

Reengage old leads by sending a casual greeting based on a seasonal event or celebration.

For example, you might start with a Happy New Year greeting email or perhaps a Happy Holidays message. Even a happy birthday email could be meaningful and timely.

Messages such as these show old leads that you care about them personally. And it can be a segue to a future discussion or meeting.

Here’s an example of a sample ‘casual greeting’ email to leads.

Subject line: Happy “Greeting”, “Recipient First Name

Hi “Recipient First Name”,

I wanted to just take a moment and wish you “greeting based on an event

I hope you are well and it was a pleasure chatting with you last time to learn about you and your business. I’m wondering how things are going with you and “recipient company name”?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you and your business in any way or if you simply want a refresher on “sender company name”.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

With these reengagement email templates and tips for old leads, you can get started on a successful reengagement campaign that turns dead leads into paying customers. Win more deals by adding reengagement emails to your sales process today.

This blog was originally written by Ankur Pramod and updated in 2022 by Emily Dyrland.


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