How to Re-Engage Old Leads [Updated Email Templates]

It is estimated that only 2 percent of prospects will buy from a salesperson during their first meeting. The other 98 percent, studies show, only make a purchasing decision once they have built a level of trust with a salesperson and the company.

Furthermore, 63 percent of people requesting information about a company and its products today will not purchase anything for at least three months, while 20 percent will take more than a year to make a purchase.

This means a lead that may have initially looked hot can soon go cold. However, just because a lead may have chilled doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause.

As a salesperson, it is important to not lose sight of leads and keep nurturing them. Part of an effective nurturing strategy is to continuously re-engage  leads at regular intervals to continually build trust and ultimately convert these prospects in the long term.

Email marketing is an effective tactic to re-engage old leads. Since you’ve already established initial contact, sending additional emails to these leads isn’t likely to position you as a spammy salesperson.

To that end, here are some best email tactics and templates to help you re-engage and nurture old leads that may have gone cold.

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Tactic 1: The ‘reminder’ email

Sending prospects a reminder email is a fundamental tactic a salesperson can use to re-engage old leads.

The idea is for salespeople to send ‘gentle reminder’ emails to leads, who initially showed interest in the company and have a basic knowledge about their products and services.

Reminder emails can include a quick refresher of what the company does, a few bullet points about top value propositions, and most importantly a call-to-action that asks that prospects connect with a salesperson for more information or help.

Here’s an example of a simple reminder email.

Subject line: Remember me? “recipient company name” & “sender company name” 

Hi “Recipient first name”, 

It’s been awhile since anyone at “sender company name” has reached out, so I wanted to check in and remind you how a relationship with “sender company name” can benefit your business. 

Here’s the skim version: 

  • Benefit, NOT Feature #1
  • Benefit #2
  • Benefit #3

Let me know when you have time to chat more about what has changed since you last had a chance to check out “sender company name”.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

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Tactic 2: The ‘here’s what’s new’ email

Your company may have recently launched new services and products or features since the last time you reached out to a prospect.

As a salesperson, it’s an opportunity to re-engage with a cold lead by sending an email showcasing those new offerings and position a value that may resonate with them today.

You could also share new and interesting content that your team has recently created. For example, a relevant case study or a recently-created guide that could help their business. 

This tactic is purely value-based and doesn’t come across as too sales focused. Instead, it positions your company and brand as trying to be helpful. 

Key elements to include in such emails include:

  1. A proper greeting or an introduction paragraph that creates interest.
  2. A list of new features or products that have been launched by your company.
  3. A link to fresh and relevant content that you have created (if any).
  4. A clear call-to-action that is helpful rather than salesy.


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Tactic 3: The ‘straightforward’ email

For those that operate in a business-to-business (B2B) domain, re-engaging with leads through emails that are straightforward in approach could be a successful tactic.

The reason: Recipients such as high-level C-suite executives who don’t have time to waste are typically more receptive to a direct message that cuts to the chase. 

For example, a sample straightforward email may look something like this:

Subject line: I have a question for you

Recipient First Name”: 

Are you interested in learning more about “sender company name” and how we can help your business? 

Simply reply with the corresponding response, below, that best represents where you’re at.  I’ll follow up accordingly. 

  1. I’m still interested, let’s chat 
  2. I’m busy at the moment, check back in a few months 
  3. I will be in touch when I have more time to look into “sender company name” 
  4. Stop emailing me, I’m not interested 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

If your leads respond back with Option 4, then remove them from your nurturing pipeline and instead focus on other prospects who are more likely to convert.

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Tactic 4: The ‘greeting’ email

Re-engage old leads by sending a casual greeting based on a seasonal event or celebration.

For example, you might start with a ‘Happy New Year’ greeting email or perhaps a ‘Happy Holidays’ message. Even a ‘happy birthday’ email could be meaningful and timely.

Messages such as these show prospects you care about them personally And it can be a segue to a future discussion or meeting.

Here’s an example of a sample ‘casual greeting’ email.

Subject line: Happy “Greeting”, “Recipient First Name

Hi “Recipient First Name”,

I wanted to just take a moment and wish you greeting based on an event

I hope you are well and it was a pleasure chatting with you last time to learn about you and your business. I’m wondering how things are going with you and “recipient company name”?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you and your business in any way or if you simply want a refresher on “sender company name”.

Salesperson Name

Salesperson Title

Salesperson Phone

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