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Revolutionize your agency: Unlock the ultimate guide to selling marketing services


The landscape for marketing tasks grows constantly larger. While around 80% of people turn to search engines when exploring new brands or products, people also get such information from social media, trusted blogs and websites, podcasts, and many other channels (Smart Insights). Ever-changing consumer behavior, the complexities of search engine algorithms, and business growth can combine to make marketing a heavy burden on many companies. That opens the door for selling marketing agency services that support client goals.

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As a digital agency, you can help client businesses better connect with target audiences, increase reach and awareness of brands and products, and drive sales. To do that, though, you need to offer the right marketing agency services and understand how to sell them to your own target audience.

10 marketing agency services you need to sell

Whether your business is a burgeoning startup agency or you’ve grown into a thriving marketing agency, if you’re not selling the services below, you could be leaving revenue on the table.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is critical to ensuring businesses show up for the right queries in search engines. With around 80% of people looking to connect with appropriate businesses via Google and other search leaders, SEO is a must for marketing—and a service that many clients want from professionals they can trust.

Digital agencies should offer a variety of SEO services, including local SEO, content creation, link building, and technical SEO that helps improve page performance.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

When you wanted to grow your digital agency, you probably placed PPC ads. Search engine marketing and other paid ad efforts help businesses drive targeted traffic and generate leads quickly, making PPC an important addition to your service lineup.

Marketing agencies can bring expertise and technology tools to the table to create effective PPC ad campaigns, helping clients launch new businesses and products. That includes managing campaigns on channels such as search engines and social media, as well as retargeting and bidding processes.

Combining SEO and PPC services also helps you offer a one-two punch for your clients. You can build immediate interest in new businesses or product lines with PPC while playing the long game with SEO foundations that support traffic in the future.

3. Social media marketing

On average, people spend almost 2.5 hours on social media platforms daily, with the average user active on more than six platforms every month (Search Engine Journal). A strong social media presence lets businesses reach wide audiences while building community and brand loyalty through interactions.

Marketing agencies can offer services to help clients make those important connections and nurture social media leads through to conversion. That includes tailored content creation for various platforms, management of social media communities to foster engagement while protecting brand reputation, and development of influencer partnerships.

4. Content marketing

Content remains king of the digital marketing mountain despite many changes through the years. In fact, changes often drive the need for additional content—brands must have high-quality content that speaks to searcher intent and engages their audiences on websites, blogs, social media profiles, video platforms, and many other channels.

Feeding the content machine at scale and in a way that supports business goals can be challenging for companies. Marketing agency services should include content strategy development, the creation of compelling content, and the publication of content across multiple channels to help with those challenges.

5. Email marketing

Email may seem old school in an industry that’s talking about AI content creation and automation tools, but email marketing still delivers ample ROI. It’s also an effective way to communicate with and retain customers, as average email open rates across all industries are more than 20% (Mailchimp).

Marketing agencies can help clients maximize the effectiveness of email marketing by offering services that range from email content creation to campaign management. Many businesses need help analyzing the results of email campaigns and using automation to maximize positive outcomes such as high open, click-through, and conversion rates.

6. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Content and other digital marketing efforts work a lot like seeds. If you sow a handful in a field, something might grow. But if you sow seeds in a garden and tend them expertly, you can expect a harvest.

CRO refers to the work needed to tend websites, content, and other marketing efforts to increase conversions and support a metaphorical harvest. Marketing agencies can include CRO services such as A/B testing, data analysis that delves into consumer behavior, and landing page optimization to help clients increase site and marketing performance.

7. Branding and design

Almost 90% of consumers say authenticity is an important factor in their buying decisions (G2). A strong and consistent brand identity helps create the type of authenticity consumers can connect with while ensuring a business stands out from the competition.

Marketing agencies can offer branding and design services that include visual design work for websites. However, you can also create branding elements such as logos and provide brand strategy to ensure a business’s content is recognizable across all channels.

8. Marketing analytics

Business owners and leaders often make gut-based decisions about marketing that stem from their own experience and what they think customers want. Marketing experts know that data-driven decisions are more likely to result in consistent performance and growth.

The sheer volume of data inherent in digital marketing—and trouble gathering it and converting it to actionable insights—can create challenges for businesses that marketing agency services can solve. You can offer tracking tools and services to help businesses understand key performance indicators and paths for optimizing efforts based on intelligent insights.

9. Influencer marketing

Consumers are more likely to trust third-party information about a business than what the business says about itself. That’s why reviews are critical for many companies—and why influencer marketing can be a valuable service offering.

Influencers can help brands reach niche audiences, and when these trusted internet voices speak up about a business, it’s often seen as a stamp of approval that enhances brand reputation. Marketing agencies can help foster these benefits with services that include identifying the right influencers, working to develop partnerships between influencers and client brands, and tracking campaign success.

10. Website development and optimization

While almost anyone can slap a basic website together with available tools online, those cookie-cutter efforts don’t typically convert well. A well-designed, custom-branded site can be built with a website builder, but it takes experience to make that happen.

Marketing agencies can provide site development services that range from initial builds to optimization of site performance metrics.

Tips to start scaling your marketing agency services today

Adding new marketing agency services to your offerings can help you boost your revenue as a digital agency. Steps to scale your service offerings include:

  • Building a strong brand identity. Work to build trust in your agency so that when you offer a new service, existing clients are willing to invest in those options.
  • Understanding target audience needs. Consider gaps you can meet with regard to target audience needs. This helps you determine what new services to offer first.
  • Networking and building relationships. Connect with industry influencers and network with potential new clients to build relationships you can leverage when launching new services.
  • Exploring new niche markets. Think about what niche markets you can serve that you may not be connecting with. Can you offer a marketing service that’s especially needed in that niche?
  • Leveraging technology and automation. Invest in and implement technology that helps you automate marketing tasks so you can scale efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Best practices for selling your marketing services

Once you begin scaling up marketing agency services, whether it’s through white labeling or building new in-house teams, you can use your own tools and expertise to sell those services.

Start with a digital marketing strategy that helps you drive new leads, and use best practices for converting each lead. Some tips include:

  • Work to understand each client’s business goals. This lets you align marketing strategies with actual needs, making it more likely that proposed services will interest potential clients.
  • Create compelling proposals. Tweak proposals to demonstrate how your unique value prop connects directly with the client’s challenges. Include case studies that demonstrate the value of your services in similar cases.
  • Deliver measurable results. Work to deliver measurable results once a client signs on. This increases the chance they’ll stick with your agency or invest in other services you offer.
  • Build long-term collaborations. Invest time and effort in building relationships with your clients. Referrals can help you scale up new service offerings quickly and with minimal expense and effort.
  • Educate clients. Be willing to explain marketing concepts and tasks to clients so they understand what they’re paying for and how your agency works to drive positive results.

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