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Be the Local Hero with the Conquer Local Connect Virtual Event

Virtual events like Conquer Local Connect have taken the place of many in-person conferences since 2020. Because these events require fewer logistics many companies are able to provide more than one in a calendar year. Vendasta’s second virtual event of 2021 is taking things to the next level to deliver value to partners, prospects, and participants before year-end.

Conquer Local Connect is Vendasta’s free virtual solution to our previous in-person annual event. This is an opportunity to highlight new and upcoming Vendasta product releases, hear from Vendasta leaders, and learn about current partner successes.

[I] really like hearing from the top agencies and their best practices. I hear advice from newbies all the time and have to sort if it really is good advice or not.  I like hearing from those that are truly at the top and what they are doing that I can mimic.
White-labeled Vendasta Partner

What is Conquer Local Connect?

Conquer Local Connect will give you the skills, support, and inspiration to fast-track your business growth and become the local hero for your clients. Learn how to use Vendasta resources to acquire and retain more customers, remove toil, grow revenue, and provide a seamless client experience.

Conquer Local Connect is a space for sharing useful resources to help Vendasta partners and prospects succeed in business. One white-labeled Vendasta partner said of the June event, “this was a wonderful use of my time, and as a brand new agency owner, answered a lot of questions, and gave me so many tools! Wow! I feel significantly more confident. Thank you!”

Watch the sessions from our first Conquer Local Connect Virtual Event in June 2021. These sessions will provide the resources and strategies needed to scale operations, and the tools necessary to help local businesses with their digital acceleration.

Why You Should Attend Conquer Local Connect

Our last Connect Virtual Event included over 600 attendees, all with the goal of growing their business with Vendasta. Conquer Local Connect will give you the skills, support, and inspiration to fast-track your business growth. Learn best practices for finding customers, overcoming challenges, and setting yourself up for success in 2022. Get proven strategies that are working right now from business owners who are growing their business with Vendasta. Not to mention these exciting resources:


What can you do to further business growth with Vendasta?

  • Sell more products - learn how with Vendasta’s new/upcoming releases
  • Connect with your peers and Vendasta experts in the Conquer Local Community
  • Get tactics, resources, and products to help you acquire more customers, sell more, and grow your business
  • Become the local hero for your clients

Event Details

  • December 9, 2021
  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm CST
  • Join us from anywhere - it’s virtual!
  • Four sessions featuring Conquer Local, the Vendasta Platform, local business pain points, and Marketplace Vendors along with live panels and partner highlights
  • Plus a one-hour Community Session following the event for feedback and questions

virtual event agenda

Step-by-step Registration Guide

From our homepage, you’ll be able to click the green “Register for Free” button. This will take you directly to a page that looks like this:

virtual event sign up

Click select, fill out the form, and confirm. You will then get a calendar invite sent directly to the email you signed up with. Congratulations, you’re officially registered!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend this event?

There is no cost to attend. This is a free event. 

Can I add the event to my calendar?

Yes, after you register for Conquer Local Connect, you will receive an email with a calendar invite.

How can I stay informed about Conquer Local Connect?

Will recordings be available for participants to view after the event?

Yes, the content will be available on-demand in the Conquer Local Connect Group for group members.

Will there be networking opportunities, being that it is a virtual event?

Attendees can connect and interact, start chats, view social pages, and send private messages to each other, all within the Conquer Local Connect Group.

The open discussion in the Conquer Local Connect Group is ongoing. During the event, there will be a live chat to engage participants in sessions. Following the event, there will be an interactive community session to review what was discussed and encourage group feedback, questions, and comments.

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