Business podcast top 10: A Conquer Local Podcast roundup for 2022

The Conquer Local Podcast is an award-winning business podcast hosted by Vendasta Chief Customer Officer, thought leader, and sales coach George Leith. The show is a must-listen for any B2B seller looking to take their business to the next level.

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In each episode, Leith invites expert guests to share their knowledge and insights on a range of topics, from sales and marketing strategies to leadership and personal development.

The business podcast celebrated its 250th episode recently, and we wanted to look back at the year that was with a roundup of the top episodes from 2022. If you're looking for actionable tips and expert advice to help you conquer the local market, these are the episodes you won't want to miss.

10. Advertising vs. marketing; video is your best friend with Gordon Borrell

Kicking off the countdown is media analyst Gordon Borrell, Founder of Borrell Associates Inc. In this episode of the Conquer Local business podcast, Borrell discusses the evolution of advertising into marketing. He emphasizes the importance of both young and experienced marketers working together to leverage their unique advantages and fill in gaps, particularly in the current "third wave" of marketing, which is focused on video.

Gordon encourages brands to begin working more video content into their offering in order to stay ahead in the marketing world in the coming years. He also emphasizes the importance of being personable and allowing your audience to get to know you through video to greatly increase trust with your audience. Tune in to the Conquer Local Podcast to learn more about how you can leverage video to boost your brand's success.

9. Master Sales Series: 11 Mistakes customer success professionals should avoid

Claiming our ninth spot, this episode of the Conquer Local business podcast features Leith as he shares his extensive experience in customer service. He shares missteps that customer success professionals should avoid in order to build stronger relationships with their clients and establish trust and authority in their industry.

The 11 mistakes customer success professionals should avoid include:

  1. Not actively listening
  2. Poor discovery
  3. Spinning the truth
  4. Not saying sorry
  5. Absence of ownership
  6. Lack of knowledge
  7. Using acronyms
  8. Displaying a lack of empathy
  9. Failing to follow through on a promise
  10. Taking customers for granted

8.  Human resources in a world with no physical boundaries featuring Lauren B. Jones

In this episode of the Conquer Local business podcas,t audiences are joined by Lauren B. Jones, Founder of Leap Consulting Solutions and a leading expert in the staffing industry.

Lauren shares her insights on the significant shift in human resources that has occurred in recent times, including the move to remote work environments and the importance of hiring globally for organizations. She also discusses the importance of building trust within a company and being proactive in recognizing when employees are excelling.

This brilliant episode is full of valuable takeaways on how to navigate the new normal as an HR professional and people manager.

7.  Staying human in the age of data, part one with Rishad Tobaccowala

George Leith is joined by Rishad Tobaccowala, an accomplished author, speaker, and advisor with over 40 years of experience helping individuals and organizations reinvent themselves in changing times. Rishad discusses his best-selling book Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data, which focuses on how to grow companies while staying true to human values.

In the first episode of this two-part series, Rishad covers the importance of remaining human in an increasingly digital world and offers practical advice on how to navigate change through the use of the "6 C's":

  1. Cognition
  2. Creativity
  3. Curiosity
  4. Collaboration
  5. Communication
  6. Conviction

This thought-provoking discussion covers how to restore the soul of business in today's digital age. Listen to part two of this series.

6. How to think more profitably as an agency with Marcel Petitpas

Coming in at our 6th spot for the top Conquer Local business podcast episodes in 2022, we have agency profit expert and Parakeeto Co-Founder and CEO Marcel Petitpas. Marcel, who is also the head strategic coach at SaaS Academy, brings his expertise in streamlining operations and reporting systems to the table as he breaks down the financial aspects of running a successful agency.

He covers how to manage time effectively and how to approach clients in a way that increases margins and allows for business growth. This can’t-miss business podcast episode delivers a comprehensive analysis on how to improve the profitability of your agency.

If you’d like to dive deeper with Marcel, you can check out his six-part webinar series in partnership with Vendasta here: The secrets to making your agency profitable.

5. Creating confidence: Auditioning for the role of yourself with  Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan, best-selling author and keynote speaker, discusses the idea of auditioning for the role of oneself. Heather, who is also a board member of HealthLynked Corporation and was named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017, shares her belief, action, and knowledge model for overcoming adversity and achieving one's goals.

She also talks about her journey to becoming her true self and how she landed Gary Vaynerchuk as her first business podcast guest. Tune in to this episode to learn how to rewire your mindset and habits to become the best version of yourself.

4. Why salespeople need to behave more like doctors

Coming in at number four, this episode of the Conquer Local business podcast features guest Keenan, the founder of A Sales Growth Company. Keenan, who has helped companies increase sales by 300 percent and raise millions in funding, shares his insights on sales CRM, the dynamic between coaches and coachees, and how to improve communication for increased productivity.

He also discusses his experience rebuilding sales cultures and implementing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies for a range of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 25 companies.

Learn from Keenan's wealth of experience in sales growth and get the whole package in this  business podcast episode.

3. Price negotiating: A masterclass for sellers with Chris Croft

Second runner up for top episode in 2022 goes to Chris Croft. With 36 courses and 18 million students on and LinkedIn Learning, this leading expert in time management and selling negotiations returns to the Conquer Local business podcast to discuss price negotiations. In this episode, Chris offers practical advice on how small and medium businesses (SMBs) and agency owners can confidently charge and receive what they're worth.

Chris' Top 10 Price Negotiating Tips for sellers include:

  1. Set a walk-away point
  2. Buyers have weaknesses
  3. Say “no” the first time
  4. Instead of “yes” or “no”... negotiate!
  5. Try not to open first
  6. Don't open with a round number (sounds made up)
  7. Open beyond your best hope
  8. Do the flinch; watch for the flinch
  9. Justifying opening price after reducing price (what's the trade?)
  10. Look out for the nibble

2. Time management: Life is long, here's how to get your time back with Chris Croft

Back again as our first runner up this time, Chris Croft! In this first episode of his two-part series this season, Croft shares his insights on time management and offers practical tactics for making the most of this "scarce resource." Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Chris' expertise and improve your time management skills.

1. Zero-waste marketing and $100,000+ websites with Andy Crestodina

Finally the episode you’ve been waiting for! Drum roll, please… the #1 Conquer Local Podcast episode in 2022 based on the veracity and frequency at which audiences gobbled it up, we have  Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, Inc. Andy Crestodina.

In this business podcast episode, Crestodina shares his insights on account-based content marketing and webinar building through LinkedIn. He also discusses his approach to "zero-waste marketing" and how to align sales and marketing teams for maximum success.

And there you have it folks, your top 10 business podcast episodes for B2B sellers and sales professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in sales, marketing, business, and beyond.

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