10 AI Business Ideas to Propel Your Marketing Agency Forward

AI is helping businesses grow. One estimate is that businesses that scale with the help of AI experience 25 percent more growth than those that simply invest in automations (National University). 

AI business ideas for marketing agencies include a range of services and products you can add to your offerings to help clients leverage the benefits of AI. From content creation to reputation management, learn about 10 business ideas using AI you can implement to expand your reach, gather greater market share, and enhance revenues. 

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1. GPT Creation

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This is a large language model (LLM) that operates via a complex technical network and natural language processing. It allows AI to function in a human-like manner when it comes to language use, including responding to questions and prompts. ChatGPT is one of the most known examples of this technology, and it is powered by a set of GPTs. 

AI business ideas: GPT Creation

You can create and train custom GPTs for various business purposes to support your clients. These tools can be used to support customer service protocols and chatbots, generate content for marketing or business communications, and analyze data and provide insights and answers in response to user queries. 

2. Digital Advertising Optimization

One AI idea for businesses related to digital marketing involves advertising optimization. Marketing teams are familiar with automation in ad bidding and campaign management processes. Adding layers of AI can enhance the benefits you get from automation.

AI analyzes user data, behavior, and preferences, enabling personalized ad delivery and increasing relevance, engagement, and conversion rates. This includes helping marketing teams connect with the right audience at just the right time. All of that leads to increased ROI for digital advertising campaigns—often without the need for tedious manual campaign tweaking. 

3. AI Chatbot Services

If you’re looking for a startup idea and have the technical resources, you might consider creating custom chatbots for clients. Around 46 percent of businesses are using AI to support customer relationship management processes (CompTIA). That suggests there’s already a lot of buy-in for these products while leaving space for new competitors in the niche.

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AI business ideas: AI Chatbot Services

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4. Copywriting and Content Creation

One of the best AI business ideas for teams and agencies that are already well-versed in content marketing is copywriting and other content creation. AI offers various assistance with these critical lead-generating methods—a fact that many are taking note of. Just over 85 percent of AI users report leveraging the technology for content creation efforts (Authority Hacker). 

Some ways you can leverage AI for content creation include:

  • Using GPTs to promote stronger brainstorming sessions or draft outlines writers can work from
  • Turning to AI for quick answers about complex topics, ensuring marketing teams have the lay of the land on various industries before writing copy
  • Drafting tedious copy automatically, such as asking AI to help you spin copy when you need the same definitions or information for dozens of city landing pages

Not everyone can use these tools and get excellent results, however. Teams that are adept in training GPTs, crafting prompts, and humanizing AI content can offer these services to businesses that don’t have the time, skills, or resources to make AI work well for them.

5. AI Graphic Design

Another category of AI for business ideas relates to graphic design and art. Some agencies engage in making money with AI art specifically, but you can also use AI-powered graphic design tools to create streamlined approaches to infographics, social media images, and other visual marketing media. 

AI business ideas: AI graphic design

AI image and graphic design tools range from the Magic Design tool in Canva, which offers AI-supported help for human designers, to image generators like DALL-E. AI can help with graphic design by:

  • Making technical tasks easier. With automation and AI, you can easily add and customize images, fonts, and other elements while adhering to current marketing image best practices.
  • Converting text into images. You can use AI image tools to convert existing text into images, making it easy to create visuals for blog posts or webinar content in minutes.
  • Tweaking and editing images. If you have a great product photo but you want to change the background or edit out a person’s hand, AI can help you do that without the need for advanced photoshop skills. 

6. Social Media Optimization

Many business ideas using AI relate to managing social marketing campaigns. The data-heavy processes involved in social media marketing and advertising make it an ideal niche for AI use, as optimization is critical to ensure messaging and products show up for the right audiences in platforms that may be highly competitive and saturated. 

Some ways you can use AI to optimize social media marketing performance include:

  • Audience analysis and segmentation. AI can consider massive amounts of data, analyzing posts and user behavior to determine audience sentiment toward a brand or product. Knowing how segments within your target audience feel about a product—for example, some might see it as a necessity while others see it as a luxury—helps you create more targeted social media content.
  • Performance tracking. AI supports real-time monitoring and predictive analytics that make it easier to post content at the right time, select engaging content, and tweak campaigns for a positive impact on performance. 
  • Content creation. AI can create automated content and recommendations in response to the data and analytics described above, reducing the creative work required to maintain a social media presence. 

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7. AI Consulting

Some AI-based business ideas are more about your knowledge and skills and less about the technical solutions you can provide directly. As artificial intelligence use grows, solutions may become more complex.

Many businesses don’t have the in-house skills or resources to deploy AI solutions well and may need assistance in choosing the right website builder, leveraging AI to create and manage marketing campaigns, or even understanding how AI can help with their processes. AI consulting firms provide the guidance businesses need to succeed with such tools. 

8. AI Integration

AI integration is a specific type of AI consulting that focuses on serving clients who want to integrate AI technologies alongside existing business systems. Digital agencies are often well-positioned to develop marketing integration services, as your team may already be implementing AI solutions for their own use. 

If you want to provide AI integration services to others, you will need:

  • An in-depth understanding of available solutions. The first step of AI integration is choosing the right technology solutions. Educating yourself about what is available can help you provide optimal guidance to clients. 
  • Access to technical skills for integrations. You may need to work with APIs or create custom code to connect legacy systems with new AI solutions for clients. 
  • Marketing for your services. Create messaging that helps clients understand the productivity enhancements and cost savings associated with AI integration.

9. AI-Powered Reputation Management

Another business idea with AI at the forefront is reputation management services. The internet creates too much data today about everything, including brands and products, for human-powered processes to keep up. Businesses are increasingly using AI tools, including white-label software, to help with social listening and other brand reputation management tasks.

For example, Nike, Marriott International, and Coca-Cola all leverage AI tools to conduct social listening, sentiment analysis, and other tasks to help understand how consumers view the brand. These insights allow each company to respond in real time with appropriate public relations and marketing campaigns to protect the integrity of their brands. By offering AI-powered reputation management services, you can provide this same capability to businesses of all sizes. 

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AI business ideas: reputation management

10. AI-Powered Email Marketing

Whether you’re starting an agency with no experience or want to expand services for your existing digital marketing firm, this final AI business idea may be easy to implement. More than 40 percent of email marketers believe AI helps them generate better revenue (Exploding Topics), and you can easily access tools that help you:

  • Personalized email marketing content. AI integrations make it easy to ensure every email is addressed to a specific person and includes dynamic content that aligns with that audience member’s behavior or needs. For instance, you might write a marketing email that recommends a link to one of your recent blog posts. AI can help select a specific post that best aligns with each segment of your audience. 
  • Improve engagement metrics. AI can crunch the numbers and automate campaigns to optimize email open and click-through rates. This can include ensuring emails are sent at an optimal time or even staggering sends from a single email to hit various inboxes at times that are right for those audience members. 

About the Author

Lawrence Dy is the SEO Strategy Manager at Vendasta. His career spans from starting as a Jr. Copywriter in the automotive industry to becoming a Senior Editorial Content Manager in various digital marketing niches. Outside of work, Lawrence moonlights as a music producer/beatmaker and spends time with friends and family.

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