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Why more agencies are using white-label SaaS in 2022


The software as a service (SaaS) market is hot right now. In fact, it’s projected to more than double in the next few years (Forbes). One of the primary areas of growth is local businesses—the same kind of clients your agency serves. You might have noticed your local business clients are asking about SaaS platforms more often. They know they need to have the right tools if they want to compete with the big guys. It has you wondering if adding white-label SaaS products or white-label tools for agencies to your offering is a smart move.

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If so, you’re not the only one thinking about making the leap. Before you sink your budget into building your own software platform, product, or tool, though, take a look at white-label SaaS products.

What are white-label SaaS products?

White-label SaaS products are software products that you can offer to your clients under your own brand name. Another company has already built the white-label SaaS products and put them to the test. As a result, when you team up, you know you’re getting a product that works right out of the box.

That’s good news for most agencies. You may not have the expertise, the time, or the budget to build your own product from scratch.

At the same time, you want to ensure you’re building your brand, not someone else’s. It’s one of the reasons you might consider making your own platform and client portal in the first place.

White-label tools for agencies let you do exactly that: build your brand. These types of products are brandable, so your clients always know who they’re working with. Every time they log in to the client portal or check out a report you’ve sent, they see your logo and your name—not someone else’s.

How common is it for agencies to use white-label SaaS products? Many agencies are already doing it. Many more will adopt white-label tools for agencies before the year is out.

Why? A look at the advantages of white-label platforms will tell you why so many agencies are on board.

Deliver a working platform

The first advantage of using white-label SaaS platforms is that you get a working product out of the box. In turn, you can start delivering for your clients much sooner.

If you wanted to try to develop your own SaaS platform, you’d need a hefty budget and a lengthy timeline. It could take months or even years to have something that’s ready to go to market. You could skip some of the testing phases, but your clients might end up feeling like guinea pigs as they “try out” the new platform.

With white-label SaaS, you can deliver the solutions your clients want in a matter of days or weeks, not years. Since the vendor has spent time developing the platform, they’ve already fixed many of the bugs. In turn, you and your clients don’t need to worry about broken code or non-functioning features.

Get everything your agency needs under one umbrella

Your agency probably has a tech stack already. For most agencies, the reality is their stack is broken up over several platforms. Your marketing software is from one company, while another offers your sales CRM. Your billing platform is from yet another vendor.

What if you could get a platform that does everything? All-in-one agency management software is the solution. Better yet, it also gives you access to the tools your clients want, like a client portal and reporting.

With a complete, end-to-end white-label SaaS platform, you can:

  • Find new clients
  • Bill customers within the platform
  • Fulfill projects and track progress
  • Consolidate your tech stack

It’s the better way to provide digital solutions to local businesses.

Scale your agency faster with white-label SaaS products

Another advantage of white-label tools for agencies is the ability to scale. Chances are you’re looking at SaaS to help grow your business. You might have noticed your clients asking for new solutions. Maybe your team seems overwhelmed by the tasks they have to fulfill.

The long and short of it is that you may not be meeting client expectations—or their deadlines. The right white-label SaaS products will grow with you. That helps you save time on fulfillment and frees up your team to do more for your clients.

An end-to-end platform provides white-label tools for agencies for every stage of marketing and selling. These tools let your team members automate certain tasks. At the same time, they’re uncovering new revenue opportunities for your business.

You also get the vendor’s fulfillment teams on your side. In turn, you can free up your own people to do more selling or provide better customer service. The tools and teams help you build repeatable processes that really work. From there, you can scale those processes as your business keeps growing.

Keep your costs in check and reduce vendor clutter

An all-in-one platform helps you do more than reduce vendor clutter, of course. It can also help you streamline communications and reduce costs.

When you’re working with many different vendors, it can be difficult to keep track of fees. Payments may come out at any given time. It may not seem like much if one partner is charging $20 here, and another $100 there. In the end, though, it adds up.

There’s also the time your team spends managing all these different partners to factor in. How much time do they spend troubleshooting each different platform? If they have to move data between the sales CRM and the billing platform, they’re probably wasting precious time (ZDNet).

An all-in-one white-label solution lets you limit data duplication and other time-intensive tasks. Better yet, you free up your team members to do more of what they’re actually good at.

Give your clients more of what they want

With a white-label SaaS platform and the white-label tools for agencies it offers, you can also supercharge your client offerings. The best white-label SaaS products and platforms let you add what you already sell and bill directly from the platform.

With that data in hand, the platform can help you see opportunities for you and the client. Is there a service you offer that they could benefit from? What are they missing from their current campaigns or bundles?

Data-driven insights are all the rage for a reason. They help you deliver more of what your local clients want from you. With data analytics, an all-in-one platform can show you gaps in a client’s service. Analytics can even help you make suggestions based on other clients' success stories.

In turn, your clients get more of what they need and more of what they want.

Add products quickly and easily

The very best platforms also offer access to a reseller marketplace. Marketplaces allow you to add new products and solutions to your list of offerings.

That goes hand in hand with the platform’s ability to help you scale your agency. When you identify a new opportunity or a gap in the services you offer, you can add new white-label SaaS products with ease.

Your clients, in turn, don’t have to turn to another provider for their email or web hosting needs.

SaaS is in demand

Software-as-a-service is growing due, in part, to the new hybrid workforce (TrainingMag). As more employees are working remote, SaaS is playing a larger role in the new office.

This applies to both your clients and your own agency. Your team needs a platform that works wherever they work. All-in-one agency management software and white-label tools for agencies ensure they can use all the programs they need. It also means they have access to the data they need whether they’re in the office or on the road.

Your clients may also have hybrid workforces. Some people are in the office or a storefront, while others are working from home or at a job site. They need access to a reliable client portal with performance, results, and more.

Automate your agency

“Work smarter, not harder” might be a cliché, but when it comes to adopting technology for your agency, it’s a motto to live by. White-label SaaS products can help you automate your sales and marketing. You can even automate parts of your project management.

The best platforms offer a host of features, like appointment scheduling and automated emails. Your sales team can spend less time going back and forth with clients about when they can meet. Better yet, they’ll never miss a chance to follow up again.

Your team can also automate their sales and marketing research, as well as reporting. With the right white-label tools for agencies behind them, they can even scan the web for performance markers on social media, SEO, and more.

With automation in play, you can free up your team’s time. Instead of being bogged down with time-intensive tasks, they can get back to activities that drive more value for your business. That puts them in a position to succeed—and your agency in a position to grow.

White-label tools for agencies: Discover a better way to scale 

With all these advantages in mind, it’s easy to see why more agencies have adopted white-label SaaS products in 2022. If you’re wondering how to save time, cut costs, and scale your agency with ease, SaaS from a white-label partner could be the answer you’re looking for.

Not sure where to start? Set up a demo or get a free trial of all-in-one agency management software. Then see just what white-label tools for agencies can do for your business—and your clients.

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