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5 White-label local SEO services to start selling to clients today


Key takeaways

  • White label local SEO services allow businesses to expand their digital marketing offerings without in-house expertise
  • These services help local businesses improve their online visibility and attract more customers
  • Leveraging white label local SEO can lead to sustainable and scalable growth for your business

If you’re a marketing solutions provider in the digital services space, the chances are high that one of your biggest problems is figuring the best way to scale your business. That’s a question faced by agency owners everywhere, who have to contend with an increasingly complex digital solutions landscape and limited resources to deliver those services to clients. 

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One answer to this perennial agency issue is tapping into the power of selling white label local SEO services. Since local SEO services are such a central component of effective small and medium-sized (SMB) search engine marketing, putting local SEO management on auto-pilot can dramatically boost the value you deliver––all while freeing up your team to focus on signing new clients. In this article, we’ll go over 5 of the most lucrative white-label local SEO services to take your agency to new heights.

How do white-label local SEO services work?

In basic terms, selling white-label local SEO works much like any other white-label product, physical or digital. Your agency partners with a reliable third party that takes on the nitty-gritty work of setting up and managing local SEO campaigns for your clients, but the expert team delivering service works under your agency’s brand.

From your customer’s perspective, it’s all being delivered by your agency. But from your perspective, you get to boost your profits without investing in expensive in-house expertise or resources.

Benefits of white label local SEO services

As a business owner, you can greatly benefit from incorporating white label local SEO services into your offerings. Here are some advantages that can help enhance your business growth:

  • Cost-effective solution: When hiring a specialized white label SEO agency, they will be responsible for their profit margin in the service prices. However, this cost is generally lower than handling search engine optimization in-house, making it a more affordable solution.
  • Enhanced expertise: By partnering with a white label local SEO provider, you can access a team of seasoned SEO professionals. Their knowledge of various SEO techniques allows them to quickly optimize your clients' local search ranking through methods like directory submissions and Google My Business SEO.
  • Expand your service offerings: White label local SEO allows digital marketing businesses to under their brand, even if they lack the necessary resources or knowledge. This can help your company grow without overstretching your team's capacity.
  • Save time and resources: By outsourcing local SEO services, you don’t need to spend countless hours researching and implementing SEO strategies. A dedicated white label SEO team will manage this for you, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks, like acquiring new clients or improving other services.
  • Improve current relationships: By adding white label local SEO services to your roster of solutions, you can deepen your relationships with existing clients and become a more fully integrated part of how they do business and by bolstering their online reputation. The more valuable your agency becomes to their operations, the more fruitful and long-lasting your relationships will be.

5 white label local SEO services to start selling to clients

1. Listings and citation management

Without effective local listings and citation management, there isn’t much point engaging in other local SEO techniques. Those listings are of fundamental importance, because they’re often where prospective customers find the key information they need that nudges them toward becoming a paying customer. And while individual listings and citations are generally not that difficult to set up, things can become more challenging when managing many of them at scale.

By offering your clients listings and citation management services, you can use a local listing builder to help them create and manage consistent and up-to-date listings across the web. You can also help them avoid common mistakes like duplicate or out of date listings , which can seriously ding their discoverability in local search.

2. Google Business Profile optimization

The Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is indisputably the most important listing of all. Given Google’s role as the front page of the internet for billions of people, this listing will get a lot of eyeballs. Since it’s a Google property, it’s also particularly impactful when it comes to Google’s SEO algorithm relative to other listings. Optimizing the GBP is about more than just getting the correct NAP data listed: it should also be updated with posts, photos, listing keywords, FAQs, fresh reviews, and any other fields or sections that Google makes available.

3. Local link building

Link building in general can help raise the visibility of a website and help it climb the SERPs, but when it comes to local SEO, not just any link will do. Local links will have a bigger impact when it comes to succeeding in local search results, so building links with relevant sites in the same geographic area can help move the needle faster than just indiscriminately going for quantity over quality.

When it comes to impactful link building, prioritize reputable sites in the same or a related niche, trusted local directories , and industry blogs. These will help boost your client’s credibility by association, and also improve their local SEO performance when it matters most: when their clients are making those “Near Me” searches.

4. Google Post content creation

Getting the most out of Google Business Profile requires taking regularly action to make it engaging and interesting to visitors, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by creating regularly Google post content. These are basically blog-link entries that appear on the GBP, and they can be a great way to keep the profile fresh, update customers about new products or promotions, give a human face to your client’s business, and otherwise make the profile stand out and keep visitors on it longer.

By reselling Google Post content creation, you can keep your client’s GBP active with new text and visual content that ultimately drives more clicks, traffic, and sales.

5. Regular local SEO audits

By running periodic local SEO audits you can keep your finger on the pulse of how your client’s local SEO performance is progressing. This is the best way to identify opportunities for improvements and double up on strategies that are working. As part of your local SEO audit reseller solution, you might include keyword performance, citations tracking, GBP audit, online reviews analysis, website structure review, and local competitor analysis.

Vendasta’s white label local SEO solutions

Many agencies have been able to dramatically scale their revenues and profits by incorporating white-label local SEO reseller programs into how they do business. It’s easy to see why: these programs fill in the gap that almost all agencies experience at some point between how much they can sell and how much they can actually deliver without sacrificing their quality or reputation.

Vendasta offers local SEO reseller programs that help businesses increase profits by expanding their service offerings without the costly, risky investments required to do so in-house. By outsourcing local SEO tasks to a trusted partner, agencies can focus on their core competencies (like selling more) while delivering results to clients that they can be proud of.

Vendasta’s newly revamped Local SEO Pro redefines how local search is done with artificial intelligence, keyword ranking, heat-map data, and more cutting-edge features that make it easier to conquer the SERPs, faster. Instead of overwhelming your in-house team or saying no new business opportunities, check out Vendasta’s white-label local SEO solutions and reclaim your time and energy for the activities that grow your agency.

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Lawrence Dy is the SEO Strategy Manager at Vendasta. His career spans from starting as a Jr. Copywriter in the automotive industry to becoming a Senior Editorial Content Manager in various digital marketing niches. Outside of work, Lawrence moonlights as a music producer/beatmaker and spends time with friends and family.

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