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Top 10 real estate agent directories (Updated 2022)


Working real estate is kind of like hiking. It’s sure to make you break a sweat, there will be ups and downs, highs and lows, but sometimes, you find some of the most beautiful views in the world. BUT, you may also get mauled by a bear in the process... This is why it is crucial that real estate agents and agencies leverage key online real estate agent directories so that they can generate as many sales as possible in their respective markets.

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But where do I even start?

Don’t fear my friend, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the top 10 real estate agent directories in North America.

Real estate agent directory benefits

As a real estate agent, there is quite a bit of manual prospecting. To reduce the effort and time spent on that part of the job it’s recommended to get on as many real estate agent directories as possible. But it can be tough to find business listing websites. Listing on more than one real estate directory like the list we have below guarantees an increase in traffic. This means more eyes will be on your content and more users will find you online.

Organized based on their 2022 US composite rankings, these 10 real estate agent directories are sure to save you time, deliver real traffic, and drive up that ROI figure.

Honorable mention


Redfin.com has a robust platform for selling, buying, and renting as well as a vast network of agents across North America. This platform propels real estate businesses and agents forward by reducing manual tasks and giving back more time to focus on face-to-face customer interactions.

Redfin gives back to its communities by taking part in philanthropic causes and providing social value through a number of different programs. These programs include four housing nonprofits that help individuals stay in their home or buy their first home (RedfinRise). The option to be associated with these programs and organizations gives real estate agents and business owners a great PR opportunity.

Moz Domain Authority: 90

Get listed on the 10 best real estate agent directories to get referrals, accelerate lead generation, and cast a wider net of brand exposure.

Top 10 online real estate agent directories table

No. Directory Name Moz Domain Authority
1 Zillow 90
2 Realtor.com 89
3 Trulia 86
4 Movoto 75
5 Homes.com 80
6 LoopNet 84
7 Homes and Land 70
8 LandWatch 64
9 HotPads 73

Top 10 online real estate agent directories list

1. Zillow real estate agent directory

Launched in 2006, Zillow is one of the top real estate agent directories. In fact, it is the market-leading real estate and rental marketplace for consumers who are either looking to buy, rent, sell, shop mortgages, or find an agent. The Zillow real estate agent directory has also been favored for its user experience, offering easy-to-use searching, massive agent functionality, and great mobile friendliness.

Moz Domain Authority: 90

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why list on Zillow’s real estate agents directory

Zillow is the local directory of real estate agents. With 25 million US visitors a month and a database consisting of more than 110 million homes, Zillow has become the industry standard for real estate listings. In fact, a 2016 Statista report demonstrated that Zillow, Realtor.com. And Trulia.com, all real estate agent directory sites, accounted for 48.1% of the entire real estate web market based on user traffic. If you are a real estate agent or agency, you need to be taking advantage of these crucial real estate agent directories.


But there’s more. Zillow also has “Zestimate,” a tool that uses proprietary technology to estimate the value of homes. Naturally, this is not an official appraisal, but it does provide a strong starting point for real estate professionals that are looking to quickly gauge the market value of a home or property.

2. Realtor.com

Realtor.com is the official consumer website of the National Association of Realtors, and it was one of the pioneers in the digital real estate space. Whether you’re in the market for homes, land, or rentals, this real estate agent directory site is a must.

Moz Domain Authority: 89

Cost: Free

Why list on Realtor.com directory of real estate agents

With cost out of the equation, and a heavy emphasis placed on fostering the connections between buyers and realtors, Realtor.com is an obvious choice. Supplement this with the 800+ listing services that Realtor.com has relationships with, and the fact that realtors using the site are mandated by the National Association of Realtors (NAR’s) ethical code of conduct, and you have one h*ll of a platform—unless you’re an unethical realtor, of course.

online real estate directories blog in-line 1

In terms of key functionalities, Realtor.com enables users to uncover detailed overviews of local housing markets, analyze market trends, discover top realtors in the market (hopefully you’re one of em ;), access mortgage calculators, and a suite of other user services.

3. Trulia real estate agent directory

“It’s our mission to build a more neighborly world.”

Trusted by the New York Times, CNNMoney.com, and the Wall Street Journal, Trulia is one of the market leaders for home buyers, realtors, and brokers. Trulia has become popularized for the platform’s ability to go beyond typical listings to also collect insights on neighborhoods and communities so that buyers can be that much more confident in their purchases.

online real estate directories blog in-line 2

Moz Domain Authority: 86

Cost: Free for homeowners, agents and brokers pay a fee

Why list on Trulia’s directory of real estate agents

Trulia is another of what might be considered the “Big 3” of the digital directory of real estate agents. With market exposure of 51 million serious home buyers and sellers, and 70% of those same users buying or selling annually—Trulia is a great real estate agents directory.

Furthermore, Trulia offers a paid directory for real estate agents and brokers to leverage, as well as a built-in chat functionality so that agents and prospective buyers can connect directly, instantly.

4. Movoto real estate agent directory

In similar fashion to Trulia, Movoto is a platform that prides itself in offering more than just a real estate agent directory service. By offering additional demographic information including nearby schools, neighborhood insights and market trends, the platform generates a holistic picture of each listing.

Moz Domain Authority: 75

Cost: Movoto agent certification required

Why list on Movoto’s directory of real estate agents

Movoto is a platform that was built with the real estate agent in mind. Their mandate is “... to provide agents and brokers with unmatched technology, lead generation, and marketing support, as well as provide the most comprehensive search and market research technology to home buyers and sellers. ”

Having already helped 100 million people search for homes, and having facilitated 31,000 property sales, Movoto is quickly becoming a leader in the real estate technology sector. Unlike the Golden State Warriors, this a bandwagon that you definitely want to jump on.

5. Homes.com real estate agent directory

Homes.com was built with the vision that it could be the complete end-to-end platform for property buyers and sellers to interact. From search and research, to contacting a mortgage broker for financing, to finding the perfect agent to facilitate the transaction—Homes.com is a one-stop-shop.

Moz Domain Authority: 80

Cost: Free to use with paid advertising options

Why list on Homes.com directory of real estate agents

A whopping 854,027 real estate agents are already listed on this real estate agent directory site. With ability to build seller profiles and aggregate all properties for sale, realtors can easily be found and contacted by prospects in their local markets.

Oh, and the 3 million listings that are currently live on Homes.com is nothing to scoff at either. With intelligent payment calculators, a “home value” search function, and new tools such as “Snap & Search,” your listings can be found in virtually every way possible.

online real estate directories blog in-line 5

This platform also offers competitive pricing for agents and brokers that are looking to run paid ads. With a variety of different options such as “local connect,” prospects can reach out to you directly to answer key questions and guide them towards the perfect purchase for their needs.

6. LoopNet real estate agent directory

Owned by data giant CoStar, LoopNet is a more specialized real estate directory that focuses on the market for commercial real estate. If you’re either buying or selling property in the office, industrial, or retail markets, LoopNet should be one of your first stops.

online real estate directories blog in-line 3

Moz Domain Authority: 84

Cost: Pay-per-listing structure, starting at $69.95/month for one premium listing

Why list on LoopNet’s directory of real estate agents

With 5 million unique monthly visits and 500 thousand available listings across 425 billion in total property for sale—I can think of about 425 billion reasons why agents and agencies need to be leveraging this platform.

With the help of HD video creation studios, email campaigning functionality, the ability to create digital flyers and brochures, custom property sites, and CoStar fueled data analytics; searchers can truly experience the properties that you’re selling. Sellers also have access to powerful promotional tools on a Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Premium tier system.

7. Homes and Land real estate agent directory

Originally founded as a magazine, Homes and Land grew and diversified out of its roots into a complete platform for buyers, sellers, and agents. Although the magazine remains alive alongside the site’s RealTips functionality for home advice, the core functionality of the site has shifted to real estate listings.

online real estate directories blog in-line 9

Moz Domain Authority: 70

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why list on Homes and Land’s directory of real estate agents

As the first company in the world to post property listings on the web, these folks know a thing or two about real estate marketing. The seller functionality of Homes and Land is designed to do four things for agents: generate leads, win listings, impress sellers, and build personal brands.

Perhaps the most appealing trait of the Homes and Land offering to the ability to leverage syndication services to get your listings featured in major publications such as the New York Times and The Washington Post. This listing distribution has collectively generated 150 million unique visitors for Homes and Land agents over the years.

8. LandWatch real estate agent directory

The emphasis of this real estate agents directory has been quite heavily surrounding services for urban centers, but if you are looking to sell property in a rural market, LandWatch is the platform for you. LandWatch also has services geared specifically towards auctions and developers.

online real estate directories blog in-line 7

Moz Domain Authority: 64

Cost: Free for homeowners, real estate professionals pay a fee

Why list on LandWatch’s directory of real estate agents

As the online leader in rural properties such as: hunting lands, timberland, farms, ranches, development sites, or other rural investment purposes; LandWatch is a must if you are selling in the rural market of the United States.

9. HotPads real estate agent directory

Acquired by Zillow Group, HotPads is kind of like the hip, new era edition of the Trulia’s of this list (just look at the name). Much like its predecessors, HotPads is a real estate directory of residential properties for sale and rent. Things get a little more creative in the way that the real estate agents directory scores various properties based on their “freshness” and photo counts. Also, multi-tier filter functionality allows searchers to narrow their search with ease.

Moz Domain Authority: 73

Cost: Free

Why list on HotPads directory of real estate agents

As an agent, HotPads offers you a unique opportunity to appeal to a younger target market. With powerful Google Maps based home and apartment search capabilities, HotPads is the optimal place to list properties in urban centers across the United States.

10. LANDFLIP real estate agent directory

Since 2004, LANDFLIP has grown into one of the most popular land marketing platforms on the web, biting at the heels of its competitor above. LANDFLIP has been designed with a true marketplace mentality with the launch of the “LANDFLIP NETWORK,” comprised of categories pertaining to each of its key service markets, such as: FARMFLIP.com, RANCHFLIP.com, etc.

online real estate directories blog in-line 8

Moz Domain Authority: 48

Cost: Free for buyers, 3 subscription tiers for listing users

Why list on LANDFLIP’s directory of real estate agents

Although the LANDFLIP real estate agent directory has yet to garner the same caliber of recognition as LandWatch, this up-and-comer has a very friendly user interface and is sure to be a major market holder in the years to come.

LANDFLIP also boasts a much more competitive pricing structure than its predecessors, which is a great opportunity for agents and agencies that don’t want to be breaking the bank on their listings.

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These real estate agent directories were selected and listed ordinally based on their respective ranks through a manual filtering of the top results based on listing platforms, and cross referencing these with industry leading platforms like Tulia that were absent from the filter view, we were able to generate a comprehensive list of the top North American real estate agent directories.


Once the list was established, all sites were then measured based on their Moz Domain Authority.

Domain Authority (DA) is a comparative SEO ranking factor developed by Moz that predicts how well a site will rank on search. These scores are based on a 100 point scale, with close to 100 representing a strong competitive advantage on organic search.

This is significant to agents and agencies because any site claiming that a listing on their site will translate to real local SEO value and organic impressions may not be trustworthy, unless they’re leveraging additional SEO tools within their site to help boost your postings. But also, if it’s a free service—no harm in trying!

ForRent.com case study

Now, what if your real estate business or directory wants to do more? What if you want to meet more client needs and diversify revenue streams?

ForRent.com is a more niche real estate agent directory site as it is specific to pairing renters with property owners/property managers and offers less agent/agency functionality.

Founded in 1982, ForRent.com helped property managers with their go-to-market strategies through providing diverse marketing and advertising services. In 2015, they sought to expand those services by adding listings management and reputation management to their offerings, so that these property managers could keep their properties top of mind as the digital environment continued to evolve.


When researching apartments, 90% of consumers depend on online listings to help them make more informed decisions. ForRent.com recognized this unmet need that their property clients were facing, but they couldn’t address it alone. By partnering with Vendasta, a white-label solution provider, they were able to quickly add listing and reputation services all under their brand, and super-serve those key property owners in their database.

The solutions Vendasta provides has not only helped our business save time and money, but also provide differentiation in a crowded, competitive environment. The platform has enabled us to scale and improve our efficiencies for reputation management and listings management with an easy-to-use interface.

Erica Campbell Byrum

Assistant Vice President of Social Media, ForRent.com

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