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Jamie Taylor

Jamie is a former Demand Generation Strategist, specializing in advertising campaign development and lead generation communications. When he's not cracking codes on Facebook and Adwords, Jamie loves playing with his Siberian Forest cats, and going for walks.

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10 Most Wanted Internet Marketers

For agencies trying to make money online, it's a deadly game. The rules get made up as you go, there's no loyalty anymore, you face a heap of new competitors every week—it's savage out there. What kind of world are we living in when 50-60% of...

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2016 Marketing Automation Predictions

2015 was deemed, The Year of Marketing Automation (MA). It really should come as no surprise though, as marketers are spending an upwards of 50% (Hubspot) of their time on creating content these days. With the ever-growing workload, marketers...

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75 Marketing Automation Stats

Marketing automation is a big topic these days. Using it can make your marketing processes more effective and efficient, and talking about it can definitely make you seem smarter. So to give you a be-all-end-all list about a super relevant topic,...

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14 Challenges Agencies & Media Companies Face

The internet is the largest and most accessible marketplace in history. Think about how crazy it is that with a few virtual clicks, you can buy sweater, a car, a house or be on your way to Costa Rica. The consumer buying experience has completely...

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