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[Infographic] Local Business Listings Mountain


Business Listings Mountain? What is that? Well, if you’ve heard of the Top 100 Online Business Directories blog and the Top 100 Online Business Directories eBook, prepared to be amazed (if you haven’t, we are sure this will delightfully surprise you all the same). Here are the top 100 local business listings sites brought to you in a mountain. That’s right, a mountain. We were getting a little tired of the pyramids, and since we are no strangers to snow, we thought it would be fitting. Are you getting the urge to go on a ski or snowboard trip pretty soon? Well hopefully you will read, like and share this bad boy out first before you head to the slopes.

How Does Local Business Listings Mountain Work?

Glad you asked! Imagine this mountain is like a pyramid (not much of a stretch right?). The most popular or valuable online business directories and local business listings websites are located at the top and go down by popularity the further you go down the mountain. The strategy here is to add or claim business listings from the top and work, ski or tumble your way down.

Where Did You Get The Rankings From?

Another great question, glad you asked! The rankings are from the Top 100 Online Business Directories study. The sites are ranked from 1-100 plus 20 bonus honorable mention sites, just because we like going that extra mile for our readers :). The clouds denote that the listings sites after that go on and on and on… because they do. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of local business directories out there.

Our Mountain is Built Atop Tons of Data

The site rankings in the local business listings mountain were determined by Alexa ranking data, domain authority data and SimilarWeb data. We have factored in the best of the best in the local business directories arena by local US traffic, bounce rates, domain authority and more. While it is important for local directory listings to also bring citation benefits for SEO purposes, it should also do what business listings were made to do in the first place, back when we all fanned through those huge printed yellow pages: actually find and locate business listing information.

Pointers for Navigating Down Business Listings Mountain

Compasses: The compass legend on the left denotes whether a local business directory is either one or more of: a social media site, search engine, review site, internet yellow pages/directory, niche site or other (other as in it is a rebel and doesn’t quite fit in one of those category). This can help you in the decision process as to whether a listing site has reviews, for instance, and you would like the capability to have and respond to reviews on said local business listings site.

However, if the site requires a business to pay for a listing and the business would rather look for free business listings options, we recommend using the mountain in conjunction with the Top 100 Online Business Directories blog or eBook to get the scoop or “411” (get it?) on the business listings site and whether it is a good fit for a business.

Mountain Tiers: You can see on Local Business Listings Mountain that there are several different layers of sites. We have segregated the top sites by these tiers to indicate primary, secondary, tertiary,... (what goes after tertiary?) tiers to help indicate the strength of the quality. Just as a business should tackle the top sites and work their way down, they can also strategize by prioritizing tiers of sites or groupings.

The Yetti/Sasquatch: Just for fun, there’s a hidden easter egg in the form of a delightful Yetti/Snow Sasquatch. Can you find him amongst the top local business listings sites?

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[Infographic] Local Business Listings Mountain

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