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  • White-label software company that builds and curates a sales and marketing platform of digital business solutions for sale by channel partners to their small and medium business (SMB) clients.
    -Vendasta is the #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses.
  • Canadian-based business known for its rapid growth, innovative development, and a team that puts the ‘fun’ in ‘high functioning digital marketing automation’.
    -“You work at Vendasta? Cool! I hear that’s a fun place to work!”


  • Incredibly efficient and useful.
  • Causing immediate calm and sureness.
    -“This software is so Vendastic. I can finally scale my marketing agency!”

Who is Vendasta for?

Vendasta provides an end-to-end platform used exclusively by companies who sell products and services to small and medium businesses, such as:


  • Marketing Agencies
  • Broadcasters
  • Publishers
  • Directories
  • Banks
  • Telecoms
  • Financial Institutions, and more.


Through the Vendasta Platform and its wholesale Marketplace, the SMB-serving companies become cloud brokerages, generating recurring revenue through the sale of SaaS productivity and martech solutions. They are able to instantly provision, market, sell, deliver, bill, and provide reporting for their SMB clients. In turn, SaaS vendors and developers of SMB products receive access to Vendasta’s 1.3 million SMBs through its 10,000+ cloud broker partners.

Our Mission

To be the #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses.

Our Vision

To be the single source of truth for local business.

Our Core Values


A committed persistence to win nurtured by a culture of fun and challenging work


Creatively capitalizing on emerging technologies and deep industry knowledge


Honoring teamwork partnerships and collaboration


Fearlessly pursuing continual improvement

SMBs face a complex marketing landscape

In the past, small and medium-size businesses had a simple list of marketing channels. Today, they face a complex landscape of digital media, and they need a single agency of record to manage their marketing. That’s where our partnership comes in.

Agencies and media companies face fierce competition

Agencies and media companies face fierce competition

The average SMB gets thirty-nine calls a week from marketing providers, and the changing digital landscape makes it difficult to keep up. To eliminate vendor clutter, Vendasta offers a growing marketplace of white-label tools, providing a one-stop-shop for all of the marketing solutions you want to sell.

The Vendasta Advantage

We’ve been collecting data about local businesses for years, and we know a lot about them. Listings, reviews, social mentions—you name it.

  • Leverage data to create personalized campaigns that drive down your cost of acquisition
  • Get unbeatable support, marketing collateral and training
  • Know that we’ll never compete with you directly
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Who uses Vendasta?

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