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Our core purpose is to drive local economies.

What does Vendasta do?

Vendasta’s platform empowers agencies and media companies to grow their sales of marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Our system identifies hot leads who are interested in the products you offer and allows you to provide scalable tools at the right price and service model when businesses are ready-to-buy.

To fuel this sales engine, we offer a growing marketplace of resellable solutions, including reputation and listings management, social marketing, review generation, beacons and more.

Who is Vendasta for?

Vendasta’s platform helps any size of company—from small marketing agencies to large media corporations—sell digital solutions to local businesses. Our partners include national agencies, radio and TV stations, newspapers, Internet yellow pages, pure play digital companies and more.


To be the most intelligent, data driven
platform for local businesses.


To be the single source of truth for
local businesses.

SMBs face a complex marketing landscape

In the past, small and medium-size businesses had a simple list of marketing channels. Today, they face a complex landscape of digital media, and they need a single agency of record to manage their marketing. That’s where our partnership comes in.

Agencies and media companies face fierce competition

The average SMB gets thirty-nine calls a week from marketing providers, and the changing digital landscape makes it difficult to keep up. To eliminate vendor clutter, Vendasta offers a growing marketplace of white-label tools, providing a one-stop-shop for all of the marketing solutions you want to sell.

The Vendasta Advantage

We’ve been collecting data about local businesses for years, and we know a lot about them. Listings, reviews, social mentions—you name it.

  • Leverage data to create personalized campaigns that drive down your cost of acquisition
  • Get unbeatable support, marketing collateral and training
  • Know that we’ll never compete with you directly


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