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Managing Multi-Location Business Accounts: The Key to Growing Your Agency


For a single Facebook post, a brand manager must select the perfect image, pair it with a message that makes an impact, consider the audience receiving that message, determine the best time of day to publish that post and finally, select the best call to action to line up with their digital marketing strategy.

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Now imagine having to go through this exact same process 100 times, managing content for the accounts of franchise locations in various markets across a country.

Managing social media accounts for brands with many locations is time consuming, costly and difficult to scale. The latest updates made to Vendasta’s Multi-Location Business App lets agencies create and schedule location-specific social content for hundreds of locations in the same time it takes to post to a single account. Improved reporting makes cross-location comparison easy and updates give agencies more opportunity to scale with new and existing customers.

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Scalable Solutions 

Through the Multi-location Business App, agencies and their clients can now:

  • Post to multi-location Facebook pages in one go using an easy-to-use social composer
  • Maintain brand consistency and automatically customize posts in each location through dynamic content and easy customization
  • Get a high-level overview of their overall brand, or drill-down to analyze how each location is performing

“This is a real no-brainer. There is an enormous amount of competition with outside providers and technology developers,” says Vendasta Partner and Principal at Creative Canvas Media, Inc. Cathy Poturny. “We have to be able to demonstrate a dynamic and ever-improving platform that is worth the time, manpower and financial outlay. The more user-friendly the better.” 

With a background in marketing Poturny currently manages the digital solutions for a bank with dozens of branch locations and recognizes value in the new multi-location posting tools.   

“The new release is such a big step in the right direction. The ability to segment by pre-defined markets is extremely important,” Poturny says. “Because our business is adaptable and scalable, we can focus on the nuances of a small business owner’s target audience, successfully change gears to increase audience reach, and maximize optimization for our multi-location financial institution’s overarching digital platform.” 

How New Multi-Location Features Work 

The updates give users the ability to post on Facebook to all brand locations at once or select specific locations by group, geography or individual locations. The new changes also allow users to input dynamic content fields within the post, like the business name, city and phone number, which will auto-populate with the corresponding location’s information on the social platform side. 

Managing Multi-Location Business Accounts social media management example (1)

Once an agency gets that experience of managing a multi-location brand they recognize it's potential and seek out those clients more and more. An agency rep does the same amount of work for one client with one location as you would for one client with 30 locations,” says Vendasta Product Marketing Manager Cam Adraincem. “Let's say you want to acquire, do fulfillment and manage a multi-location brand. The amount of work that goes into it is basically the same as if you were working with a single brand. So it's a way for us to help our partners ramp up their business by securing these accounts.”

“Managing the social voice of a brand through multiple regions can be a time-consuming, manual process and it just doesn’t have to be,” says Ed O’Keefe, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Vendasta Marketplace. “Brand managers can now ensure their locations have a consistent voice, while still allowing local businesses to edit for regional nuances.”

Agencies and their clients can also take a deep dive into data and view how the brand is performing overall. Updated reporting also allows users to easily compare performance between different locations.


Managing Multi-Location Business Accounts social stats
“When our partners are providing excellent service to these brands and a business sees success with them, they're going to stick with that partner. As these businesses scale, it’s hard for our agencies to continue managing them, especially if they're doing promotions left and right, or campaigns that they need to implement for all branches. So this really will help our partners save time and make monitoring a breeze by easily comparing each location,” 

Brand Management Bottom Line

“Anything that agency owners like me can do to increase the number of solutions a client can easily deploy and use is a marketing win-win. But more importantly, we need to be able to communicate the value-added service that may not necessarily lead to ROI but will provide metrics for: likes, shares, reach, engagement, organic traffic, emails, phone calls, texts, requests for information, and appointments. All are measurable gold,” Poturny says.

“It's not easy managing these locations, especially if you have many areas to monitor, like their listings, reputation, and social media. There's just so much that goes into it. With a multi-location business app, we're wanting to save our partners time, allowing them to look in one place for everything that they need when managing these locations. It's not just for social media. It really enables all management through one place,” Adraincem says. 

All multi-location features, including the new social media composer, are available with any paid Vendasta platform and Social Marketing subscription at no additional cost. 

Visit our website and book a demo to learn more about Social Marketing’s multi-location composer.

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Nicole Lauzon is a Content Marketing Manager at Vendasta and has spent the last decade of her career helping local businesses tell their stories. Kickstarting her professional journey as a writer and producer for a major Canadian television network, Nicole would later spend five years as a PR Agency Creative Director, managing brand journalism, social media, blog and video content for corporate, non-profit and local business clients. Whether Nicole is marinating over her next piece of writing or enjoying some down time with her family, she likes doing it in floral print.

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