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How to generate leads and power sales productivity with Yesware


Eighty percent of sales require five follow-up calls after the meeting; however, 44 percent of sales reps give up after only one follow-up (Marketing Donut). Sales prospecting and learning how to generate leads is more critical than ever for agencies looking to scale this year.

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At our most recent Conquer Local Connect event, Darren Zawada, Operations Manager with demandDrive, and Bradley Fishman, Managing Partner with Manhattan Venture Partners shared their expertise on how to generate leads online with Yesware.

At the event, Yesware was released to all Vendasta partners on current paid plans, giving users the power to execute meaningful email outreach at scale. In this blog, we summarize the tips and strategies Zawada and Fishman have implemented to elevate their email prospecting, leveraging a sales engagement tool trusted by 6000+ sales teams.


Can you share insights on how to generate leads and your organization's approach to prospecting in the digital age?

“demandDrive's approach is all about taking the opportunity to personalize at scale. At a time when the industry was shifting toward more email-heavy cadencing, we took a more personal approach to show prospects we’re doing the research,” Zawada says.

“When you're reaching out to the right person, they can be confident you're reaching out with a purpose. Yesware has been a great tool for helping us do that at scale.”

How have you leveraged technology to generate leads online and connect with the right stakeholders that contribute to your revenue growth?

"Manhattan Venture Partners has been a heavily technology-oriented organization since inception. And as a financial services firm with a focus on mid-to-late stage venture, our objective has been to be very targeted in our approach," Fishman says.

“We start with how we research and identify stakeholders and then serve a proper outbound message to them that caters to their needs, tells our message, and provides a process to bring them from top of the funnel to bottom. For us, conversions are often very high quality and high revenue generating with a long-term customer lifetime value.”

Bradley Fishman

Managing Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners

What areas of sales outreach would you have struggled with had you not implemented Yesware?

“Yesware has armed our reps with the information they need to generate leads online, reach out at the right time to the right people, and free up some of their time to provide more personalization into their approach. We apply the data around open and reply rates to our subject lines and email bodies to get more replies, which leads to more meetings,” Zawada says.

“Yesware has been in our firm's DNA since inception. It's been transformational in terms of building the foundation of our outbound prospecting and customer outreach program. Being able to have the right template at the right time for the right interaction brings meaningful levels of efficiency in terms of our day-to-day,” Fishman says.

When it comes to fine tuning how to generate leads online, how would you describe the value that Yesware has brought to your organization?

“The shift from reactive to proactive outreach is exceptionally meaningful. When we're talking to investors, they want to be top of mind and know that you're thinking of them. So if those notifications are happening once or twice a month, it's hugely valuable,” Fishman says.

“For our team, building the campaigns frees up time. Having that automated function working in the background on our behalf has been integral for identifying sellers and investors who actually appreciate a consistent, targeted outreach. At the same time, it’s not too aggressive and it’s timed appropriately.”

“Yesware gives managers insight into the templates that their reps are using, what's working, and what's not. They can also give constructive criticism by going into those templates that aren't performing and working with reps to improve them. This enables reps to take that next step to make their emails a more productive touch with a potential prospect.”

Darren Zawada

Operations Manager, demandDrive

“Beyond that, it's helped with training. If we have a specific client that a new rep is joining, we can get them up to speed quickly by having more senior reps on that team share their templates that are working. This helps introduce the new rep into the industry they're going to be calling into,” Zawada says.

How much of a role does data play in guiding your sales strategies and learning around how to generate leads?

“Yesware data has been critical for providing market intelligence back to our clients as far as which messages are resonating and which aren't. Being able to do A/B tests quickly and efficiently with the cadencing tools, comparing the two, has been great,” Zawada says.

“What you do with that data ultimately is on you as an organization. We've hired a product manager to aggregate and look at all of our data sets. This will further our knowledge base of what our data means and how we're utilizing it,” Fishman says.

The value of Yesware, shared by two super-users

Zawada and Fishman share their high-level summaries on the value Yesware has brought to their organizations:

“Consistent messaging and brand, layered in efficiency,” Fishman says.

“Personalizing at scale, and arming our reps and managers with the information and tools that can help them succeed,” Zawada says.

Frequently asked questions

How to generate leads for a digital marketing company?

Email outreach is one of the best ways to generate leads for a digital marketing company. The right email software can help you outbound prospect and generate leads at scale.

What does generate leads mean?

Generating leads means attracting potential customers who may have an interest in buying your products or services.

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