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Business case study highlights: Top 5 Vendasta case studies of 2022


Hey ya’ll, Vendasta Content Marketing Manager Nicole Lauzon here. Typically I wouldn’t venture out and be this forward with you, but this roundup of business case study partners is a special case. Over the past two years, I have had the immense privilege of sitting down with Vendasta’s leading partners to better understand their formulas for success, what makes them tick, and how they are serving local businesses to help them succeed online.

What do hundreds of agencies say about the challenges they face and how to solve them? Download the insights report “Challenges agencies face” to find out.

These stories have been documented in our ongoing series of customer case studies to the benefit of countless other agency owners and B2B sellers out there looking to achieve success in a highly competitive digital landscape.

I’ve spent more than a decade of my career coming up through broadcast journalism and then the agency world where I learned about the fundamental drive that fuels the passion of these agency owners. It was never about the revenue, or the products sold, or the prospects in their sales pipeline. Agencies are businesses, and those factors are important, but at the foundation of it all was their expertise and passion that could make a difference for local economies.

These agency owners are beacons of light to small and medium businesses (SMBs) so desperately searching for education, support, and guidance through all things digital. These agency owners understand that by supporting local businesses, the ones sponsoring little leagues or creating part-time work for our teenagers, they are lifting up whole communities.

As this year comes to close, it is with immense pleasure that I get to share highlights from a few of those local agency heroes. Here are the stories from our top 5 Vendasta business case study partners in 2022.

1. Scaling to $1 million in revenue with a 100% retention rate | SocialJack Media

SocialJack Media is a digital agency based in New Jersey that was founded by Jack Pires in 2017. The company's mission is to provide local businesses with access to digital marketing services to help them thrive and become a key part of a strong economy. To achieve this goal, SocialJack Media partnered with Vendasta as their agency management software in 2018 to gain access to the tools and products needed to help local businesses succeed.

As a result, SocialJack Media has experienced sustainable growth, with annual revenue reaching $1 million, compared to $175,000 in its first year of operation. The company's client roster now spans 15 verticals, including legal, real estate, and hospitality, and its client retention rate sits at an impressive 100 percent. Pires's projects that revenue will triple by 2025.

Read the SocialJack Media business case study here.

2. Accelerating to $751K in annual revenue with Vendasta |  Janice Christopher Marketing Agency

Janice Christopher is the founder of the Janice Christopher Marketing Agency and has over 30 years of experience in sales and brand management. In 2007, she founded her agency. Since then, it has evolved over time to become a full-service digital agency to meet client demand.

However, as the business grew, Christopher realized she needed help to keep up with the demand and maintain her one-to-one approach with clients. She began working with Vendasta to find a way to scale her business while still maintaining the individual needs of each client. By using Vendasta's sales intelligence Snapshot Report and white-label software marketplace, Christopher was able to show prospective clients the gaps in their online presence and offer tailored solutions to solve for them. Vendasta Marketing Services, our white-label digital marketing agency, also allowed Christopher to fulfill client needs with the help of a team, rather than doing it all on her own.

Since working with Vendasta, the Janice Christopher Marketing Agency now realizes more than $750K in annual recurring revenue serving hundreds of local businesses along the way.

Read the Janice Christopher Marketing Agency business case study here.

3. Agency experts in law firm SEO pull in $1.6M in ARR | Growth Lab

Will Palmer is the founder and CEO of Growth Lab, a marketing and internet advertising company that specializes in law firm marketing. When Growth Lab partnered with Vendasta, they were seeking powerful automation tools, SEO white-label services, and an all-in-one platform to provide their clients with transparency and white-label seo reports into their results.

Leveraging Vendasta's technology, Growth Lab has been able to streamline processes and increase efficiency, leading to a 97 percent account retention rate. Growth Lab has also seen significant growth in their business, with annual recurring revenue increasing from $78,000/yr to $1,600,000/yr, the number of clients served increasing from 3 to 39. Growth Lab has implemented thousands of legal marketing campaigns to help their clients achieve their growth goals.

Read the Growth Lab business case study here.

4. Digital agency goes from start-up to $250,000 in annual revenue | Giving Tree Media

Giving Tree Media is a digital agency based in New Orleans, Louisiana, that specializes in building websites and providing search engine optimization services to local businesses. When founder Matt Ainsworth partnered with Vendasta in March 2020, his goals were to resell services to achieve positive cash flow, add one new local business client per month, boost productivity, and generate $100,000 in revenue in 2020.

With the help of Vendasta, Matt was able to create a website and social media profiles for Giving Tree Media, pitch to prospects using the Vendasta Snapshot Report, and expand his services to include website development, digital advertising, and social media management.

Matt also secured a large local insurance company as a client by creating a custom package to fit their needs and budget. Finally, Matt was able to automate onboarding emails and customer billing functions to optimize his processes and spend more time with clients and leads. As a result, Matt's monthly revenue grew from under $10,000 to over $20,000 blowing past his growth goals.

Read the Giving Tree Media business case study here.

5. Online marketing agency doubles revenue in one year with Vendasta | Insights Media Solutions

Insights Media Solutions is an online marketing agency founded in 2012 by Annette Reid Blaylock. Based in California, the agency primarily serves local businesses with under 50 employees, offering white-label marketing fulfillment and comprehensive solutions for their online presence.

After partnering with Vendasta for fulfillment, Blaylock also leveraged the company's onboarding, training, support, and resources for her growing sales team. She credits Vendasta with helping to scale the business, allowing her employees to become "Snapshot Ninjas" using the Snapshot Report sales intelligence tool to guide prospects through the sales funnel and achieve a fantastic average basket size of 7.13 products. Insights Media Solutions has also seen an incredible 267% growth in annual recurring revenue.

Get the Insights Media Solutions case study here.

Scale your agency with Vendasta

These agencies have achieved incredible results with one common thread: the local businesses they so passionately serve. If you are looking to grow your agency and want to find out more about how some of our most successful local heroes have done it, you can read more case studies.

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