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How to Become a Cloud Broker

“The cloud” changed everything in how we do business, especially B2B. Industry powerhouses are no longer safe within the confines of their industry walls. Traditional media companies should fear telecommunications companies. Marketing agencies should fear financial companies. The cloud is unleashing an onslaught of change on industry walls, and standing on top of the rubble will be the cloud broker. Here’s how to become a cloud broker.

Why Become a Cloud Broker? 

“A cloud broker is any B2B organization that provides multiple cloud products/services to their business clients.”

Why become one? Simple, you want to win, and you need to win if you want to survive the cloud evolution.

And winning is not so easily defined as it once was. Being one of the top dogs within your industry is no small feat. But, how about being a top dog that transcends industry?

66% of businesses want to deal with only one solution provider and 51% of businesses that purchase solutions from B2B providers are already making the switch to a cloud broker. A one-stop shop for all of their needs. Single sign-in, single payment. Reduced costs, increased productivity. It’s an easy decision for most businesses—go where you can get the most value in a single stop.

You are equipped to better deliver this value.

Becoming a cloud broker enables a business of any B2B background to add new solutions to existing offerings and penetrate new markets with ease. Here’s how.

How do I Become a Cloud Broker at Scale?

Whether you belong to the telecommunications sector, the financial sector, the traditional media sector, the tech sector, the agency marketing sector, or the broadcast sector, you have the potential to become a cloud broker—and do it at scale. You simply need to adopt a re-brandable cloud broker platform. It works like this.

1. Build from Without, Not from Within

It starts with you. What needs are you currently meeting for your business clients? Now, consider what needs other industries are meeting for those same clients? This is your market opportunity. 

Now you have 2 choices: build new solutions internally, or leverage existing solutions and vendor relationships to meet those needs. Your clients need solutions to meet sales needs, business operations needs, finance needs, marketing needs, custom development needs, and so much more.

But building SaaS solutions internally takes time and massive amounts of capital—two resources that you cannot afford to lose. 

Build from without using a cloud solutions partner that can enable you to do it all, with the flexibility to do it your own way, all under your own brand. That’s how Vendasta works; providing you the ability to build your business on a white-label platform to create a custom offering unlike anything else on the market.

2. Adopt Solutions that Fit Your Business

You have a core line of product and service offerings. You need more if you want to win. But you also have a brand that your clients identify with, and you cannot risk tarnishing your reputation by adding solutions that dilute your brand value.

So don’t.

Vendasta’s white-label Marketplace enables B2B organizations like yours to pick and package the solutions that best align with your brand, so that you can meet new needs without having a negative impact on your reputation.

3. Leverage Marketing Automation to Help You Sell

You’re damn good at selling your core product/service offering—but how are you expected to just start selling all of these unfamiliar new products? 

Vendasta provides cloud brokers with powerful marketing automation and AI driven campaigns. Leap over the hump in your marketing and sales training with a platform that’s built to instantly enable your teams with the resources and expertise they need to sell.

4. Business Cannibalization? Meet Business App

If you’re worried about cannibalizing your core business by adding new solutions to the mix, fear not. Vendasta’s open-source Business App enables B2B’s to easily integrate all existing product and service solutions into one location. Then you can easily plug and play dozens of additional solutions straight from the Vendasta Marketplace.

More solutions + business alignment + single client sign-in = better client relationships, and an opportunity to sell more of what you’re already selling. Give your clients what they want, a single place to consume and use solutions to meet their business needs.

5. Scale Staffing with a White-label Agency

More solutions requires more staffing, right? Not necessarily. 

At Vendasta, we understand that not all of our cloud broker partners have the ability to scale their staffing to meet new solution demands. That’s where our white-label services team comes in. Our internal team can easily pick up work that you might need to outsource while scaling up internal staffing, or they can continue to work with you and be your subject matter and fulfillment experts as you grow and expand.

Become a Cloud Broker with Vendasta

Vendasta is the leading cloud broker platform for B2B sellers, enabling businesses like yours to start instantly and complete the cloud broker evolution in a short period of time.  The above process has enabled numerous Vendasta partners, such as Comporium Media Services, to catapult themselves into new markets and uncover new streams of revenue, while simultaneously building stronger relationships with their existing clients.

Are you going to take refuge behind the walls of industry, or are you going to gear up and take the fight to the cloud?

Become a cloud broker today with Vendasta!

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