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Research shows that responding to a sales lead in a timely manner is critical in the effort to convert. Waiting longer than five minutes to respond to a prospect request for information typically results in an 80 percent decrease in lead qualification. A key in responding to leads is having the notifications show up in a visible place for your sales team. Think of the time saved if sales can see the notification more quickly. Ideally, with that saved time your sales team will be able to respond to a larger number of ready to convert leads. This means huge potential for more closes.

According to Qualified, the average time it takes a sales team to respond to an inbound B2B lead is 42 hours. The new Hot Leads Notifications feature of the Vendasta white-label platform helps agencies working with Vendasta respond more quickly to leads that are ready to convert. Hot leads show SMB clients that are active within the Vendasta white-label platform, performing activities such as clicking an executive report, reaching out, or looking at the store. It’s every salesperson’s dream to be notified when a lead becomes sales qualified.

Learn more about lead response time and how it affects your sales by reading “5 Minutes or Less: Risk and Reward in Lead Response Time” - Brock Andony.

The problem we’re solving

A consumer shopping online might require assistance with a purchase, and if they don’t receive help within minutes they’re likely to go move on to a competitor. Shoppers simply won’t wait around for you when there are so many other similar options available. 

Sales teams often don’t respond to hot leads simply because they are not alerted properly. During a typical day on the sales floor, a team member juggles a number of important sales activities, and can easily miss a hot lead coming to them from various sources. Why not make it easier on them with a tool that provides higher visibility of qualified leads right in front of them? Qualified lead notifications will help in alerting a sales team member before that lead decides to move on to a competitor.

According to Chili Piper, the speed of your lead response can make or break your close rate. In order for a salesperson to be timely in their response, they need to first see a notification that pings them if someone is interested in the product or service. Then it’s up to them to answer as quickly as they can, ideally within those precious five minutes.

Opportunities created by customer action alerts

Previously an email was sent as an alert to a hot lead, in addition to an update made on the account itself. A new feature in the Vendasta platform now adds an immediate pop-up notification within the “bell” icon on their sales dashboard. It’s similar to the notifications function on a social media platform. 

The notification feature:

  1. Improves sales response time to notifications
    1. The notification bell is an immediate and prominent alert that decreases time spent going through emails and individual accounts.  
  2. Improves the number of people responding to notifications
    1. Notifications of hot leads coming from three different sources make it more likely that a lead will be seen and be immediately responded to.

“We felt that by increasing the number of places that partners are getting pinged, it gives them a better chance to see the hot leads. As a result, you have a higher chance of responding quicker, which leads to more sales.”

Dom Lerullo

Product Manager, Vendasta

Lead notification and prospect activity

The lead notification feature will help to significantly decrease the average response time of a salesperson reaching out to a new prospect. According to Lerullo, although you can’t control how many prospects decide to reach out for more information, it is now possible to better notify the sales team that a prospect has reached out. It will allow your sales team to respond much faster to those hot leads.

Learn more about the Ecommerce Hot Leads Notification feature here.

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