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The 7 WordPress SEO Plugins: Your New Local Stack


I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me perked up like talking about WordPress plugins—especially SEO plugins.

Mona Lisa Sadface

So maybe that’s a slight exaggeration of my true feelings, but nonetheless, the right WordPress SEO plugins are going to be key to the success of your infrastructure on WordPress. Why? Because what’s the point in having a masterfully crafted website if no-one can see it

That would kind of be like hanging the Mona Lisa in your broom closet…


Online visibility is the be all and end all when it comes to surviving this growing digital climate, especially for businesses that are focused on selling local.

There’s actually a joke that we love to toss around here at Vendasta:

All kidding aside, this is very much becoming a reality. Fortunately for local businesses, there are a number of SEO plugins available that can help you get noticed by the right people, at the right times.

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The SEO Problem

Wait… I thought that finding the right SEO plugin was my problem?

You’re close. Everyone wants the one plugin that is going to single-handedly cuddle their site up against that ever-desirable Google search bar. Although this result is possible, the reality is that the SEO market is becoming an increasingly competitive and saturated one. This context makes it more important than ever to have a better structured and optimized website with a search engine friendly hierarchy so that you can set yourself apart, and be ranked above your competition. Much to your dismay, that may involve a bit of a plugin stack.  

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The Essential SEO Plugin Stack

Whether you're building sites for clients, or your own business, mastering SEO will be the key to growing and sustaining a strong online presence.  Fortunately, we know how to get you there.

Our resident SEO magic-maker, Jubaer Prodhan—We call him “The Man with Magic Mouse” (kidding, no one actually calls him that)—has taken the liberty of breaking the on-page SEO puzzle into 7 critical pieces. Then, in collaboration with experts from around the globe, we have compiled the top plugin contenders in each of these areas.    

To start, you NEED an overall on-site SEO plugin to cover the basics, such as: meta tags, sitemaps, robots, etc. Then, there are an additional 6 complementary sections for plugins that will offer that competitive edge that you’re looking for:

SEO Plugin Stack
The order of this pyramid is consistent across nearly all verticals, with the exception of those in the financial industry.  As pictured above, security would be a much higher priority than other factors - for fairly obvious reasons…

It is true that it’s a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to plugins and website speed, being that the shear volume of plugins being used will have an impact on the website speed. However, by using the right stack to build your SEO, the benefits will outweigh the harms. Therefore, mastering this pyramid might allow your website to endure thousands of years, just like the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Okay... that might be a lie, but it will sure help.

7 Best WordPress On Page SEO Plugins

1. On-site SEO Plugins

We may as well start at the base of our pyramid, because an on-site SEO plugin will be the foundation of your infrastructure. For your convenience, we narrowed it down to only 2 contenders, Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack.

These 2 plugins have both been around for a decade already, and are still at the top of the food chain.

Yoast SEO

Price: Free with Paid Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

Through walk-throughs and advanced settings, Yoast is the one stop shop for beginners and experts alike. Featuring sitemaps, title and meta descriptions, and the ability to connect Google Search Console, this plugin does everything to please users and search engine spiders alike.

With built in content and SEO analysis, Yoast can also ensure that your content is always killer (in Google’s eyes as well as prospect's eyes). By upgrading to premium, you also gain access to a local SEO extension which adds a local schema markup to your web pages.  Other premium features include video and news extensions.

Yoast is the household name when it comes to WordPress SEO. Trusted by industry leading companies and mom & pop shops alike, Yoast consistently proves that it is able to stay relevant in the ever changing world of SEO. It's more recent update, walks the user through a step-by-step process to allow them to easily optimize many of the on-page best practices, without having to worry about forgetting. If you are looking for a free tool to handle most of the on-page optimization relatively easily, then you cannot go wrong with Yoast.

David Boni

CEO , Pilot Digital

Yoast SEO
Key Features:

  • Most used SEO plugin on market with 5M+ active installs
  • Thousands of daily downloads
  • Effectively combines content and SEO
  • Uses JSON_LD for local
  • 5 star-rating across nearly 20,000 reviews on WordPress.org

All In One SEO Pack

Price: Free with Paid Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

All In One SEO Pack is the original SEO plugin that works out-of-the-box for beginners with  advanced features for developers. XML sitemaps, and overridable meta descriptions/keywords allow users to to optimize their SEO efforts.

This plugin is also highly durable being that it is translated into 57 languages and works well with a variety of other plugins. All in One provides local SEO recommendations and keyword ranking for users as well.

One WP plugin I can’t live without on my clients local business sites is the All In One SEO Agency Toolbox.

In addition to offering local SEO recommendations for your on page, it also tracks your rankings for the keywords you are interested in. Also it will suggest SEO opportunities that you should be optimizing your site for.

Rob Boirun

CEO, The Reviewster Network

All-in-One SEO for wordpress
Key Features:

  • The ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
  • Over 3M active installs
  • 4.5 star-rating across 500+ reviews on WordPress.org

The On-site SEO Winner

Yoast SEO. Industry experts and Vendastians all agree that Yoast is essentially the modern-day standard when it comes to WordPress SEO plugins. The free version will accommodate users of all levels of expertise and ensure all of your bases are covered.

The Best SEO plugins

2. Mobile Website Optimization Plugins

This SEO factor earned itself a priority seat due to the fact that Google is now favoring outlets that are running on AMP code. Google announced just last month, January 2018, that it would begin prioritizing pages with fast mobile loading speed in their search algorithm. What this means is that mobile optimization will now be a high ranking factor in every sites overall SEO performance on Google.

This makes it more critical than ever to have your sites optimized for mobile. Considering that the majority of browsing these days is conducted from mobile devices, it just makes sense.  

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AMP for WordPress

Price: Free!

Elevator Pitch:

Ever get frustrated when you’re trying to look something up on your phone and it takes 3 full days to load? We all lead pretty busy lives, and just don’t have time for that nonsense.  

By using AMP for WordPress, you can insure that your prospects never give up hope as a result of a slow mobile site. By creating AMP content, which Google is now factoring into SEO rankings, this plugin caters to the needs of major AMP consumers such as Google Search.

Since Google is favoring news outlets and blogs running on AMP code, many of us giving more attention to this platform. It looks like it will only grow in 2018.

Ryan Wagner

Founder, Bespoke Edge

Key Features:

  • Built by WordPress, not a third party, so compatibility is not a concern
  • Many 1 star reviews, and a 3.5 star overall rating on WordPress.org
  • 200,000+ active installs (best in class)

AMP for WP

Price: Also free!

Elevator Pitch:

These guys also spared no creativity in terms of naming themselves, but I guess that there’s no harm in getting to the point either…

AMP for WP is pretty straight-forward, and simply adds AMP functionality to your WordPress site to improve mobile site speed through search engines (like Google!).

Key Features:

  • 100,000+ active installations
  • 4.5 star user rating on WordPress.org (best in class)
  • Yoast (and other SEO) plugin integration

The Mobile Optimization Winner

AMP for WP (the latter—these 2 are damn confusing). The reality is that both of these plugins are going to meet your mobile optimization needs, but it just feels like AMP for WordPress (the loser) has not put as much effort into customer satisfaction. Installs are declining and 1 star ratings on WordPress.org almost pair those of the 5 stars; which might be cause for some concern, ex:

Not what you want to see…
Best SEO plugins

3. Broken Link Plugins

Links are kind of like family photos—sometimes they just go bad. Pages can be deleted, a site that you link to may vanish, or someone might move a post or page without updating others. These actions can all cause broken links.

And there is NOTHING worse than hitting a “404 Page not found” when you’re trying to find a new photographer for your family pictures.  

By managing broken links on your site, you can mitigate user frustrations, questions of credibility, lost conversions, and damage to your SEO ranking. Yes, broken links factor quite heavily into your SEO ranking.

Broken Link Checker

Price: Free!

Elevator Pitch:

Broken Link Checker scans your posts, pages, comments, blogs, and custom fields to detect links that don’t work, images that may be missing, and link redirects. This parsing can take some time as it verifies each and every link tied to your site. Once completed, it will present you with a list of broken links so that you can manage redirects and prevent prospects and customers from losing interest or losing track of you.

A great method to monitoring your website, posts, pages and more for broken links. Assuring links and redirects work properly improves SEO and the user experience.

Carmine Mastropierro

SEO Guru

Key Features:

  • Has not been updated in 6 months…customer service?
  • 500,000+ active installs (by far best in class)
  • 4 star rating across nearly 400 reviews on WordPress.org
  • Offered in 30 languages

The Broken Link Winner

Only one candidate, and only one winner. Use this plugin, it will save your customers and prospects a lot of headache, and it will help optimize your overall SEO.

Best SEO Plugin for broken links

4. Speed Plugins

Page speed is a huge factor in search rankings because it a huge factor in user experience. Google recommends pages load in less than a half second, and that’s not always easy to achieve.

To tie into the above AMP category, this element has actually never been more important with Google recently announcing that page speed is now a ranking factor for mobile searching (where most searches occur).

I have offered up 2 site caching alternatives that will have a substantial impact on site load times, particularly with high volumes of traffic.

WP Fastest Cache

Price: Free, the best price.

Elevator Pitch:

With most of the functionality automated, and active page statistics, the WP Fastest Cache plugin is very user friendly. It creates a static html file so that high quantities of traffic do not produce slow render times on your site, and offers numerous options for managing cached files. It also comes with minify html and CSS options so that users can decrease the size of pages and CSS files.

Key Features:

  • Does not yet support WordPress Multisite
  • 5 star rating and over 500,000 active installations
  • Offered in 17 languages

W3 Total Cache

Price: Free, always.

Elevator Pitch:

W3 Total Cache improves SEO and user experience by reducing download times and increasing performance. W3 comes with a host of caching options, minification features, as well as various security features. It also offers improved server performance to help weather those high traffic periods.  

A great plugin to speed up your website by caching your web pages and minifying Javascript and CSS files. The faster your website is, the better for your SEO.
Gregory Golinski

SEO Outreach Executive, YourParkingSpace

Key Features:

  • Only 9 out of 108 issues resolved in the past 2 months
  • 4.5 star rating and over 1 million active installs (best in class)
  • Used by many large companies such as AT&T

The Speed Winner

This is actually a really tough one. I am going to crown W3 Total Cache as the victor for now due to the sheer volume of active users and the number of industry experts that swear by it. However, WP Fastest Cache is an excellent caching plugin, and is growing in popularity and downloads, so it would also make for a great alternative should you choose it.

Best SEO Plugin for speed

5. Security Plugins

As you saw in my lovely pyramid of plugins above, security is a factor that owns varying degrees of concern. If you are a financial institution or a related field of business, security will likely hold a much greater precedence in your site infrastructure.  

The primary impact of a security plugin for other business demographics is in regards to an SSL certificate (https). This certificate helps your site maintain rank on search providers and is rumored to become a requirement for google sites in the near future. An SSL certificate can also directly translate to growth in rank, while also encrypting user data - an essential component on many websites.

Besides, who wants to be hacked by some sneaky black hat spammer?

Wordfence Security

Price: Free with Premium Option

Elevator Pitch:

Wordfence Security was built for the specific application of WordPress sites. It includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner, as well as a Threat Defence Feed that insures that Wordfence is always up to date with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your site safe.

Security is the last thing that people want to care about (until they get hacked and then it's all they'll talk about for weeks). If you don't want your site to get hacked then Wordfence is almost mandatory. Protecting from brute force attacks, insights into login attempts to your site, and keeping you up to date if plugins make malicious changes to your site are all "out of the box" features that can make a huge difference for you. At the very least you should subscribe to their blog and skim the latest news on a weekly basis. If you run a WordPress agency and aren't keeping tabs on this stuff do yourself a favor today and sign up to their mailing list today!

Adam Bissonnette

Marketing Technologist, Vendasta

Key Features:

  • 2M+ active installs (best in class)
  • 5 star rating across over 3000 reviews on WordPress.org
  • User friendly feeds to monitor performance

The Security Winner

We decided to keep it simple on this one being that Wordfence Security is all around best in class. This plugin is a favorite by industry experts and Vendastians alike, so it will surely meet your firewall and malware needs in the free version—with the option to pay for premium as you grow.

The best seo plugin for security

6. Image Optimization

The images that you utilize on your site build can have a huge impact on user experience as well as click and conversion rates. However, it is critical that you don’t forget to use an image optimization plugin to reduce image sizes (often up to 50%), and therefore page sizes, to boost your SEO rankings by greatly increasing page speed and user-friendliness.

There are hundreds of compressors, but really only a couple in the runnings.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Price: Free with Pro Option

Elevator Pitch:

Smush, seems like a fitting name right? This plugin does the bulk of the heavy lifting for you, so you really don’t need to stress about a steep learning curve. Smush automatically cuts the size of all of the images on your site to provide speed and quality. It also now allows for image resizing and is compatible with numerous other plugins on the market.

Very often, images account for most of the downloaded bytes on a page which as a result can negatively impact how fast the pages of your website load.

Working towards improving your site’s page speed was always important to provide users with a better web experience and many people have found that faster pages both rank and convert better.

Camille le Goff

SEO Manager, Mash Media Australia

Key Features:

  • 5 star rating and over 1 million active installs (best in class)
  • Huge benefits for mobile speeds
  • Highest performance reserved for paying customers only


Price: Free with Paid Premium

Elevator Pitch:

ShortPixel is on this list as a result of its premium option in comparison to the other image optimizers on the market. This plugin will accomplish relatively the same as Smush, but nearly all of these image optimization plugins are drastically limited in the free versions.  

Therefore, if you find yourself growing, and in need of something more than what these free versions can offer, Short Pixel has one off the most affordable paid rates on the market, and will still reach upwards of 60% optimization.

ShortPixel is a life saver for websites that deal with hundreds of images. You can set it to auto optimize for all the future images and the bulk optimization feature can take care of all the previously uploaded images in one click. One thing I especially like about ShortPixel is that you can use your credit towards unlimited websites which is very helpful for agencies and people like me who deal with multiple websites.

Jubaer Prodhan

Search Marketing Specialist , Vendasta

Key Features:

  • They have resolved every single issue that has been reported to WordPress.org in the past 2 months (can somebody say customer service?)
  • 4.5 star rating across nearly 300 reviews
  • Also offers huge benefits for mobile site speeds
  • One click bulk optimization (major time saver)

The Image Optimization Winner

Being that I recognized each of these plugins for different benefits, they are both winners in their own light. Smush is a near unanimous favorite for basic free image optimization, and ShortPixel is a great alternative if you are ready to take that first step into the realm of “paid plugins,” but don’t necessarily want to invest the capital that Smush or many others require.


Best seo plugins for image optimization

7. Rich Snippet Plugins

What is a Rich Snippet?

Rich snippets are the fields that spice up your search result listing. You know those sites that have pictures and external ratings linked into their descriptions? There is less sorcery involved than you may have thought.

What’s special about this plugin is that you don't have to write any code what-so-ever (and if your coding is anything like mine, this is a major blessing). Rich Snippet plugins present fields that you fill in, and the plugin automatically generates the code and tags for you.

Many website developers might not consider rich snippets an important tool in terms of SEO, but I’ll tell you why this interaction is important. Although rich snippets do not directly help you rank, they do provide increased visual appeal to your SERP result as you approach that first page of google. This visual appeal will likely increase your click through rate (CTR) which will then cause you to rank higher in terms of SEO.

It's as simple as that.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Price: Free

Elevator Pitch:

Want to add review, event, product, recipe, video, article, or other schemas to your site snippet?  All In One Schema Rich Snippets makes it possible in a highly user-friendly format so that you can make your site more interactive and improve your click through rates.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a very useful WordPress plugin, especially for local business websites. It gives you the competitive advantages to make your SERP result more visual, structured, and compelling enough to increase CTR. The best part about this plugin is, it's not automated. This means that you can select which post-page to show in your rich snippet result and what information to highlight/add.

Jubaer Prodhan

Search Marketing Specialist, Vendasta

Key Features:

  • 70,000+ active installs (by far best in class)
  • 4.5 star rating across 100+ reviews on WordPress.org
  • Helps Facebook display proper information when users share your links on Facebook

The Rich Snippet Winner

I know, I did it again…to date, All in One Schema Rich Snippets has more or less monopolized the market, and is your best choice if you want to master all of the categories of our plugin pyramid.

Wordpress Seo Plugins
Oops, wrong one. Anyways, here is another podium, just for fun:
The best rich snippet plugin for wordpress

Conclusion (by the numbers)

We like to play this game here at Vendasta where we throw numbers up on the board and everyone guesses what they represent, so I thought I would help you share in the fun.

Your first number is:

Your number is 7
Okay, so you probably guessed this one. 7 is the number of plugins you are going to need to have a world class SEO optimized site. To make it even more clear, here is an infographic that depicts what the exact 7 are that we recommend you use:
Recommended plugins for seo WP
Feel free to print this off and hang it on your fridge, or frame it for your office for later reference.  I promise that I won’t sue you.
Your number is 1

This is the page of Google that you will find yourself on for the keywords that matter most to you if you follow the cues provided.

Here at Vendasta, we have a variety of products and services that may be helpful tools on your quest to conquer Google, some of which include: Website Pro (for WordPress hosting), as well as our Digital Agency (for digital fulfillment- such as outsourcing your website creation).

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