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Google’s New ‘Search Console Insights’ Help Track and Improve Your Content


How would you like to better track content?

Content is the key to making a profit for your business. It’s imperative to see how your content is performing so adjustments can be made. 

Google unveiled a new feature this summer called Search Console Insights that will make it easier than ever to track your content.

It collects all of the data you need on the type of content trending or how visitors are interacting with your content and puts it in one spot.

This blog will tell you all about Search Console Insights and how you can use it to optimize your content strategy. 

Features of Google’s Search Console Insights

So many content creators put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect blog, how-to guide, listicle, or case study for their website, yet tracking performance can be tough.

By combining data from the Search Console and Google Analytics, this new feature will show you: 


  • Up-to-date trends on content
  • Your best performing content
  • The ways people find your content
  • What people search for before finding your content
  • Other articles that refer people to your site 


Businesses of all sizes can quickly determine what content is the most popular, how people discover their content, and which content results in the most conversions.

This data has always been available to websites but it’s never been so nicely packaged in one location. 

Opening Search Console Insights 

Are you ready to check it out? Here’s how:

Simply select “Search Console Insights” from the top of your Search Console Overview page. Businesses can also access it here

You can select it in the iOS Google App as well. The Android Google App will be supporting this new feature very soon.

Google Search Console in-line blog image 1

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new user experience is convenient and efficient.

You can use Search Console Insights even if your business doesn’t have Google Analytics, but Google recommends that you associate a Google Analytics property with the new tool to get the full experience.

Google has warned that some users may experience issues in Google Analytics 4. Search Console Insights currently supports Google Analytics Universal (UA). 

But, you can expect those issues to be resolved in the near future. 

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Tools like this provide exciting new opportunities to expand your business with fresh content people want to see. 

It won’t take long to figure out what content sticks and then produce more of it to drive new visitors to your site. At that point, they’ll be primed to purchase your products or services. 

The HOTH offers custom blog content on the Vendasta Marketplace. You get professionally written content that is SEO-optimized, and it’s completely white label.

The best part is our services are super easy to resell. In fact, we’ve built a white label approval hub that will automatically send the customer the article for approval/rejection without you ever being stuck as the middleman.

Google Search Console in-line blog image 2

Get the Most Out of Your Content

Better content will increase web traffic and search rankings. It’ll also build a relationship with prospective customers who are considering a product or service.

Search Console Insights helps identify what’s trending and what content works. However, the challenge for many businesses is that they don’t have a system in place to consistently produce more content.

If you use Search Console Insights and find a trend you want us to write about, you can add it to the topic suggestion portion of your order form to get a high-quality, SEO optimized article.

Interested in learning more about our custom blog content? Book a call with our experts today or visit the product details on Marketplace today. 

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