Getting your Website Pro Site Ecommerce Ready

There’s no denying that COVID-19 is changing the way that businesses operate. At Vendasta, we are working to make it as easy as possible for our partners, and the local businesses they serve, to continue to stay open and operate as close to “normal” as possible. 

One way to weather the storm is to help your clients transition to selling their goods and services online. An easy way to do this is with WooCommerce

Don’t think your clients’ business matches the “ecommerce” model? No worries! The transition to selling online doesn’t need to mean physical products or take-out. It could be as simple as starting with a gift card to services that customers can use later this year.

If your clients have an existing Website Pro account with Vendasta, here’s a quick guide to getting up-and-ecommerce-ready in no time:

1. Go to and set up an account by selecting Log in with; use your Vendasta login to sign in. 









2. Follow the steps and when prompted as to how you'd like to install WooCommerce, select Auto-install WooCommerce.

3. In another tab, jump into Website Pro and click into the WordPress Dashboard

Note: make sure your WordPress site is up to date! 

4. In the left navigation menu, hover over Plugins and click Add New.

5. Search for the WooCommerce plugin and install it; this will take about a minute. 

Once it is installed, you will need to click to Activate it. 

6. Once activated, the Setup Wizard will appear. Follow its steps to easily set up your store.

Note that the Setup Wizard can be re-run at any time by clicking into the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress dashboard and clicking Help

Completing the Setup Wizard will require you or your client to input information about their location, currency, and preferred payment and shipping methods. 

Once setup is complete you or your client can begin populating their store with the products and services they offer. 

About the Author

Sophie is a Product Marketing Manager at Vendasta, working to develop the marketing and communication strategy for some of Vendasta's owned & operated products. Out of the office you'll most likely find her working on a film set or eating french fries.

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