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15 Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019

With more and more conferences springing up every year, it can be difficult to prioritize which are truly worth your time—and money. It becomes particularly difficult in the digital marketing space, where the highlight of many conferences is the marketing that they put into it. To ensure that the money and time that you invest in your conference calendar is ripe with reward, we’ve compiled a list of the MUST-SEE digital marketing conferences in 2019, broken down into 3 key categories.

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5 B2B Marketing Conferences

This section is home to the top conferences for those who work specifically in the B2B space. It’s incredibly frustrating to arrive at a conference focussed on B2C strategies that don’t pertain to the challenges you face, so this section is sure to satisfy those who live and breathe B2B.

Conquer Local 2019

Date: June 10 - 13th

Location: San Diego, California

Price: $1,499 for conference pass, $250 for workshops (early bird discounts available)


Regarded as the ultimate conference for the intersection of marketing and technology in the B2B space, this is a beach-bound event that you won’t want to miss. With Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank keynoting alongside a host of other industry experts, this tactic-driven event will be sure to arm you with the game-changing strategies you need to make the most of 2019. Whether you’re a sales professional, a marketing innovator, or a B2B leader looking for the next winning strategy, Conquer Local 2019 won’t disappoint.

Growth Marketing Conference

Date: December 10 - 12th

Location: San Francisco, California

Price: $807 (super early bird) to $3,007 (regular price)


If you are working to grow your enterprise clientele, this is the conference for you. With an emphasis on account based marketing (ABM) and building an enterprise growth team from a C-level perspective, you are sure to gain valuable insights to carry into the new year. Speakers are yet to be announced, but past speakers have included the likes of Alexandra Shapiro of Intercom and Rand Fishkin of SparkToro.

B2B Marketing Exchange

Date: February 25 - 27th

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Price: $1,095 (one day pass) to $1,995 (all access pass)


This conference is home to the latest and greatest innovations in the B2B space, and is hosted early in the new year so that attendees leave equipped with the tactics they need to work with the latest trends, market conditions and buyer realities in 2019. With 90+ sessions, 6 unique conference tracks, and speakers from the likes of Google, Oracle, and more, this conference is sure to be a great way to kickstart 2019.

MarTech Conference West

Date: April 3 - 5th

Location: San Jose, California

Price: Ranging from $1,149 (one day all access) to $2,295 (full access and workshop pass)


MarTech sits at the intersection of all innovation in marketing, technology, and management. With an agenda and speaker list that accommodates attendees of all industries and verticals, this conference is a must for marketers that are looking to get a leg-up in the B2B space. With dozens of speakers, ample networking opportunities, and a closing keynote from Tom Fishburne of Marketoonist, MarTech West is a worthy investment.

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Date: October 16 - 18th

Location: Washington, D.C.

Price: $1,095 (conference only) to $2,195 (all access)


Hosted by MarketingProfs (surprising!), this fun conference is characterized as a meeting place for leaders, innovators, and B2B action-takers. B2B marketing is a unique space, and this conference seeks to answer the most pressing questions through success stories, creative networking, and some “marketers-off-the-clock antics”.

5 Content Marketing Conferences

Organic marketing and content marketing strategies are becoming more dominant than ever before. Although this may be one of the newest conference categories, this is a list that you NEED to check out if you have a top-tier marketing organization.


Date: July 15 - 17th

Location: Seattle, Washington

Price: $999 (earlybird) to $1,499 (standard price)


The banner really sums it up. As one of the pioneers in the SEO space, Moz is a company that prides itself on being at the forefront of content marketing innovation, and MozCon is no exception. For those that are passionate about SEO and content marketing, there is no better opportunity to tap into next level tactics, delivered by leaders from agencies that are out fighting on the front lines.

Social Media Marketing World

Date: March 20 - 22nd

Location: San Diego, California

Price: $997 (regular access) to $1597 (all access)


This 3 day conference is a must-see for marketing professionals in the social media space, complete with dozens of platform experts set to speak on each of the major social media channels, tactic driven social workshops, and ample networking opportunity. An all-access ticket will earn you access to any of the presentations and workshops throughout the week. Whether you’re passionate about social strategy, the latest in messenger bot innovation, or simply gathering tactics that will generate more ROI for your digital agency this year, Social Media Marketing World will be a worthy investment.

Content Marketing World

Date: September 3 - 6th

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Price: $1,999 (super early bird), $2,199 (early bird), $2,399 (regular), $2,499 (onsite)


If you’re looking for the next big content idea that will grow your business and captivate your audience, then it just might be waiting for you in Cleveland. With 4,000+ forecasted attendees, 225 speakers, and 123+ hours of content, you can be confident in the return on your conference investment when attending this world-class event.

ContentTECH Summit

Date: April 8 - 10th

Location: San Diego, California

Price: $1,399 (limited access) to $2,099 (all access)


Do you live in the enterprise content marketing space? If you want to truly succeed, you have to leverage the technology at your avail—and that’s exactly what this event is all about. Acquire new strategies and innovative processes that may fundamentally change the digital experience you can deliver in your enterprise marketing. You can expect to hear from a variety of content strategy leaders, marketers, authors, and other content creation experts.


Date: September 3 - 6th

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Price: $599 (one day) to $1,699 (4 day, early bird = $899)


Hosted by the CRM powerhouse, HubSpot, INBOUND 2019 is “bound” to be one of the largest marketing events of the 2019 calendar year. Whether you’re in digital marketing, sales, or customer success, there will be ample learning opportunity for you or your team. With past keynotes to the tune of Michelle Obama and John Cena, you are sure to discover the excitement, innovation, and networking that you need to continue building your content strategy.

5 Sales & Marketing Conferences

If you are a sales professional or work within a high-performance sales organization, you don’t want to spend a week discussing the top social media strategies for 2019. You want to dig in to the nuances of digital sales so that you can stay on top of your game, and on top of the competition. Here’s where you need to be this year:

AA-ISP Digital Sales World 2019

Date May 14th June 13th September 12th December 3rd
Location London Dallas Norwood Dublin


Price: $295 (super early bird) to $395 (regular price)


This sales tour, hosted by the Global Inside Sales Association, is designed for the digital sales rep that is seeking the latest and greatest innovations in email, video, web, and social channels. With 4 locations across the calendar year, this tour is sure to fit into your schedule. Each session will focus on real world cases and hands on learning, led by industry leading practitioners from each respective market. Whether you’re C-suite looking for innovative new strategies or a front-line rep looking to add some new tools to your repertoire, you will find value at AA-ISP.


Date: March 11 - 13th

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $750 plus addons


Hosted by SalesLoft, one of the industry-leading sales engagement platforms, Rainmaker is designed to help you level-up your management skills and your team. Self-proclaimed as the conference for sales leaders, this innovative 3 day event will host over 100 speakers from the likes of Yext and Harvard Business School, as well as 1500+ like-minded attendees that are out pounding the same pavement that you are.

TOPO Summit

Date: April 17 - 18th

Location: San Francisco, California

Price: $995 (early bird) to $1,295 (last minute)


The revenue conference. Quickly growing into one of the top sales and marketing conferences in North America, the 2019 TOPO Summit should be a must. With 60 sessions and workshops, filtered by six primary tracks, you will gather insights from some of the fastest-growing companies and sales organizations in the world, plus ample opportunity to network and socialize in beautiful San Francisco.

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

Date: September 17 - 19th

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $2,875 (early bird) to $3,275 (standard conference fee)


This premiere event is designed specifically for sales executives and B2B sales leaders. This conference was established by Gartner as a means to help these leaders navigate the treacherous waters of technological change and the implications this change has on the environment. Complete with research-driven presentations surrounding talent, buyer behavior, and account-based marketing, you can be sure to leave with real strategies for real revenue generation.


Date: March 4 - 6th

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $1,355 to $1,575 (conference pass) or $1,595 to $1,845 (conference plus)


What’s with sales people and hanging out in Vegas? Anyways, here’s another conference must if you’re a sales professional. This conference seeks to answer the ongoing question as to what the best tactics are for generating real business leads. Collaborate with 2,700 lead generation and performance marketers to share ideas and soak up knowledge from industry experts at companies like LeadPoint and Google.


The risk—reward equation with conferences can be a dangerous game when you’re gambling with valuable time and assets. This list is home to 15 conferences that are sure to deliver the intellectual, strategic, and experiential returns that you’re seeking this calendar year.

Feel like our list is missing something? Let us know what conference you are most anticipating in the comments below!

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