How a Digital Marketing Academy Can Drive Your Agency Success

If you’re the owner of a digital marketing agency, then you might think that generating leads is your biggest challenge. And that could very well be the case, but there’s another important issue and it often goes unnoticed -- learning.

When it comes to driving your agency success, training yourself and building your marketing prowess is of the utmost importance. And one way to do it is to be a part of a training ecosystem, where like-minded professionals like you can collaborate and brainstorm ideas.

In addition, you might also build your business acumen through quality training courses and coaching from renowned industry experts. But how do you find time to learn valuable marketing strategies when most of it is spent running your business?

The answers may be digital marketing academies -- a place where agency owners can thrive in a community that helps you learn and grow at your own pace.

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What is a digital marketing academy?

A digital marketing academy is a virtual place of learning where marketers get access to business-specific courses and training in order to start, grow, and scale their agencies.

Often agency owners have access to the best-in-class tools to provide their services, and the right set of customers to target. But, what they lack is the training to execute those services.

A digital marketing academy is something that helps bridge that gap between the two.

It is dynamic in nature, which means that the training, courses, and content will evolve as time passes to always address the current and relevant marketing landscape.

Furthermore, an academy also gives business professionals an opportunity to learn the latest from the best minds in the industry, something that may give you the edge.

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What are the benefits of a digital marketing academy?

Part of running a successful business is to incorporate the concept of Learn, Do, Teach. 

It reasons that agency owners should spend one-third of their time learning new things and widening their horizons, another third executing those strategies and putting them into play, and one-third in training others on their team.

The approach lets them work on their business and grow it rather than working in it and staying stagnant. A digital marketing academy gives agency owners the virtual platform provides opportunities to learn, do, teach.

Some of the core benefits of a digital marketing academy include:

1. Learn at your own pace

Choose the method and pace at which to take training courses and learn. Some prefer to learn in a practical hands-on way, while others might prefer education through video instruction and tutorials.

Those who really want to dive deep can do it on their own time. Maybe at 2 am on a Saturday, if they really wanted to, and spend the time to really dive way deeper into concepts that are way more applicable to their business.

Jacqueline Cook

Chief Strategy Officer, Vendasta

Some may want to learn on their own by reading content and methodically digesting data in a linear fashion, while others prefer a setting where they can ask questions.

Since most agency owners are full-time working professionals, who focus on their business and customers, courses and training during normal working hours might not be possible.

However, the easy accessibility of a digital marketing academy let’s them choose the best time.

According to Vendasta Chief Strategy Officer, Jacqueline Cook, “if an agency owner feels that they will get the most training value at 2 am on a Saturday, then they should be allowed to do so.”

2. An ecosystem for support

Agency owners often thrive by being a part of an ecosystem that allows them to collaborate and learn from each other. 

A digital academy is especially helpful for agency owners who are new and may have just started their businesses because it provides opportunities to learn from experienced and established professionals or industry thought leaders who have likely done it before.

You can connect, ask them questions, float ideas, and brainstorm strategies to come up with the best solutions.

Furthermore, an ecosystem helps bridge the gap between a learner and a course creator. Learners can have the opportunity to get queries addressed directly by a course creator -- a better learning process.

And, due to the virtual nature of the platform, you don’t need to plan a certain day in the year to attend a networking event. The presence of a digital marketing resource, like Vendasta’s  Conquer Local Academy, provides professionals with that ecosystem to thrive 365 days a year.

3. Impart training to your team

Looking back at the learn, do, teach principle, it’s important that agency owners spend one-third of their time teaching other people in their team about the intricacies of their business.

It’s simply too much work for an agency owner to single-handedly do all the work without you burning out. You need a team and you need to train your team to share the responsibilities.

A digital marketing academy is the perfect solution for that purpose because agency owners can impart the right set of training to their team without having to put in much effort.

The training modules have been helpful not only for me but also for the team that I have hired. I can save time and effort by just telling them to go through a specific course. Having the Conquer Local Academy as a resource is really helpful.

Mitchell Slater

Chief Executive Officer, Slater Strategies

A member of the Conquer Local Academy, Mitchell Slater, who is the CEO of a digital marketing agency called Slater Strategies, says he believes the academy has helped his business grow.

Due to the presence of easy-to-take marketing courses, Slater has been directing the new employees he onboards to the academy for training purposes. It saves him time, money, and resources, and helps his business run efficiently.

4. Adapt and evolve with time

Today’s fast-moving digital landscape and the manner in which business and marketing concepts evolve with time, is a significant challenge.

For example, as suggested in this article, there was a time when people believed email marketing was dead. However, not only is email marketing alive and well today, it still delivers a great return on investment.

Digital marketing academies, like Conquer Local, keep these sorts of learnings evergreen. As time passes and marketing concepts evolve, academies can continue to update their training courses and adapt to constant change.

This assures marketing agency owners that they’re getting the best and most relevant training when it comes to building out their marketing expertise.

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Why join the Conquer Local Academy?

Watching instructional videos on YouTube can help you learn about the latest industry trends. But it likely won’t offer you the actual street-level experience of an expert -- something that Vendasta’s Conquer Local Academy is built to provide.

Of all the initiatives that we [Vendasta] have driven forward together over the last six some odd years. It’s [Conquer Local Academy] the one I am the most excited about because of how it’s really changing the game for them [agency owners].

George Leith

Chief Customer Officer & EVP Sales, Vendasta

The Conquer Local Academy, with its available training and instructional courses, delivers knowledge shared by experienced experts.

Academy members include a range of professionals and industry thought leaders from around the world who have been successful in their respective fields, are willing to share their insights and best practices, and often have the answers agency owners seek.  

The Conquer Local Academy lets you learn at your own pace and provides forums for new tactics, and innovative strategies to share with your customers. Improve your business skills and become a local marketing expert.

Joining the Conquer Local Academy is free. Sign up today and get the resources and training you need.

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