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Blair Nordstrom

Blair is a former Product Marketing Specialist at Vendasta and a connoisseur of all things digital marketing.

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Marketing Automation is Not Automated

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is a type of software that empowers companies to manage, automate and measure their marketing efforts so they can become more efficient and generate revenue faster. It’s a multi-channel marketing...

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Be a Pro, Post to LinkedIn

Many local businesses focus their time and money on Facebook and Twitter to build awareness, encourage engagement and increase conversions. But what about LinkedIn? Well, you’d be surprised to find that only 57% of companies are using company pages...

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4 Tips To Boost Open Rates

It goes without saying: your agency’s newsletter is one of your most important communication pieces. After all, it’s loaded with the things that matter to your clients. Obviously, then, your priority should be to get people to open it. But you’ve...

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