Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Vendasta is committed to continuously improving the security of our platform and protecting the privacy of our users. As a part of this effort, we run a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) through HackerOne. The goal of this program is to provide security researchers with an opportunity to test our platform’s security, responsibly disclose vulnerabilities and then get recognition for their efforts.

This program is in its first year of operation and has lead to fixing a number of vulnerabilities in the Vendasta platform. The program is currently invite-only but we have plans to extend it to a public one. If you are interested in participating in our program or have a vulnerability you would like to submit through our program please reach out to us at and don’t forget to include your HackerOne ID. 

If you have found a vulnerability in our platform and would like to submit it without enrolling in our HackerOne program please fill out the form below.