With the onset of instantaneous and fully mobile dominance in the commercial world, highly connective marketing is no longer an option for companies that are in the B2B space. People simply have too many choices at their fingertips to wait on a solution for B2B marketing. 

If you are marketing in the B2B space, here are a few things that you may be overlooking when it comes to higher engagement, visibility and targeted conversion.

1. Build Reputation Outside of Direct Communications

Are you known as a trendsetter within your LinkedIn groups? How many eyes are looking at the articles that you are writing about your industry here and on industry-specific blogs? You are doing that, are you not?

It is always good to know that your partners are respected by others in the industry. If you keep your name in front of your industry by blogging and otherwise building a solid reputation, you will find direct communication much easier. This is also a great way to nurture potential contact targets before a direct address.

2. Consolidate Your Analysis Into a Single Marketing Dashboard

You will be getting data from many different places, and it can quickly become overwhelming, especially when the pressure is on to perform with a big client or partner. Think ahead by siphoning all of this information into a single dashboard space so that you can organize your thoughts with a few clicks. You will also be able to quickly justify your decisions to partners with hard data without searching if need be.

3. Utilize Personal Information

If you have made contact with a decision maker, send a card or a small present during milestones in that person's life. A holiday card or a birthday greeting is always well received, and it reminds that person of your presence. Building goodwill is essential to greasing the wheels of commerce, and it works especially well in an increasingly isolated business marketing environment.

4. Identify Your Targets Before Sending out Lead Materials

The more specific your initial contact, the better that it will be received. Everyone is using automation tools today, so do not think that you are fooling anyone with the surface personalization that all of those programs offer. What will truly gain you the attention of your partners will be the the care with which you choose them.

If you send out proposals that contain specifics that a business can get behind, they will be much more likely to follow up with you and initiate personal contact. From here, you can do a great deal. However, you need a two-way conversation to begin before you can really start to do business. Do everything that you can during the initial lead generating phase in order to create room for return correspondence.

5. Stay Up-To-Date on all of Your Social Media Platforms and Blogs

You can bet that your potential partners will research you thoroughly before deciding whether to call you back after an initial correspondence. Even if you have a great lead line, do you think that you will be able to generate conversations from a dead Facebook page and a Twitter account that has no content? Think of yourself from the other side of the table. A great initial correspondence without an up-to-date social media profile looks more like a scam artist than a true business opportunity.

6. Hold in Person Events

There is no reason that you have to wait on the next industry tradeshow in order to consolidate all of the decision-makers in your industry. It does not take much to organize an in person event with local or regional participants in your industry in order to drum up support for your own cause, as well as bring attention to your region.

When you attend your next tradeshow, try to figure out the infrastructure of the arrangements if you can. You may be able to hold a smaller version of that tradeshow all by yourself. This will help to solidify your presence in the industry as a leader and someone who can add value, rather than someone who is looking only to take away from a relationship. People want to do business with people whom they believe are bringing something to the table from an equal perspective.

Implementing a combination of these six techniques will help you drive real conversions and build brand credibility. Customizing your marketing and creating tactical driven content are key features for your success.