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Email Marketing: The Holiday Strategy Your Local Business Clients Need

With the holiday season fast approaching, small businesses need all the tools they can access to help them stand out in a sea of competitors. Fortunately, an effective email marketing strategy can bring together all sections of your client's digital marketing strategy by linking their monthly Newsletter, promotional emails, or special event emails to social media accounts, website, or online review sites.

With email marketing being so versatile through newsletters, promotional emails, special event emails, and way more, the impact of a well-designed email marketing campaign can be immense for your clients. Driving their customers to their website and physical store for holiday gift buying is a great way to drive both you and your client's revenue. 

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Table of Contents

What is email marketing?
Types of email marketing for local businesses
Why small businesses should use email marketing
Getting started with email marketing

What is email marketing?

The need for email marketing for local businesses goes well beyond just the holiday season. Email marketing is an effective tool for small businesses to communicate promotional material, upcoming events, or to simply wish their customers ‘Happy Holidays’. Email marketing allows a small business to create a templated email that’s distributed to their entire mailing list with ease.

With 91 percent of US adults wanting to see promotional material from businesses they follow, small businesses can’t afford not to engage with their customers through email. However, with the holiday season fast approaching, small business owners are too busy to spend countless hours creating engaging and effective email marketing campaigns.

Why small businesses need email marketing

Email is a great channel for small and medium businesses to leverage in their marketing strategy. As email marketing costs can be relatively low, or even free depending on the size of the audience, it makes email a more attractive option from promotions and campaigns than other paid avenues.

Here are a few major benefits to mention to your clients:

  • Brand awareness and loyalty: Keeping your client's customer base in the loop of any upcoming events or promotions improves businesses brand awareness and increases customer loyalty. Because nearly 90 percent of internet users in America have access to email accounts compared to only 70 percent who have social media accounts, email marketing is still the best digital marketing solution for small businesses to reach a wide audience.
  • Leveraging device trends: With more customers using mobile phones and tablets to access their email, the likelihood that your customers will open your promotional email is higher than before. Consumers spend increasingly more time on their phones during long commutes or coffee breaks, making the time they spend shopping or investing in promotional material reach beyond the time a user would be on their computer.
  • The lifespan of email over social: While social posts can be just as permanent, the way in which customers view social posts is fleeting. On the other hand, emails stay in the inbox and have a more outstanding place in a customers inbox than a social post that fades into a newsfeed.

Types of email marketing for local businesses

Whether you want to help clients promote an upcoming event, connect with the local community through a newsletter, distribute coupons, or simply welcome new customers to the mailing list, an email marketing tool or campaign makes connecting with your customer base simply and effective.

Here are some types of email marketing for local businesses to leverage:

1. Newsletters

Many small businesses use email marketing for Newsletter purposes or simply to update their user-base on current or renewed offerings. A monthly newsletter is a good opportunity to send out promotions or coupons for your client's customers to redeem. Doing so increases the likelihood that those same customers will take those promotional coupons and details back to your client's store to buy.

2. Sales email campaigns

Does your client have a new deal going on next week? Want to reward their customers with a coupon for their loyalty? Email is a great way to promote deals, specials, and new products—without a hefty advertising budget.

💡 On the Black Friday weekend in 2017, email demonstrated the highest conversion rate at 4.29% over other marketing channels!

3. Holiday email campaigns

Do your clients have some holiday deals coming up, or want to improve their branding and customer relationships? Leverage the email channel to get a head start on consumer holiday gift buying in November and December.

💡 Use FOMO (the fear of missing out) and urgency in your campaigns by having clients run special promos for a limited time before the holidays.

You can also make your client's business more "human" and top-of-mind during the holiday season with time-sensitive holiday emails. The more you can connect on a personal with your clients, the more they'll like you! With holiday season fast approaching, you'll want to lock in your client's winter campaign strategy right away!

4. Event emails

Is there an event going on in your client's local community that they want to let consumers know about? Participating in a local charity event? Use email to let local customers know how involved your client is in the community!

email marketing campaign statistics

The possibility of email marketing for local businesses is endless, and the only constraint is your creativity. Email marketing is a cheap channel to leverage to improve your client's customer relationships and ultimately grow loyalty and revenue.

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Getting clients started with email marketing

No matter the message your clients want to convey, a savvy email marketing solution will strengthen their digital presence and marketing strategy. Email marketing improves customer engagement and brand awareness by encouraging customers to interact with your client's business throughout the entire digital marketing stack.

Lastly, because of its versatility, email marketing helps to bring together all of your digital marketing efforts that best suit your business client's needs month-to-month.

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