Local businesses have very diverse marketing priorities. They need a hearty blend of organic and paid marketing to just keep up with their competition, let alone to differentiate themselves. For starters, they require an SEO-optimized website, social media pages and ads and radio and TV ads. Then add retargeting, a customer relationship manager and email marketing—that’s where we see a glaring opportunity for agencies and media companies.

The demand is ever growing, but it isn’t always easy to meet. In order to suit local business’ needs, you’re forced to:

  • Shell out money to web developers to connect multiple apps to your platform. Of course, that never goes smoothly.
  • Bring it all in house and build an expensive business dashboard where your clients can access a variety of tools. Expensive is the operative word here.
  • Provide a list of separate sites that you expect clients to log in to. And then, it’s doubtful a small business is going to bookmark five different sites, remember all of their passwords and navigate them efficiently. They just won’t do it.

In other words, using several vendors and/or solutions is expensive, time-consuming and extremely stressful. Regardless of the challenges, local businesses want you to be that single point of contact—you have to be the master of all trades.

In truth, 70% of business owners want a single point of contact for all of their digital solutions (Vendasta), and agencies that provide an integrated platform are more attractive than those with standalone tools.


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