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Mobile websites have been the game-changer for businesses, especially following "mobilegeddon," when Google shifted their algorithm to more heavily favour mobile friendly sites for users on those devices. Mobile sites became famous over a decade ago, and their growth has been exponential since.

Mobile is the Differentiation

Now, mobile websites have become the differentiating factor between well-off and nominal companies, and paramount in reaching out to the larger portion of any company’s target demographic. Both the Admin Panel and the website itself must be fully responsive and designed to support hand-held devices. Bootstrap 3 themes provide a good mobile experience, and are cost-effective for marketers on a budget.

For those who wish to be part of this new world order, i.e. mobile websites, Bootstrap 3 themes are great. Its latest version, Bootstrap 3, has simplified mobile-first website design by many degrees. Not only are 97% of millennials mobile users, but 20% don’t use desktop at all (Vendasta). It's essential to provide an airtight mobile experience. 

Bootstrap offers a wide array of components, tools and patterns supporting and simplifying the work of front end web designers and developers. You can apply Bootstrap admin templates to any type of product, site or application and open up a plethora of dynamic, responsive features to your customers. The administrative front-end capabilities of these panels are so self-explanatory and streamlined that even complete novices can easily get the hang of it.

Together with its user-friendliness, the two things that hold the utmost value in any given Bootstrap theme are its productivity and cost-effectiveness. Let’s dissect what makes HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap themes so productivity and cost-effective.

What Makes Bootstrap 3 Effective?

Most of the themes are decent and minimal WordPress themes custom made for creative individuals and agencies who dedicate a good deal of their attention to style and aesthetics when showcasing their work. They have strong yet flexible frameworks supported by Bootstrap v3 and the latest CSS & JS codes. Their responsiveness and smooth resizing on various screen sizes without any compromise on the sharpness or clarity of high resolution displays takes another worry off your list. To add to all of this, the Visual Live Composer made part of these themes allow for high customization options.

Themes are available in an unlimited spectrum of colors and backgrounds. They offer distinctive header styles—more than 600 Google fonts—image cropping, numerous column and portfolio layouts, limitless sidebars, refined Mega Menus, Parallax effects and practically every flashy feature imaginable. All of these features may not be found in a single theme, but they are scattered among the many Bootstrap themes. Opt for the theme which offers the greatest number of beneficial features required for your app or website.  

The compatibility of the themes with all essential add-ons and plugins make them more susceptible to improved SEO. All of the themes have a clean code running behind them, therefore they are totally readable and easily optimized for search engines, both on desktop and mobile.

All themes are:

  • Ambitious and accomplished
  • Modern and compulsively developer-friendly
  • Sophisticated and thoughtfully composed
  • Impressively flexible
  • Professionally graphically designed
  • Highly responsive
  • Customizable to a good degree
  • Cost-effective

Because all of these basic essentials are found built-in in Bootstrap themes, developers can spend their time and efforts on other customized styling. They can focus more on giving the website, application or product that personal “company feel” rather than dwelling in building the foundations. That’s how Bootstrap themes are the most productive to work with while readying a mobile-first website.

Cost Effectiveness of Bootstrap 3 Themes

Having looked into productivity, let’s gauge the cost-effectiveness of Bootstrap themes now. Bootstrap offers 36 free themes and 12 premium themes. The free themes are too good to be true, but even the premium ones are effortlessly affordable for everyone, young startups and big entrepreneurs alike. The themes themselves are more cost-effective than one could ask for. However, they do entail expenses of hiring a web developer or UI/UX designer. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the big work Bootstrap gets done for you.

Mobile-first is, without a second thought, the need of the hour. As mentioned earlier, you would be missing out on a big fraction of your prospects and depriving yourself heaps of easy money by not going mobile. And there’s little reason to commit that folly when Bootstrap has made the job such a piece of cake. Benefit from Bootstrap’s productive and cost-effective themes and create a stronger, more agile online presence. One can enjoy the benefits of Bootstrap themes when he hires professional Bootstrap development service list