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Lead Generation

Spend more time selling and less time searching

Generate red-hot leads for sales

Leads are the cornerstone of sales and marketing. Unfortunately, finding them is often expensive and time consuming The good news is there are many local businesses in your area that are interested in your products and services—they just don’t know it yet.

Use marketing automation built for local

Expose critical business issues and send prospects data-rich reports to prove value.

Pitch your entire suite without saying a word

Attract leads by showcasing digital and non-digital products in a single dashboard.

Manage lead flow and engage at the right time

Track businesses that are engaging with your content and know exactly when to call them for optimal conversion opportunities.

Generate leads a smarter way

Vendasta strips out the clutter of excessive marketing automation platforms, and provides only the features your business needs. Our platform is designed specifically for agencies—programmed with local data, relevant APIs and partner integrations—to optimize sales.

Generate data about businesses that can’t be ignored

Standard marketing automation software only organizes data for your email marketing. Our software generates actual data about prospects that exposes business gaps that you can use to create content based on fact, not assumption.

Send emails that get opened

Every local business is unique, and the way you communicate with them should be too. Send prospects and customers emails with critical insights about their business that they’re rarely aware of and need to know

Manage and measure your emails

See which emails are opened and which products prospects are considering. Use analytics to measure engagement and receive real-time alerts for quick follow-ups.

An easy way to develop new business

Promote your entire product line, digital and non-digital, and engage local businesses in more selling opportunities from a single, interactive dashboard, the Product Catalog.

Find out who’s interested in your products

With built-in analytics, identify which local businesses are interested in particular solutions. Track visits, product clicks, CTA engagement and receive real-time alerts to start conversations immediately.

Track and convert leads with a streamlined pipeline management solution

Generating leads is half of the battle, the other half is tracking and measuring those leads. Achieve ROI on your marketing efforts by using tools that identify businesses engaging with your content and tells sales reps when to pick up the phone when the lead is at its hottest.

Key Features of Lead Generation

Discover which businesses are “hot” based on up-to-date information of their latest campaign activity

See the names and phone numbers of all the customers you should contact so your team can follow-up ASAP

Access Snapshot reports with the click of a button, allowing your reps access to all the data prospects have received in their marketing campaigns

Create a personalized email report for one of your prospects

Want a taste of the content that powers our email campaigns? Go ahead and generate a sample Snapshot report of a client or a prospect you’re interested in. Find out how their business appears online and highlight your addressable opportunities:

  • Are their business listings accurate?
  • What directories they should be listed on?
  • How do customers feel about them?
  • How does their business compare to industry standards?
  • Is their activity on social media effective?
  • How do they stack up against their direct competitors?
  • Do they use search engine marketing as well as others in the field?

Enter their information to get started.
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Bottom line: What's the ROI?


lift in digital revenue

Combining marketing automation with our pipeline management system has lead to 10X growth in digital revenue for many agencies.


campaign click-throughs

Every campaign contains juicy information for local businesses about their online presence, sparking incredible engagement.


increase in conversion

Instant alerts and immediate follow-ups with prospects have been shown to increase the chances of converting leads by 900%.

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Marketing Automation

Enjoy higher engagement, lower cost of acquisition, and greater digital revenue.

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Content Marketing

Our system delivers hyper-relevant campaigns to your local business prospects and lowers your costs dramatically.

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