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WiFi-powered smart marketing platform to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively.

Zenreach transforms the way businesses engage with their customers.

Zenreach was created to solve one of the most important problems in the modern economy—consumers spend most of their time online, yet over 90% of purchasing still happens offline — and there is no link between the two systems. We're closing the online-to-offline loop.

Zenreach is a simple and powerful WiFi-powered marketing platform that delivers automated smart messaging, incorporates a comprehensive CRM, offers tools to manage your reputation in real-time, analyzes walk-through rates™, and more.

Key Selling Points for Zenreach

  • 5 minute setup: Clients can plug in their Zenreach access point and their customers will get instant access to free, fast, and secure WiFi.
  • Relevant conversation: Automate personalized marketing to each customer based on visit frequency, demographics, and more.
  • Success you can prove: Show businesses how effective their marketing is by showing how many customers physically walk through their door.
  • Build reputation with good reviews: Zenreach gives clients the power to manage their reputation in real-time, letting them point happy customers to some of the most popular review sites while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.
  • Stand out: Use Zenreach as a value-added service to differentiate your offerings from the competition while earning additional monthly revenue.
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