The fundamental guide to lead generation for resellers and digital partners


Unlock 39 tactical strategies with detailed implementation plans that you can use for your business—today. This guide is ideal for agencies, managed service providers, media companies, and other resellers and digital partners selling to local business clients.

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What’s in the guide

Lead generation has become essential. If your business operates in the B2B space, then lead generation must be at the forefront of your sales and marketing efforts. Without a well constructed strategy, you run the risk of failing to deliver your value proposition to prospective clients, and you also risk losing the resulting business to competing or alternative offerings.
The stakes are high.
From product-led growth, to content marketing, to account-based strategies, you will find it all within the pages of this guide.

The complete lead generation ecosystem

An in-depth exploration of every lead-generation tactic and strategy that’s currently available to modern marketers

Social Media Marketing

From LinkedIn to Twitter, Instagram to influencer, unlock all of the social media strategies you need to succeed.
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Content Marketing

From blogs to podcasts, case studies to videos, unlock the best content marketing tactics available today.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective B2B marketing tactics in the world, but only if properly deployed.


Referral leads are the most valuable of all. Learn how to build a strategy that generates referral leads with ease.

Event Marketing

Discover tactical insights on all things conference and event, whether those are physical or virtual.

Account-Based Tactics & Strategies

Large accounts require more dedicated effort. Unlock tactical explorations of direct mail, DM marketing, and more.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Ads

Everything you need to know to conquer the keywords that matter most to you on Google Search Ads.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the gateway to more effective website marketing. Learn how to enhance your strategy.

Content Syndication

From press release strategies to backlink building, all organic content needs to be properly promoted to succeed.

Traditional Advertising

From radio to magazine, TV to guerilla, these traditional tactics are still critical to B2B marketing success.

Hiring a Lead Generation Company

Learn how to carefully evaluate outsourcing opportunities to support your internal lead generation programs.

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