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About the Author

Alayna Moxness

A busy bee that you can find spending time at the gym, reading, hanging out with her black lab Joey, or visiting the newest restaurants in town. As she works to finish her marketing degree, Alayna uses her creativity as a Marketing Content Creator at Vendasta.

Latest Articles

6 Ways to Jumpstart Stalling Revenue

Growth stalls happen to the best of companies. Levi Strauss, Apple, Caterpillar. Daimler-Benz. Volvo. Even if you’re a rocketship with a stellar trajectory, you’re going to have to do some repositioning or refueling at some point in your journey. ...

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Top Tactics for Raising Prices

Raising prices can feel like you're offering your customers a one-way ticket to your competitors. Instead, use our Top Tactics for Raising Prices to build a strategy to seamlessly and professionally raise prices.... Read More

How to Train your Sales Team

You may know all too well that sales training can be a daunting task, but behind every successful company is a team of salespeople who are equipped with the skills and abilities to get prospects through the sales pipeline. Accenture has found that,...

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