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Mono Website

Build a code-free, stunning website.

Build stunning, code-free websites including unlimited pages and free hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build the websites your clients dream of at a price point they can afford thanks to Mono’s focus on efficiency while never compromising on design and performance. 

Mono’s simple WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor interface uses pre-configured content rows on top of a flexible design grid to make  it easy for anyone to build a website regardless of their technical skill level. In our experience, Mono Partners can easily build a full 5-10 page website in under an hour! 

Getting started is easy - simply select a template, enter basic business information for the website client and choose base-level design elements  (you can always change any of this later) and voila, you’re ready to start building.

Key Selling Points for Mono Website

  • Unlimited website pages: You can add as many website pages as you need in order for you to fulfill all your clients’ needs.
  • FREE hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS): Mono offers free, unlimited web hosting so you can create and publish all in one place. There is no limit on site storage and bandwidth.
  • Enjoy code-free designs: The Mono Platform is entirely code-free and can be used by anyone. You can easily add HTML and CSS code if needed to further customize the design or add plugins.
  • Fully optimized for search: Sites built on the Mono Platform use HTML5, are W3C validated, have minimized HTML & CSS, experience ultimate speed performance, utilize microdata markup and more.
  • Easy SMB adoption: The editor interface is highly-user friendly which makes it optimal for end-user access so you can allow your clients to edit their website themselves.

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