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How to Sell White-Label Graphic Design Services to Business Clients

Interested in selling graphic design services to new businesses or existing clients, but don’t necessarily have the skills or capacity to deliver at scale? That’s where white-label graphic design services come into play.

According to Statista, the graphic design industry is projected to reach a $10.26 billion market valuation by the end of the year, and will continue to grow well into 2022.

White-label services enable you to outsource graphic design work to skilled teams, and sell it as if it were your own work. This buzzing trend is enabling businesses in numerous sectors to skyrocket growth without the traditional overhead or staffing costs associated with completing such technically demanding work. Ready to boost your growth and claim your slice of this multi-billion dollar market?

Explore white-label graphic design services!

What is White-Label Graphic Design?

Simply put, white-labeling is a manufacturer—reseller business model where one company will manufacturer a product (generally software) or offer a software-related service that can be rebranded and resold by a reseller.

Here is a visual model of the white-label process:

In the case of graphic design, it is the service itself that is being resold by you (Company B) after being fulfilled by Company A. You then place your logo and branding on the work that you then provide to the local business at the end of the value chain.

The best part about the resale of digital products and services is that there is no shipping cost involved in the transfer of goods/services, unlike other manufacturer-reseller models. You facilitate the transaction between your fulfillment partner and the local business that you are selling to, and keep the margin you charge in between.

Why Resell Graphic Design Services?

Most local businesses are not large enough to support an in-house graphic designer, so they generally resort to contracting out their graphic design work. Here are the key reasons why you should consider meeting that demand:

1. Market Demand

The market for graphic design services in the United States alone is projected to surpass $10 billion by year end. Looking forward to 2022, projections suggest the market will grow to roughly $11.4 billion dollars.

demand for white-label graphic design

White-label service providers enable you to earn your share of this market without expensive training and technology requirements that would accompany the traditional business-to-business (B2B) model.

2. Meet Foundational Needs

For one, every new business needs a great logo, business cards, and basic banner/letterhead designs to get themselves operational. By leveraging white-label service providers, you can easily meet all of these needs and build a lasting relationship with new businesses.

Going further, every existing business needs to advertise/market themselves, and graphic design services are a great way to produce completely original work for unique marketing purposes and various ad campaigns.

3. Build Stronger Client Relationships

The only thing more important than getting new customers? Keeping the ones you have.
SaaS proverb

With each additional product or service that you are able to provide, you will build an infinitely stronger relationship with that customer, and make it much less likely for them to leave you for another provider.

According to a churn study conducted by Vendasta on 100K local businesses, selling just one product or service corresponded with a 30% customer retention rate over two years. However, selling the same type of client four products or services corresponded with an 80% retention rate over the same time span.

Key Considerations When Choosing a White-Label Design Provider

If you want to be successful at selling white-label graphic design services, there will be two key components to maintain ongoing success: quality and consistency. Whichever provider you choose should exemplify these traits across all design work.

Furthermore, there are a couple specific characteristics that you should search for in a provider:

1. Unlimited Design Concepts

In graphic design, there is usually a conceptual process that occurs in which the designer presents a few ideas (or concepts) for you to make a selection from. If you are satisfied with one of the concepts, the designer will take this draft and create a polished final product out of it.

white-label graphic design revisions

However, if you aren’t satisfied, your designer typically goes back to the drawing board and produces a new batch of concepts. You will want to ensure that your white-label service provider doesn’t charge you a premium on these revisions, or else you place your profit margin at risk.

2. Unlimited Design Revisions

You are guaranteed to receive feedback from your clients when you present them with work, and revisions will be necessary. If you are working with a white-label graphic design provider that charges for revisions, you could quickly find your margin evaporating into thin air. Unlimited revisions will be worth seeking out.

3. 100% Original Work Guarantee

No business wants to be handed a mashup of someone else's work that looks eerily similar to that mediocre insurance ad that they just saw on some street banner. A high quality white-label design partner will guarantee original work on all of your projects so that you can be confident in the work that you are delivering to your clients.

original graphic design work

Top Graphic Design Services to Resell

Graphic design encompasses a broad range of services. Below are some of the most “in-demand” services on the market, as well as some bundle suggestions if you would like to expand your client-facing offering beyond the scope of graphic design:

Every great company has a great logo. All of an organization's branding efforts flow outward from the logo. As simple as a logo may be; the font usage, colors, tones, and overall feeling should carry through all other branded content that a business produces.

White-label logo design providers will create unlimited revisions until they have captured exactly what your clients are looking for in a logo. Then your clients can continue to build their brand from the strong foundation you have provided them with.

 Our solution: Find white-label Custom Logo Design services in our Marketplace.

white-label business cardsWhite-Label Business Card Design

Do business cards still matter in 2018?

Great first impressions can be the foundation of your clients’ relationships with their customers. However, if these potential customers can’t get ahold of your clients afterwards, then what good was the first impression? Business cards still fulfill a valuable role in the business cycle, and need to portray a consistent brand feeling to prospects.

By partnering with white-label business card designers, you can provide your clients with drafts of different card concepts, and revisions until they are fully satisfied with the design.

 Our solution: Find white-label Business Card Design services in our Marketplace.

Ads—we can’t escape them. Everywhere we turn is another advertisement, or someone trying to market/sell something. In a world like that, creative and original ad designs can be one of the most powerful differentiation factors between your clients and their key competitors.

By partnering with white-label graphic designers, you can deliver custom ad creation services straight to your clients so that they can maintain a high level of brand consistency and always outperform their competition.

white-label corporate identityWhite-Label Corporate Design Bundle

Is your client starting a new company, or hoping to grow a professional or corporate appearance? Then they will need custom logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope designs to get them started.

By leveraging white-label providers that specialize in corporate identity design, you can ensure that your clients will be well on their way to embodying the corporate image that they desire with consistency and quality across all of these key entities.

Our solution: Find the white-labeled Corporate Identity Package in the Vendasta Marketplace.

White-Label Business Essentials Bundle

Offering your clients key graphic design services that they need to either start or develop their business can be hugely beneficial. However, by offering white-label products and services beyond graphic design, you can better meet your clients needs and while also building a stronger relationship.

A business essential product offering would include additional white-label products and services, such as:

  • Listing solutions: Sell these to your clients so that they can be confident that their contact information is accurate across all of the listing platforms that their customers rely on.
  • Reputation management: Your clients live and die based on their online reviews. By providing reputation services to manage and generate reviews, you can give them the peace of mind that comes with a glowing reputation.
  • Web hosting and design: Every business needs a website. White-label partners can help you provide your clients with high performing sites.

These are just a few of the many products and services that would pair perfectly with your white-label graphic design offering.

Our solution: Find all of these great white-label solutions (and more) in the Vendasta Marketplace. Simply place your branding on them, and start selling today.

graphics design button

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Ready to claim your share of this 10+ billion dollar market?

With white-labeling you can start or expand into the graphic design space without interference from the traditional digital growth pains, such as: hardware/software investment, skilled staffing requirements, and lack of knowledge/expertise.

Every business needs unique Graphic Design Services if they want to stand out in the digital age. By using white-label providers, you can provide these services and foster a stronger relationship with your clients.

What’s more? Consider bundling graphic design services with other offerings (as seen in the business essentials bundle) to build an even stronger client relationship, and earn more diverse streams of revenue. Explore the Vendasta Marketplace today and start selling!

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