The holidays can make or break a business. For many businesses, this is where they make the bulk of their yearly profits. According to Statista, Americans alone are spending upwards of 3.19 trillion dollars on Christmas.

Yes, trillion.

For those not keeping track, that’s a lot of money, and that number is only continuing to grow. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your clients stay in the spotlight this holiday season. By increasing their online presence, your clients can stay ahead of the pack.

That’s great in theory, but with so many businesses competing for digital real estate, where do you even start?

Why SEO Matters

People rarely check the second page of Google when searching. According to Advanced Web Ranking, the first result on Google receives over thirty percent of all desktop traffic. The second result receives just over ten percent, and by the time users hit the sixth result, under three percent of users actually click. Keep in mind that each Google page contains 10 results, which means very few people are actually navigating past the first page.

importance of seasonal seo

SEO isn’t something easily solved, however. It’s complicated, like explaining the plot to LOST complicated. Earning your clients the top spot in search results this Christmas season requires close attention to listings, reviews, website content, customer engagement, and a whole lot more. To make selling it a bit easier, our wizards have conjured up three packages to do the heavy lifting for you.

When 40,000 search queries are being placed on Google every second (Internet Live Stats), there's no reason to leave this big opportunity behind. It has become a natural habit for all of us to search in Google whenever we hear about something new. And if your company doesn't show up when people are looking for you in search engines like Google, you're directly hurting your reputation, brand value, and missing a lot of visitors or potential customers. SEO in 2018 isn't optional or good to have any more. Now it's one of the key deciding factors in the modern buyer journey. Your clients deserve to have the best possible SEO services you can provide.
Jubaer Prodhan

SEO Strategist, Vendasta

9 Products to “Sleigh” the Competition

SEO is a vast and complex subject, far more in-depth that can be covered in any one article. Our internal analysts have measured the top factors for SEO and chosen 9 products best-suited to impact these before Santa gets here.

1. Listing Builder

Listing Builder is an easy way to create a business’s first listing. Optimized for Google, these listings are used to reinforce the quality data that search engines looks for when ranking websites. Create a hub with the clients’ location information, hours of operation, and a map to help their prospects reach them.

2. Listing Distribution

SEO can be significantly impacted by the number of accurate listings a business has online. Search engines check reputable sources and compare the listing data. The more accurate and numerous the listings, the better a site will rank.

Listing Distribution sends your data to the biggest aggregators on the web. These authorities are then called upon by hundreds of sites to update their information by either correcting their existing listings or by creating new ones. As this product can take 4-6 weeks to fully distribute the data to the aggregators, it’s a good idea to get your clients activated early for the holidays.

3. Listing Sync Pro

It can be nearly impossible to ensure all of a business’s online listings are up-to-date. Whether it be something as simple as a new phone number, a change in business hours, or something as massive as a complete rebranding, Listing Sync Pro helps listings stay accurate. This is especially important around the holidays when hours are irregular. Need to close early on Friday? Simply update the hours in the app to instantly sync that information to some of the most-visited sites on the web.

4. Customer Voice

Nearly 64% of all consumers check Google’s online reviews before visiting a business. According to ReviewTrackers, a whopping 94% of people will not visit a business due to negative reviews. Customer Voice allows your clients to request reviews from their most loyal customers, improving their review score. This is especially important for ranking highly on search engines, as they are more likely to rank a business higher if they have many positive reviews.

5. Boostability SEO

Of course, SEO isn’t as simple as having a lot of listings. According to Backlinkto, Google alone uses 200 different factors and metrics to decide where a business should rank. Boostability SEO takes care of some of the more complex factors for your clients. By utilizing their team, your clients can optimize parts of their website, manage their keywords, and receive measurable reports to demonstrate clear value.

A lot of businesses think that marketing equates solely to advertising. They move their entire digital marketing budget into the popular advertising platforms like Google and Facebook while neglecting their SEO strategy. Advertising in the context of SEO is like rocket fuel, without the rest of the rocket you'll only be blowing up on the launch pad.
Halsten Rust

Partner Development Manager, Vendasta

6. Pagevamp (trial)

Making websites can be stressful. What’s a WordPress? How do I make an HTML? Is PHP legal in my state? With Pagevamp, your clients don’t need to worry about any of that. Pagevamp can use the information on their Facebook page to create an entire website in a single click. Plus, when they update their Facebook page, Pagevamp will update the webpage to match.

7. Reputation Management

So, your clients have collected a ton of reviews across a number of sources. Awesome! Now they just need a way to monitor them. By consolidating reviews from some of the most popular sites on the internet, Reputation Management makes it easier for your clients to keep track of their online reputation. This allows them to respond to both positive and negative reviews across the web. As positive reviews boost a site’s ranking on search engines, it’s vital that businesses stay on top of their online reputation—particularly as the holidays near.

8. Social Marketing

With everything else businesses need to do to optimize their SEO, it’s easy to overlook their social presence. As their Twitter and Facebook followers don’t directly impact search rankings, it can be hard to justify spending time on your clients’ social media presence. However, with the holidays fast approaching, social media is one of the best forms of free advertising.

Social media gives your clients a few key advantages. Instead of being a faceless entity, business owners can communicate directly with their client base on a more personal level. According to Convince & Convert, over 50% of Americans showing greater loyalty to brands they follow on social media, it's clear that consumers trust businesses that have a human element.

A social media presence also gives businesses a powerful tool to put their products in front of consumers. With a simple tweet or post, business owners can reach a vast network of potential customers through shares, retweets, and reposts. Social Marketing is a great tool to give your clients the power to do all of this.

9. SEO Network

SEO Network is SEO done fast. Clients simply need to add a short piece of code to their sites, and SEO Network goes to work by generating vital missing content pages. Search engines give priority to sites that consistently post new content. The content SEO Network generates is used to elevate a business’s ranking on Google, increasing the views that page receives from prospective clients.

The Holy Grail of SEO Packages

To help you sell and provide the best value to your clients, we’ve created three recommended packages within the Vendasta Marketplace. These have been carefully curated by some of our top salespeople to work together seamlessly.

Get Found | Beginner

seasonal seo beginner package

This package is perfect for business clients in small communities, or those in larger communities who are just starting out. This beginner tier includes the following:

  • Pagevamp (free trial) - SEO is largely reliant on a business’s website, so we start with Pagevamp (free trial). This builds your clients a website based on their existing Facebook page.
  • Listing Builder (with Listing Sync Pro) - This set of products helps a business’ information get out there, making your clients easier to find and contact in their local markets.
  • Customer Voice (with the SMS 200 add-on)- Request reviews from a business’s most loyal clients via email and text.
  • Boostability SEO | Bronze - Let Boostability experts go to work for your clients. The Bronze version includes six SEO hours, one optimized page, one to two targeted keywords, and five tracking keywords.
  • Reputation Management - Ensure your clients know what customers are saying about them. Reputation Management allows them to monitor and respond to reviews, as well as track how their competitors are doing with their reputations.
  • Social Marketing - Post to some of the most popular social media sites with Social Marketing. Your clients can schedule posts, find new leads, and engage with prospective clients.

If you’re a Vendasta partner, click here to sign in and copy this “Get Found | Beginner” package to your store. If you are not currently a Vendasta partner and would like to utilize this package, click here to sign up for free or schedule a demo.

Get Found | Intermediate

Get Found | Intermediate is built to serve businesses in medium-sized communities, as well as those that need to get more competitive with their SEO. This includes all features of the beginner package, plus the following:

  • Boostability SEO | Silver- Upgrades Boostability Bronze to Silver. Upgrading adds an additional nine SEO hours (fifteen total) and ten additional tracking keywords (fifteen total) to the Bronze package.
  • Listing Distribution  - Helps build your clients’ citations and online listings by distributing their data to the top data aggregates.
  • Upgrade: SMS 500 for Customer Voice - Upgrades the SMS add-on for Customer Voice to allow for 500 SMS messages.
  • SEO Network - Automated and fast, SEO Network provides quick results for better SEO rankings.

If you’re a Vendasta partner, click here to sign in and copy this Get Found | Intermediate package to your store. If you are not currently a Vendasta partner and would like to utilize this package, click here to sign up for free or schedule a demo.

Get Found | Advanced

This final package is designed for businesses in big cities, or experts in SEO that are looking to take their business further. Includes all features from “Get Found | Intermediate”, plus the following:

  • Boostability SEO | Gold - Upgrades Boostability Silver to Gold. Upgrading adds an additional ten SEO hours (twenty-five total) and ten additional tracking keywords (twenty-five total) to the Silver package.
  • Additional Five Keywords for SEO Network - Adds an additional five keywords to SEO Network.

If you’re a Vendasta partner, click here to sign in and copy this “Get Found | Advanced” package to your store. If you are not currently a Vendasta partner and would like to utilize this package, click here to sign up for free or schedule a demo.

Getting Started with Recommended Packages

As a Vendasta Partner, you can use any of the above packages by browsing to Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store > Recommended Packages. Clicking Add to Store on any of the packages will let you configure them for sale.

recommended seasonal seo packages

That said, we understand that you may wish to tweak some of these packages to fit your sales strategy. To do so, publish the package to your store, then click on it from the Manage Store > Store screen.

Explore other great products and services that you can sell to your clients this holiday season in the Vendasta Marketplace!