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Vendasta’s white-label platform allows you to sell and host WordPress websites for clients with the most trusted source on the internet: Google Cloud Platform.

We offer agencies unmetered web hosting with unlimited storage for a REASONABLE price – unlike some of the recent hosting spikes in the industry. Plus free migration for all WP Engine users!

What makes Vendasta different?

Agencies often ask us how we stack up against the competition. Occasionally, they’ll inquire about WP Engine’s offerings and how it’s different from ours. Based on research and intel from partners who have used both platforms, we’ve compiled this list of differences.

Essentially, WP Engine provides WordPress hosting with a recently inflated price tag. Vendasta is a digital marketing platform that offers the same hosting benefits, as well as over 30 other white-label digital products and services that you can rebrand and sell to your clients. If WP Engine’s new pricing guide has you reconsidering your subscription, it might be time for some subscription spring cleaning. Vendasta is a single platform for all of your marketing solutions.

Tony Roland

Robert Cullen, City Search Solutions

Vendasta’s customer service, marketing platform, and most importantly, their team is amazing. We would highly recommend working with them, as we’ve seen significant growth since using their online tools. Great company with great service!

WP Engine Pricing

As of March 1, 2018 WP Engine plans fall into three primary tiers: Personal at $35/month for one site, Professional at $115/month for 5 sites and Business at $290/month for 15 installs. On their business plan they effectively charge $19.30 per website. WP Engine pricing is based on a commitment for a given number of websites—on a plan for 15 sites, even if you only have 12 sites you have to pay for 3 unused accounts.

Comparatively, Vendasta’s Website Pro solution offers agencies unmetered web hosting with unlimited storage at $12.00/site.

When WP Engine announced their recent price increase, many of their customers were understandably unhappy. After receiving an email about the hike in Februray, 2018, many people took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction (see below).

Vendasta vs WP Engine Pricing Comparison

Feature Vendasta WP Engine
Site cost per month $12 $19.33*
Requires minimum commitment No Yes

* This price is based on an average from their business plan which requires a commitment of 15 websites

A few reactions to the recent WP Engine price hike…

Manage WordPress Hosting Features

Finding reliable managed WordPress hosting for agencies is a distinct challenge. The number of offerings available are staggering, but Vendasta and WP Engine are premium services catered towards agencies, media companies, and brands committed to delivering fast, secure, and reliable websites.

Vendasta offers secure SSO access into WordPress through our platform. We avoid imposing any quotas by offering unmetered visits, storage, and bandwidth.

WP Engine offers a staging environment for their sites and a content delivery network, which are great features, as well as free SSL (although you have to self-configure it).

Feature Vendasta WP Engine
Unlimited visits per month
Unmetered SSD storage
Unmetered bandwidth
Free SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt)
Automated daily backups
On-demand backups
1-click Backup Restore
PHP 7 pre-installed
Database Access via phpMyAdmin
Website Performance Dashboard
Secure Single client login (outside of WordPress)
Staging Environment

Get More Than Just Managed WordPress Hosting

When you join Vendasta’s white-label platform, you get more than WordPress web hosting. You get access to a marketplace, stacked with wholesale white-label digital marketing products to resell under your brand and price point.

Plus, you’ll have access to marketing automation tools to find local businesses who need your agency’s help—with the data to prove it. And for extra firepower, we offer white-label services to fulfill your marketing services for clients under your company.

Platform Features

Feature Vendasta WP Engine
Wholesale Marketplace
Marketing Automation
Sales CRM
White-label Marketing Services
In-Market Sales Training
White-label Content Library


At the end of the day, WP Engine is considered one of the leaders in Premium Managed WordPress hosting, but Vendasta offers all of that and then some. Both companies are successful for good reasons, but when agencies, local media companies and brands want to offer more than managed WordPress installs, Vendasta is the better fit.

Competitive Summary

Section Vendasta WP Engine
Hosting Features
**Disclaimer: This comparison is based on information that is publicly available. If something is inaccurate, please contact us to review and update.**

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