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How to become a GoDaddy reseller (the easy way)


Anyone in business today needs to have a website. Even small local businesses that were able to get by without a piece of digital real estate until recently can no longer do so. Becoming a GoDaddy reseller can enable you to help your clients carve out space for their businesses online.

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After all, Google has become an essential companion for shoppers. About four out of five people search for products online before purchasing them and look up businesses before visiting in real life. This means that in order to be on their customers’ radar, businesses need to have an online presence.

Here, we’ll go over why GoDaddy needs to be a part of your product offering, how to make money as a GoDaddy reseller, and how you can get started reselling it.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. Founded in 1997, it’s also one of the most widely recognized and trusted names in the domain registry space.

How does GoDaddy work?

As a domain registrar, GoDaddy can be used to claim and register domain names that can be used to navigate to a given website.

Domains, or web addresses, are important assets for businesses. They’re a reflection of the brand, and businesses often spend time researching domain names as part of their business naming process since it’s considered very important to have a domain that matches the brand name.

Through GoDaddy, users can search for available domain names, see how much they will cost, buy them, and set them up so that they point to the correct website.

How to make money as a GoDaddy reseller

If you’re here to determine how to make money as a GoDaddy reseller, here it is: As a GoDaddy reseller, you can purchase domains at a wholesale price, add a markup of your choosing, and take the difference as profit. Domain names are generally not very expensive, so it’s unlikely that selling domains on their own will make a huge impact on your bottom line.

However, you’ll make it much easier for your clients to choose you over competitors if you sell domain registration, hosting programs, and web design all in one place.

Margins and pricing as a GoDaddy reseller

Domains must be registered for a minimum of one year. This is standard in the industry and the same through other domain registrars. Most domains will cost about $12.00 per year at wholesale, with a few dollars being added as profit.

While the profit margins may be decent, the volume of domains you’ll sell likely won’t make you rich on its own. However, the impact of becoming a GoDaddy reseller on your business’ revenue might surprise you.

Why become a GoDaddy reseller?

Let’s look at some of the reasons to add reseller domains to your list of services.

It’s an essential complementary product

Whether you run a web agency, a marketing agency, or even an IT company, web design and maintenance are likely among a longer list of services you offer. You might even be a website builder reseller. Either way, anyone involved in reselling website services is leaving money on the table by failing to offer domain registry. If you want to resell websites quickly and profitably, you’ll want to ensure you’re covering all your bases, which includes a reseller domain as part of a website product bundle.

You want to make it as easy as possible for clients to choose you over all of the other competitors out there offering similar services. By taking care of domain registry for them, you give prospective clients an extra nudge to work with you over their other options. If you offer reseller hosting and web design, these services can be effectively bundled together.

Domain registry is out of most people’s comfort zone so even if it isn’t very complicated, clients will generally appreciate having their trusted digital expert take care of it for them.

Improve client retention

Domain registry is a small but critically important aspect of any business with an online presence, because if something goes wrong with the domain registry, their site could be inaccessible by customers. If clients trust you to handle their domain registry, they will be less likely to switch away on a whim and risk having an interruption to their domain registration.

In other words, as a GoDaddy reseller, you can make your clients that much stickier, improving your retention and average lifetime value (LTV).

Easily access DNS

As a GoDaddy reseller, both you and your client can easily access DNS settings to get the domain properly pointing to their website quickly.

Option to sell under your own brand

The GoDaddy reseller program is also available as a white-label product. With this option, your clients don’t see the GoDaddy brand, and instead see a domain product with your branding. It’s totally up to you: you might prefer having your business associated with a well-known and trusted brand, or you might enjoy the brand-building benefits of having your own domain product. GoDaddy is one of the best reseller programs but it’s also one of the best white-label reseller programs, too.

How to resell GoDaddy

The best way to resell GoDaddy is through a reseller marketplace where you can access GoDaddy and a range of other complementary products for your business. Here’s exactly how to get started, step by step.

  1. Find a white-label software marketplace. Once you have an account, you can sign up to be a GoDaddy reseller. You don’t have to pay for any domains upfront.
  2. Determine your price point. Remember, selling a reseller domain isn’t going to a be major profit driver itself, but rather a complement to other services that will help you convert more clients and retain them for longer. Of course, you still want to make a profit, so determine your price point carefully.
  3. Add GoDaddy to your website. Add is as one of your new offerings and bundle the reseller domain product with your existing website services.
  4. Once you have a deal with your customer, you can purchase the determined reseller domain. Since you don’t have to pay anything until you have a sale, you don’t have to worry about cutting into your profits.

Frequently asked questions

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, which you can use to purchase and register domains for your client’s websites.

Can I resell GoDaddy?

Yes, through a reseller partner program, you can resell GoDaddy under their brand or your own brand.

What is SaaS reselling?

SaaS reselling refers to the purchase of software at a wholesale price which is then resold at a markup. Becoming a SaaS reseller enables businesses to offer a wide range of digital products for resale without having to develop them in house. Reselling well-known brands like GoDaddy can help improve trust and credibility. On the other hand, white-label software resellers sell products under their own brand so that they appear as in-house solutions.

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