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Fairfax Media Case Study

How one of the largest traditional media companies in Australia conquered digital

What happens when you hand a traditional media company the tools and resources to sell digital products? If you pair them with Vendasta—success. The juicy details of just how successful this media conglomerate became can be found inside.

What’s inside?

  • Month-by-month break down of marketing and sales success rates (spoiler: these numbers are impressive)
  • Detailed insights on adding digital to your sales team’s arsenal
  • In-depth objective, challenges and process overview

Find out what was achieved in just four months!


How a 180 year old media institution smashed sales expections with digital marketing solutions

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"Three reps who sell print reached out to me to say that they now find selling digital marketing services the easiest product to sell.”

— Luke Delandelles, Fairfax Media