Becoming a G Suite Reseller: Pricing, Packaging, and More

You want to drive increased recurring revenue through stickier relationships with your clients and better product bundles. Google needs experienced partners to fuel its market penetration. A match made in heaven? Let’s explore the why, how, and everything else you ever wanted to know about becoming a G Suite reseller.

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Crash Course on G Suite

G Suite is a collection of the powerful cloud-based business solutions produced by Google. You’re likely familiar with most of them: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and many more. G Suite is basically everything that your business clients need to drive productivity, save time, and get back to conquering their local markets.

How G Suite Works

The entire host of Google apps is cloud-based and G Suite is a complete line of business and productivity enhancing solutions. Essentially, it’s Google’s agile iteration of Office 365.

G Suite operates on a freemium basis. For personal use, the average person gets access to many of the great products and services that comprise G Suite. However, as you begin to grow in your usage rate (as a business owner might), you start paying for usage.

There are a couple options for when  you (or your clients) become paying customers:

  1. Pay directly to Google for usage.
  2. Purchase seats through a G Suite reseller at a discounted rate. This reseller could be you.

So, what products and services are included through a G Suite reseller?

G Suite Products and Services

Google groups their products and services into four primary functions for business:

G Suite Functions 2019


The apps in this section include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Plus, and the suite of Google Hangouts products. These are the basic apps that every business should have in order to stay connected with each other and collaborate like never before.


Ever tried to work on the same project as someone else, and had to email multiple versions of docs back and forth? IT’S A NIGHTMARE. With G Suite’s creative product lineup, including: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, App Maker, Keep, and Jamboard, businesses can easily collaborate and innovate to create documents, presentations, and much more—faster than ever before.


Access is pretty simple: It’s comprised of Google Drive and Google Cloud Search. Google Drive gives you the cloud-based storage you need to run a full service business operation from your laptop. The days of needing robust mainframe computers on location to operate a business are coming to a close. And Google Cloud Search is an intelligent search function that allows you to pick through your entire G Suite database to locate that a picture or document buried in the deep dark depths of your files. It’s pretty magical.


This category is home to Google Admin, Vault, Mobile, and Work Insights. These four apps are pretty well everything that your clients would need to manage devices and users, secure and archive content, and manage and track that content with ease.

The Top 4 Reasons to Become a G Suite Reseller

Top Reasons to Become a G Suite Reseller

Here is the heart and soul of this article. This brief list will help you better understand the great reasons as to why you should become a G Suite reseller:

1. Your Business Clients Need G Suite

When starting a business, every entrepreneur or business owner needs a branded email. A business branded email adds legitimacy to business contact information!

For example, which of the below emails do you think instills more brand trust to Jon's Furniture?

The difference is that one of those email addresses will be taken seriously, and one of them will look like it’s coming from a basement operation. Setting up a branded email with G Suite is easy, and your clients will instantly see the value in having a branded Gmail domain as opposed to using a personal email for business.

Why Local Businesses Need G Suite

Here are some of the other primary reasons why G Suite is essential for businesses of all sizes and functionalities.

  1. Cloud Integration. Gartner is forecasting the worldwide public cloud revenue to grow 17% in 2020. The time is now, and the cloud is the ideal place for local business operations to be conducted because it minimizes the operational costs that used to be required as a result of onsite equipment for apps and storage. The Google Cloud also has a 99.9% uptime promise, so you never have to worry about your email server (or anything else) going down. Cloud integration enables local businesses to operate off of a laptop, tablet, or phone, and that’s why it’s becoming so desirable.
  2. Increased Productivity and Innovation. Since the beginning of time, workplaces have always sought new ways to drive increased productivity and spark innovation among their teams. G Suite is a powerful enabler of growth in both of these areas.
  3. G Suite Pricing. Google has a very simplistic pricing structure comprised of three tiers—unlike the 20-tier iterations of their competitors. What’s more? G Suite pricing is more economical than that of Microsoft Office 365.  For example, the Enterprise edition of G Suite is $29/user/month at wholesale, whereas the enterprise equivalent of Office 365 comes in at $35/user/month.

Businesses need the functionalities that G Suite delivers. So just remember: If you don’t sell it to them, then someone else will.

2. Leverage Google’s Brand Authority

Your Brand + The Big G = Credibility. That’s a fact.

We love to talk about the power of branding, and what brands are bigger and stronger than Google? Google’s parent company (Alphabet) has a market cap of $831 billion, making it the second largest in the world, and falling only to that of Apple. Just imagine the trust that you can build and instill with your customers simply by conveying that you are a Google reseller. Google gives you instant verification and legitimacy in the eyes of your prospects.

Once you’ve established this brand trust, having this "Google bazooka" in your arsenal is successfully going to anchor all of your other product and service offerings as well. Simply by placing a Google logo beside another product or service, you are lending it Google caliber credibility.

3. Customer Service and Support

Odds are pretty good that unless your clients are pretty tech savvy, they are going to need some help with setting up, operating, and/or troubleshooting their new G Suite account. That’s where you come in and grab a bigger slice of the (revenue) pie.

Most of your traditional local businesses are fine setting up a standard Gmail account, but when it comes to setting up a custom domain email address using G Suite, it becomes much more difficult. While Google does have some helpful documentation, it's not the easiest to follow or understand. If you're not a technical person, a G Suite reseller adds a personal touch and training that Google itself will not provide.
Joe Robison

Founder, Green Flag Digital

In providing your clients with this service and support, you can strengthen your relationship  and make them more inclined to stay with you and your brand. This relationship can then be leveraged to help sell other products and services to these customers.

4. G Suite is Sticky

When it comes to building a strong relationship with your clients, there are few things that make a customer stick to you better than a suite of Google apps. This is because these apps are foundational to the success of your clients businesses.

A study on 7,700 small businesses using G Suite yielded the following results:

  1. 20% stayed for 1-2 years
  2. 70% for 2-5 years
  3. And 10% for 5+ years

Study on 7,700 Businesses Using G Suite

In the business service and marketing industries, these numbers are staggering. Just think about it though. Two of the foundational components of G Suite are custom email domains, and website building capabilities. If you have your email domain set-up with Google, your website built with Google, and all of your data stored in the Google Cloud—why would you ever leave?

If minimizing churn and driving stronger client relationships are among your yearly goals, then becoming a G Suite reseller is a perfect pairing for you and your brand.

Reselling G Suite With Vendasta

Reselling G Suite With Vendasta

But wait a second… Why would I buy G Suite from you instead of Google?

I was curious about this too. The short answer is that Google partners with large resellers (like us) to leverage greater market access, and give more end consumers access to one of the most in-demand products in the business market (G Suite). By becoming a G Suite reseller through us, you save time and money.

So why don’t I just become a reseller and skip you and your weird name, “Vendasta”?

Another great question – although we’re quite fond of our weird name. The answer is that Google has a very difficult and strict qualification process for partners and mandates a minimum of 100 provisioned seats on the product before they will even consider you partnering with an organization. After that, you have to complete a credit check, and a number of other preliminary qualifiers. So, in short, we let you skip all of the hassle, and become a G Suite reseller for a much better price-point than list.

But then you will get all of the credit, right?

Vendasta is a white-label platform, so every Vendasta owned product and service that you want to sell through us will have your branding on it. We’re not about the glory, but we are all about helping you serve your clients better.

What’s more? In partnering with Vendasta, you also get access to over 60 other powerful products and services within our Marketplace that can all be bundled and sold under your branding, and at your price point. Check out Vendasta pricing and see which plan fits your need.

G Suite Pricing With Vendasta

We already analyzed Google’s public-facing pricing, but they also offer reduced pricing to premium partners who have successfully navigated all of their obstacle courses. We are one of those partners. As a result, we can pass our discounts along to you, and you can pass them along to your clients (while still earning a margin for yourself of course).

Let's break it down.

g suite pricing

This means that your cost through Vendasta is either $68.50 or $137.00 per seat/per year, and that leaves you the ability to charge your clients up to a 5% margin, and these clients will still be receiving a discount from the retail cost that they would be paying direct to Google otherwise.

Another strategy might be to resell G Suite at cost to earn greater goodwill among clients, and leverage other products and services in addition to G Suite to earn a greater margin. The choice is yours.

What if my clients are already using G Suite direct through Google?

We can help here too. We are currently doing free migrations of G Suite accounts, so if your clients are already paying Google rates, and want to switch to you as a new Google reseller for a discounted rate (and all of the other benefits you can offer them), we can enable that transaction for selected partners—without any cost on your behalf. Contact us if you are interested in this feature.

Single Sign-In With Vendasta

We all know that no business ever wants to have to deal with eight different vendors to meet 15 key needs. That’s a fact. By becoming a provider that can meet more of your clients needs, you dramatically increase your chance of retaining business with that customer.

If you want to learn more about the power of product diversification in conquering churn, check out the Vendasta churn study here.

Better yet, meet all of these needs through a single login portal, and you might quickly become the best resource your clients have ever had. With the Vendasta Business App, you can offer your clients single sign-in to access all of their G Suite products, as well as more than 60 other products and services that can be sold at wholesale out of the Vendasta Marketplace, all under your brand.

G Suite Product Bundles

One of the greatest advantages to becoming a G Suite reseller with Vendasta is the access to our existing Marketplace of an additional 60+ apps and services that can easily be bundled with the G Suite products and services. By adding additional products to your Google app offering, you can increase the stickiness of your sales and give yourself a distinct advantage over other competing resellers.

Here is an idea of the bundles that you could offer your clients by harnessing the power of Google and Vendasta together:

Web Hosting Package

G Suite and Website Pro

This package includes:

  1. G Suite for foundational business operations.
  2. Website Pro for managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform.
  3. And MarketGoo for improved website tracking and Google search ranking

Agency-in-a-Box (for the instant marketing agency)

Agency in a Box

This package includes:

  1. G Suite for foundational business operations.
  2. Website Pro for managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Custom Logo Design because everyone needs a killer logo.
  4. Advertising Intelligence to measure as much data as you can digest and ensure that you are the king of your own domain when it comes to advertising.

Full Email Bundle

This package could include: 

1. Email marketing software: resell Constant Contact, one of the leading email software providers, for DIY and DIWM email marketing. 

2. Email marketing services: provide white-label email marketing services to supplement client campaigns and improve overall results from the email channel.

3. Video and content creation services: beef out email campaigns by packing on custom video and graphics to improve your client campaigns.

Now, what’s next?

Getting Started with Reselling G Suite

G Suite is an extension of everything that Google stands for. With G Suite, your clients can be confident that they are implementing the most user-friendly, convenient, compatible, and secure apps that they need for their work.

If you are ready to amplify your revenue, build stronger relationships with your clients, and always outmatch your competitors—you better head to the Vendasta Marketplace.

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