Create a one-stop digital storefront for your customers

Sell all of the digital and non-digital solutions your company offers in one spot and boost sales by targeting the businesses that show interest.

Become the trusted agency for local businesses

Agencies and media companies specialize in a variety of digital and non-digital services—SEO, SEM, websites, social ads, you name it. But the majority of local businesses feel that they would perform better if they didn’t have to worry about multiple vendors1.

The Product Catalog turns you into a digital cattle herder—it allows you to gather a comprehensive suite of digital and non-digital solutions into one place and empowers you to sell a diverse offering at scale.

Sell more of what you're already selling

Sell more of what you’re already selling

Add your current offerings to the Product Catalog, including selling points, images and sales collateral.

Provision third-party solutions

Provision a continually expanding catalog of third-party solutions

Use Vendasta’s Marketplace to select the products–there’s no limit to what you can offer your customers!

Receive alerts

Receive alerts whenever a customer has shown interest in a product

Contact the business owner when they’re ready to buy, and not a moment later.

Evergreen marketing

Evergreen marketing keeps your agency top-of-mind

Email campaigns continue to market your product catalog until a customer buys or dies.

Provision best-in-class products from Vendasta’s Wholesale Marketplace

From our Marketplace to your product suite—easy and profitable, just the way you like it. With Vendasta’s Wholesale Marketplace, agencies and media companies gain access to a collection of the very best solutions developed by top-tier solution providers. Agencies can easily provision these third-party products and immediately begin selling them to current and prospective customers from directly within the Product Catalog.

Your Product Catalog
Marketing Automation integration

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

The Product Catalog is seamlessly integrated with our Marketing Automation program so your salespeople always know when a business is interested, along with which products they’re interested in.

When a business clicks to discover more about your agency’s solutions, we’ll notify your salespeople immediately. This hot leads and sales management integration powers your sales team to drastically reduce the cost of acquisition by allowing them to focus their efforts on businesses that are ready to buy.

Be top-of-mind when businesses are ready to buy

Because 63% of people who request information about your company today won’t purchase for at least three months, it’s absolutely critical that you remain top-of-mind when businesses are ready.

With the Product Catalog, agencies and media companies can highlight all of the products their customers have yet to buy, in the same dashboard as the products they’ve already purchased!

Email alert - sales opportunity!
Customizable promo pages

Educate customers with customizable promo pages

With every product you add to the Product Catalog, you can effortlessly build an effective promo page. Prospective customers will be able to:

  • Read the product’s description
  • Identify the key selling points
  • View supplementary images and PDFs
  • Contact your salesperson to buy

How much should I charge for my product catalog?

As a Vendasta Partner you have access to our marketplace of products which you can package along with your existing products service then resell at your pricing. You have complete freedom to charge your rates and create value adds. Want to bundle your custom web design consulting with one of our SEO or Reputation Management Services? The power is in your hands. Through our Sales Training and Resources we offer a lot of information around suggested retail pricing but there are no restrictions on the profit margin that you choose beyond our wholesale rates.

For full details on Vendasta pricing see our full pricing guide below or visit our pricing page.

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