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Live Chat

Live Chat

Build convenient connections and customer conversations with a widget for websites.

Live Chat makes businesses easily accessible to their customers by offering a simple way to connect and start a chat through their website. 77% of consumers believe Live Chat improves a businesses reputation. Why not generate leads for your clients with one of the most intuitive communications platforms possible?

Key Selling Points for Live Chat

  • Proactive chat! Allow businesses to prompt a chat with a customer after they've spent a specific (and pre-determined) amount of time on the site.
  • Feed your hot new leads list! All new chats will automatically feed your contact list.
  • Personalize all your conversations! The profile of the customer who entered the chat will be directly displayed as soon as the conversation starts.
  • Leave no questions unanswered! Thanks to its smooth experience, you can view at a glance the conversation flow by jumping from one chat to another and by entering a group conversation.
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