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Digital Advertising

Online advertising that delivers real-life business results—with proof

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Search. Display. Social advertising. Provide businesses with geo-targeted Google, Facebook and display advertising campaigns to drive real-world conversions. Plus, show ROI with proof-of-performance reports that are automatically delivered to your client’s inbox.

Business owner seeing mobile advertising ROI proof of performance on her smartphone

Resellable online advertising service for agencies


Vendasta’s Digital Advertising stands apart from any other type of online advertising, because we can guarantee impressions, show real-world conversions and deliver true ROI for every campaign. We provide you and your clients with regular ROI reports and take care of all fulfillment work so you can focus on scaling your business.

It’s completely turn-key. Digital Advertising is a managed service that your agency can resell to local businesses. We do all the heavy lifting, allowing your agency to focus on sales, maintaining relationships and driving new revenue. 

Show proof of performance with ROI reporting

Our reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your client’s impressions and clicks—these reports also show that you’ve generated more phone calls and store visits, and that you’ve given them a positive return on investment.

Advertising that proves it resulted in actual phone calls and store visits

Track real-world results, like phone calls and store visits.

Customer phone calls can be anonymously analyzed for specific keywords, and audience geo-locations can be anonymously analyzed to reveal in-store visits. These real-world actions are linked to your client’s campaign.

Geofence competitors and run conquest campaigns

Digital Advertising uses technologies to promote your clients’ businesses to the right audience at the right time, including targeting competitors’ customers, nearby consumers, past customers and more. Leverage cutting-edge programmatic and geo-location ad targeting technologies to deliver results.

Google map of geofencing advertising areas targeted with pinpoint accuracy
A digital agent fulfills online advertising order on behalf of an agency

Fulfilled for you by our digital agents

Our digital agents will do all the heavy lifting for you, from setting up geo-targeting, retargeting and Facebook advertising, to providing your clients with proof-of-performance reports. Your agency can grow advertising revenue while you focus on sales, maintaining relationships and driving profit.

White labelled under your brand

Digital Advertising is available in Vendasta Marketplace and is fully white labelled, so you can brand and sell it as your own product! Simply take the order and let Vendasta’s Digital Advertising team do the rest, using your brand.

white-label advertising service for agencies and media companies to resell

Agency Strategies for Google and Facebook SMB Advertising

Virtually all of the growth in the digital ad world can be attributed to two giant kingdoms: Facebook and Google. This guide will help you master both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for your clients.

This free download features case studies for local businesses who achieved incredible returns on ad spend:

Facebook: 1,429% ROI
Google: 2,857% ROI

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Advertising Channels



Customized ads that appear at the top of Google search results. Showcase reviews, business location, phone number and more for your clients. Turn passive internet surfers into active, engaged customers.


Showcase your client’s business through banner ads distributed across the web and on mobile apps. Take advantage of the magic of targeting, advertising with laser-like precision based on audience behavior, location and more.


Get your clients seen at the top of the News feed on the most popular social media site on the web. Display call-to-actions like call now, get directions, and drive measurable results for your local business clients.

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