Vendasta’s marketing team has put together a compelling study outlining the rise of niche marketing automation platforms and why and how a specialized solution may be more effective. In this webinar, Vice President of Sales George Leith as he provides valuable insight into our research.

George Leith

George Leith

Chief Revenue Officer

George is responsible for business development with Vendasta’s large media partners, as well as managing our in-house sales team. A digital interpreter, George has preached the gospel of online reputation management directly to the local businesses of hundreds of cities across North America. He translates his knowledge of the digital landscape into accessible information for those still stuck in the rut of traditional media.

With nearly three decades of experience in marketing, sales and promotion, George is a highly compelling speaker, always in demand across North America — vital content and emphatic delivery are combined for an enlightening presentation. George’s expertise in sales, training, networking, management and marketing comes from the numerous executive and ownership positions he has held across multiple media and service related businesses. His track record of success is continued here at Vendasta.

Chris Unsworth

Chris Unsworth

Premium Account Executive

Chris Unsworth is a classic jack-of-all trades and master of a few. He previously played on the U of S Huskies basketball team, winning a championship in 2010. Chris has had experiences ranging from driving 18 wheelers, to arms dealing, to jumping out of helicopters and firefighting. A serial entrepreneur who founded his first business in the competitive clothing market by making tall clothes for tall people, Chris loves being active and can't resist a practical joke.

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