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9 Business Essentials Agencies Can Resell

It’s 2018. Our phones have grown into supercomputers. There’s an app to fulfill every desire. There’s a product or service to meet every need.

Selling business and marketing solutions can be a complicated space. Your local business clients have complex and unique needs, and finding the right solutions for those clients can often be a daunting task that involves bulky case by case analyses.

How can you streamline this analysis?

There are certain solutions that can be bundled to best accommodate your clients and save you time. Let’s explore the business essentials that are perfect for clients who are earlier in their business development.

What Clients Need the Business Essentials?

A state of maturity is what every local business strives to reach. However, according to Fundera, 20% of small business startups fail within the first year, 30% by the end of year two, and 50% after five years in business. That means that only half of our cherished local businesses actually get to enjoy that desired state of maturity.

These small businesses naturally need the most help as they navigate the inception and survival stages. During this early period of development, it is life or death for these businesses.

In order for them to successfully transition into periods of growth and expansion, there are business essentials that will give these businesses an initial boost right when they need it most.

The Top 9 Business Essentials

You want to give your clients the best possible chance of success in their respective markets. If they want to stand a chance of surviving in 2018, here are the nine essential products and services they need from you.

1. Productivity Solution

Whether it be for basic accounting work, drafting employment agreements, preparing slideshows, or simply noting a great idea—your clients need a basic business and productivity solution (like Office 365 or G Suite).

By becoming a G Suite reseller, you can provide your developing local business clients with this foundational service, and build a much stronger client relationship.

Our Solution: G Suite

2. Listing Building Service

Incorrect contact info can be the difference between an online prospect going to your clients’ storefront or choosing one of their competitors instead. By providing a listing building service, you can give them the confidence of knowing that they always have accurate online information.

Looking further, you need an app that can actively manage and keep contact information up-to-date across hundreds of the most used websites and directories. You also need the ability to make changes on the fly to reflect special holidays or spur of the moment changes in hours of operation. Have a client closing early this Friday? No problem.

Our Solution: Listing Builder

3. Listing Sync Service

When your clients are early in their business development, they need a listing solution that works RIGHT NOW. Every minute that they have inaccurate web data is an immeasurable loss of new prospects as well as potential damage to a new reputation.

You need to offer them a syncing service that will instantly establish a presence, or update one across as many listing sites as possible.

Our Solution: Listing Sync Pro

4. Website Creation Service

The customer journey isn’t what it used to be. The new first impression happens long before a customer ever enters your store front. Websites are more important than ever, so your clients need to have a digital storefront that is just as strong as their physical storefront.

By using third party providers, you can contract out website creation services and give your developing clients a nearly instant online presence.

Our solution: Pagevamp

5. Reputation Monitoring Tool

Your clients need to stay on top of the online feedback that they’re receiving across different review platforms in the form of reviews, listings, and mentions. This feedback provides valuable insights into business operations and combine to form your clients’ online reputation.

You need a dashboard that will funnel in all of this client data from the 140+ listing and review sites across the web so that you can provide review response services, and deliver powerful feedback that will help your clients grow and succeed in their markets.

Our Solution: Reputation Management

6. Feedback Capturing Tool

Remember when people actually asked their friends for restaurant recommendations or for help finding a great shoe store? Today, people refer to their new confidant instead—Google. And these people hold the big G’s insights in very high regard. In fact, nearly 90% of consumers say they’ll only consider a business if they have an average star rating that is greater than 3.5.

Your clients need a tool that will help them capture customer feedback from their most satisfied customers and generate more positive reviews on the top review sites for their respective industries. Give them the power of a strong friendship with sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Our Solution: Customer Voice

7. Social Media Management

Social media has presented both a unique opportunity as well as a unique challenge for local businesses. It gives these clients of yours an opportunity to express authenticity and strong brand attributes through a variety of channels, but it also presents the issue of allocating valuable time to make posts and curate content for all of these channels.

They need your help. By providing a managed service through an all-in-one composer, you can craft posts across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, GMB, and Instagram—all in one place.

Our Solution: Social Marketing

8. Video Creation Service

Your clients are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google if they have video content on their sites. Unfortunately, most of your clients don’t have the knowledge, time, or the resources to produce high quality video content in-house…

They need a video creation service to give them even the most basic of branded video content, and by outsourcing the creation of this content you can easily provide them with just that.

Our Solution: Videobolt

9. Advertising Dashboard

One of the greatest challenges in all digital advertising and social media marketing is delivering proof of performance. You need a tool that can synthesize all of the campaigns that you’re running for your clients across all platforms (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) to determine top performers and deliver accurate cost breakdowns. And you need it at little more than a click of your mouse.

Our Solution: Advertising Intelligence

Tools to Help You Sell

At Vendasta, we build a white-label sales & marketing platform that helps agencies and media companies around the world sell digital marketing solutions to local businesses. We’ve recently released a number of important updates to better help your company sell the essentials to all types of businesses.

Recommended Packages

Whether you’re a new partner who’s only beginning to set up your store or an experienced partner who wants to offer local businesses a focused and effective suite of services, new Recommended Packages provide a Vendasta-curated set of products designed to offer maximum value to your customers. These are designed to be easily copied to your store, and include marketing collateral that’s built-in.

We’ve compiled all of our aforementioned business solutions into a recommended package. If you’re a Vendasta partner, click here to sign in and copy this Business Essentials package to your store.

In order to deliver a seamless experience for our partners, we’ve also introduced some fantastic updates to our small business software to help you sell these Business Essentials:

The Snapshot Report & Zillow

The sales conversation begins with our award-winning marketing needs assessment: the Snapshot Report. It’s designed to highlight gaps in a business’ online marketing performance and arm sales reps with powerful insights that make for powerful and persuasive sales pitches. With our latest update, you can now hide physical business addresses in Listings Grade in the Snapshot Report, as well as Listing Sync Pro and Listing Distribution.

What does this mean for you and your clients? Any client that offers local services without a physical location, such as those who offer mobile or online services, operate from home, or use third-party locations, will now be able to list their business as a "Service Area Business" rather than a service in one physical location.

With this new ability to suppress addresses on accounts, the listings grade in Snapshot Report will be far more accurate for businesses without a physical location. As a partner, you can now accommodate existing and prospective clients who run service area businesses, and accurately sync their listings with sources that support a hidden physical address!

Learn More

For partners who sell to the real-estate industry, we’re also excited to announce that Zillow (a leading real estate marketplace and directory), is now available as a new listing and review source in Reputation Management.

Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell your home, Zillow's directory of local real estate agents and brokers connects you with professionals who can help meet your needs. Zillow allows you to view and compare real estate agents, read reviews, see an agent's current listings and past sales, and contact agents directly from their profile pages. With the listing source turned on, our system can now monitor Zillow for reviews and begin pulling them into our platform!

With these improvements to Listing Sync Pro, Listing Distribution, Snapshot Report, and Reputation Management, you’ll be able to sell the Business Essentials package to service area and real estate businesses with confidence!

Learn More

Activate packages in a couple clicks

With our new package activation workflow, getting the Business Essentials package into the hands of your clients is easy.

Previously, admins would have to activate each product in a package individually, but now admins can perform this action far quicker by enabling all products within a package at once! It even works with all of your existing packages, no setup required. If you’ve ever had trouble remembering every product that belongs to a package, this new feature is dedicated to you.

Learn More

Reporting, Reinvigorated

Proof of performance means everything to your clients. Business owners want to see their marketing dollars being put to work so they can feel confident that they’ve made a sound investment. That’s why we’ve introduced two great improvements to help you showcase their ROI:

Advertising Intelligence:

We’ve added Facebook Ads in the Business App Executive Report, so you can surface relevant and engaging metrics that include:

  • ROI
  • Total Spend
  • Impressions
  • Clicks (including CTR and average CPC)
  • Conversions

With a single report, your clients will have the power to see the performance and final results of their Facebook Ads within the last week or month. By combining real time performance reporting across ad channels with unique sales data, you can keep your clients updated with their true ROI.

Learn More

Notification Emails

We’ve redesigned the layout and appearance of our automated email notifications for system activity! Our email templates feature better and more consistent styling so your company looks better than ever. Email notifications will still maintain the same content as before, and will still follow your partner branding.

Click here to learn more and see our new email templates!



The Vendasta platform is constantly evolving so that we can continue to serve our partners better. If you are a current partner, add the Business Essentials bundle to your store today and start selling. If you’re new to Vendasta, signup for a free account and learn more about our world-class platform!

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