Foundational Solutions

The all-in-one digital marketing and business toolkit to help transform local businesses

At no additional cost to you, help your clients succeed online with a comprehensive set of digital marketing, ecommerce, and online communication tools, provided under your brand.

Everything a local business needs to succeed online


One place for your clients to find success

Local businesses need technology to build their online presence. At no cost to you, provide them with an online marketing & business toolkit to take on these fundamental ecommerce, social media, and online presence challenges.


Demonstrate value, build trust, and grow

Rebrand and resell these foundational solutions, or adopt a product-led acquisition strategy and drive customer acquisition and growth. Let your clients and prospects try before they buy.


Bolster your existing solutions

Build recurring revenue and improve retention by surrounding your existing products and services with these mission-critical foundational products that your clients can’t live without.

Reputation & Reviews

Improve how your client’s business looks online by monitoring and managing online reviews and responding quickly to customer comments and concerns.

And they can ask for feedback and generate reviews, via email and SMS.

Online Presence & SEO

Manage how your client’s business shows up everywhere people are searching, with a central source of truth for business information.

Keep business hours, address and available services up to date and in-sync on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with options to sync to many more places across the web.

Listing management software

Social Media Management

Communicate the messages that matter with your client’s community and customers. Post on Facebook and Google My Business instantly or schedule them for a later day.

There’s a variety of post templates that can easily be edited and published.

Plus, robust reporting allows you to monitor the reach and engagement of posts across all networks.


WordPress Website

Creating an online store takes just a few simple clicks. Add products and start selling!

These easy-to-design, no code websites give your clients the freedom to create, design, and manage their online business by taking secure payments

Create an ecommerce site

Inbox & Communications Hub

Let your local business clients easily send an email invitation for a meeting request through one of the most popular communication platforms—Google Meet.

Your clients can use email or text to communicate with their customers safely. Customizable templates make it quick and easy.


Automated Analytics

Show your client how their business is performing online, with automated, easy-to-understand analytics and insights that are emailed weekly.

Show performance of reputation, listings, social media, website traffic, advertising and SEO.


Add your own products

What do you sell to your local business clients today? Whatever it may be, surround it with Vendasta’s foundational solutions.

Provide your clients with one place to login to access your product or service, plus anything else you provide them through Vendasta—all at no additional cost to you.


One password, one login, one place for your clients to run their business.

Look like a hero in the eyes of your local business clients. Provide them with a web app that houses all of these online toolkits and build your brand and recurring revenue streams. Your clients will love that they get one password, one bill, one set of notifications, and one set of reports tying everything together in real time.
All of these foundational solutions are integrated with a powerful CRM and ecommerce platform, driving daily active usage from your clients.

Leverage a product-led growth acquisition strategy

Turn a profit by selling these online business and marketing toolkits to your clients. Or, provide all of your prospects with freemium or trial versions with clear paths to upgrade and earn revenue while you sleep.
The standard product editions, like Social Marketing Express, allow up to 20 posts on Facebook and Google. If your clients need more, easily upgrade them to Social Marketing Pro, or you can upsell them into any of your own offerings. Vendasta allows you to add in all of your own services as paid upgrade paths.

Drive acquisition with pre-made email campaigns

Use our pre-made email campaigns to drive interest in the online business and marketing toolkits with your current clients and potential prospects. Each email includes your logo and can be edited to reflect your brand’s language, colours and more.
With marketing videos that outline each component of the toolkit, it will be easy for your clients to see the value it brings. And each video is unbranded so you can use it as your own.
Ready-made brochures can be edited to include your logo and voilà—you’ve got custom content to share via email with your clients.

Bolster your existing solutions

Plug-in any of the products or services you offer right next to the online business and marketing toolkits provided by Vendasta. You can provide your clients with so much more value and it’s all included with your Vendasta subscription.
Or, check-out the hundreds of additional resellable products through Marketplace. These products and services are all instant-on with no technical integrations or contracts required. Simply start browsing and choose what you think will best compliment the services you already sell today.

Digital marketing and business toolkits to help local businesses operate online

Provide your local business clients with everything they need to succeed
online—all included with your Vendasta subscription.



What is billing and invoicing software?

An online marketing and business toolkit is a collection of SaaS marketing and business products that help local businesses operate their business online. Vendasta offers this foundational solution to its partners at no extra charge to offer to their local business clients to help get their online presence started.

What tools are included in a marketing and business toolkit?

The Vendasta online marketing and business toolkit includes many best-in-class tools to help with all aspects of building and growing your online presence. These tools include:

  • Ecommerce website builder
  • Customer communication tool
  • Reputation management tool
  • Local listing management tool
  • Social media management tool
  • Email marketing tool
  • Analytics dashboard

We succeed when our customers succeed

“With Vendasta, everybody is on top of online performance. By using the products, [our clients] are able to look at the insights and put them into their marketing messaging. And if there are negative insights, they’re able to address them immediately.”

Chris Beckworth-Taylor

Founder and Chief Strategist, Green Stick Marketing


“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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