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Marketing & Advertising

Scale your agency in all the ways that matter

Drive evergreen demand for your solutions, sell more, lower operational costs, and eliminate churn with Vendasta’s end-to-end white-label commerce platform.

Executive reporting software

Generate leads

Increase productivity

Improve retention

Generate leads smarter and revenue faster

  • Automate SMB research. With a single data point, like a business address, create a deep marketing analysis for all of your prospects with a few simple clicks.
  • Auto-generate business report cards that grade prospects’ social media, website, advertising, and SEO marketing that convert into insightful sales consultations.
  • Attach the report cards to pre-built campaigns and auto-deliver emails that see an average of 41% open rate and 40% CTR.
  • Track your marketing efforts in an AI-driven CRM that prioritizes prospects based on warmth and lets you know when they’re ready to buy.

Increase productivity while reducing workload and costs

  • Eliminate product innovation and go to market instantly with our Marketplace of hundreds of white-label solutions you can resell under your brand.
  • Automate writing and designing content with software that builds personalized, 1:1 stories about your prospects’ pain points.
  • Manage all of your digital fulfillment services within one scalable dashboard that automates task management.
  • Keep promises through our white-label agency that fulfills your marketing and advertising services for clients under your brand.
  • Vendasta’s multi-location brand management monitors real-time online activities for thousands of locations, including insights on Reviews, Listings, and Google My Business.
Marketing automation software
Executive reporting software

Improve client retention and eliminate churn

  • Provide a branded dashboard for clients to view their online presence that your solutions are managing.
  • Prove your value with built-in reporting to keep your clients coming back for more. Automatic weekly or monthly reporting shows short-term changes and long-term trends in their digital footprint.
  • Add your product suite to the branded dashboard for clients to browse, and receive engagement analytics to inform sales and marketing.
  • Create more value and stickiness for your agency by providing clients more solutions from our Marketplace. Studies show agencies that provide four or more products increase client retention by 70% over a two-year span.
Executive reporting software

What partners are saying about Vendasta

Vendasta allows us to expand our offering without the in-house development work and brand the solutions as our own.”

David Cosper

Vice President, EZlocal

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”

120 reviews

“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”

191 reviews

“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

195 reviews

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