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Broadcast Media

Sell digital solutions smarter, faster, and easier

Generate new revenue and expand your offering through a white-label commerce platform that automates digital marketing, selling, billing, and services fulfillment.

Increase offerings

Grow digital revenue

Proof of performance

Scale your value

Transform your offering in days, not months

  • Instantly add, rebrand, and resell SMB advertisers solutions from our Marketplace full of products and services. No development or IT work: everything is turnkey.
  • Choose from solutions like digital advertising, social media, video marketing, website creation & hosting, email marketing, chatbots, G-Suite, Microsoft 365, SEO, and hundreds more.
  • Sell from a pre-built white-label e-commerce store where you can add your existing solutions (digital and analog) as well as solutions from our marketplace.
Insight reporting

Grow digital revenue smarter and faster

  • Lower cost of sales with built-in lead automation that finds prospects that need digital solutions with the data to back it up.
  • Leverage software to write and design personalized marketing campaigns with incredible conversion rates.
  • Drive more conversions with analytics from a built-in CRM and e-commerce store to make informed sales and marketing decisions.
  • Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with personalized programs and on-demand sales coaching to launch your digital solutions successfully.
Insight reporting

Retain SMB advertisers by providing proof of performance for your solutions

  • Provide a client-facing dashboard for advertisers to access their solutions and gather business intelligence.
  • Automate reporting with built-in analytics on the solutions you provide and send clients detailed weekly and monthly reports proving your value.
  • Offer advertisers with two or more locations a Multi-Location dashboard that gives them an overview of their digital footprint across their entire franchise.
Scalable digital solutions
Marketing fulfillment services

Scale your value added services with white-label outsourcing

  • Provide marketing services without hiring, training, and additional overhead costs. Leverage Vendasta’s marketing strategists to fulfill services for clients—under your brand—for a fraction of the cost.
  • Sell digital advertising, SEO, website design, content creation, social media marketing, and reputation management, and we’ll fulfill it for you.
  • Receive analytics and reporting for marketing services being performed by us and provide them to clients to prove you’re keeping promises.
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